Monday, September 5, 2016


I've always had fond memories of BROOKLYN'S PIZZA when the Chinese Dimpol and I traveled to the south just to get a taste of it. They may have other branches in the Metro, but BROOKLYN'S was not the usual commercialized pizza that I'd get in malls that's why I'm not that aware of it. As a result, the first time I sank my teeth into their overloaded cheese pizza on a thin crust, bells began to ring and my hungry tummy (almost) broke into a song!


Yup! Because of that I finally took note of the awesomeness of BROOKLYN'S PIZZA! There may be life after (popular pizza chain), or (ANOTHER popular pizza chain), and BROOKLYN'S is definitely a delicious savior!

AND right now, BROOKLYN'S has new dishes and other offerings that would surely make you get up from your couch to get 'em all!!

Read on, check it out, order from BROOKLYN's, THEN go back to your couch. Believe me. It may not be a YOLO thing but it might still make your hungry tummy break into a song of happiness!!


It was a sunny day for the Chinese Dimpol's early lunch at BROOKLYN'S in Tomas Morato, Quezon City!

My husband was there early and luckily avoided the rush of the lunch hour!

While waiting, he checked out the scribbles on the BROOKLYN'S chalkboard!


BROOKLYN'S menu 1...

BROOKLYN'S menu 2...

BROOKLYN'S menu 3!!!!

Yeeesh!!! I didn't know that BROOKLYN'S are offering a LOT in their menu! Seriously, the first time I went to BROOKLYN'S Paranaque, we thought only pizzas were available.

Of course, it was so good that it was what only mattered to us anyway.

BUT, it's time to get out of our comfort zone and try out something MORE!

Like.... 2 pizza flavors for the price of 1???

I'm sure they have extended this promo. He he he he he he he!

And woah! What is this???


I could just imagine how this is such a treat for Pokemon Go enthusiasts! Woah!!! Now you are not just confined to swinging these red balls at heckling pokemons. You could have a taste of it now!

Wow! Gotta get some of THIS later!


Somebody was super excited to try THIS pizza!

Ay ang pogi! Ilong pa lang, ulam na!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And now....

Brace  yourselves...

BROOKLYN'S pizza is here.

BROOKLYN'S La Filipizza (P308.00)!!!

Live life a little and be more nationalistic with your taste buds. Try something different from your usual pepperoni and cheese pizza!

BROOKLYN'S Filipizza might make you stand up and recite the "Panatang Makabayan" with its flavorful toppings of flavorful longganisa, plump tomatoes, and chunks of salted egg, that is meshed together with mozzarella cheese!

Yum! Something to try that my light up your Filipino fire!

But of course, if you would still like to go for your usuals, the BROOKLYN'S Cheese Pizza (P405.00) will always be there to "comfort" you.

You could never go wrong with sloppy bites of saucy pizza topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Yum! Sometimes, "plain" is a "good" thing!!!

AND, let us not forget...

The BROOKLYN'S Pokeball pizza!!!!

I don't have to be a Pokemon fan to enjoy this!

IMAGINE, big slices of cheesy white pizza with pepperoni, and olives! Yowza!!!

This is a feast for the eyes, the mouth, AND the gamer in  you!!!!!

Gotta get me A LOT of this!!!!!

Yub please don't forget my take home???

Of course, for those who want to explore something else rather than pizza (I don't get why, but okay), BROOKLYN'S have other menu items for you.

The Chinese Dimpol loved chomping on their Buffalo Wings (P298.00)! He said the spices were just right and the meat was tender. My guy doesn't really like buffalo wings because other restos would make it too tangy for comfort. But these hot chicken wings from BROOKLYN'S had that taste that pinoys will love (aka it's delicious)!

If you're feeling for some pasta to go with your pizza, try out BROOKLYN'S Pesto By The Bay (P159/P225.00)!

Pesto Spaghetti is topped with the salty flavors of shredded Smoked Tinapa fish. Something to try out on your next visit. 

Besides the Pizza and Chicken, the Chinese Dimpol was raving over BROOKLYN'S The Patriot (P328.00).

HUWAAAAAAT??? A pizza and pasta restaurant has "silogs" in the menu???

Yup! You gotta try it and believe it!

You'll get a platter of sweet and meaty longganisa with their tasty tapa and a big mound of garlic rice topped with 2 eggs. 


This might make you forget that BROOKLYN'S is known for pizza.

Okay. Remember though that I said "MIGHT". He he he he he he he eh!

You could have THIS for breakfast THEN BROOKLYN'S pizza for lunch, and dinner. 

See? Everything has a way of working out in the end. 

And to wash down all that delicious food, try out BROOKLYN'S Sparkling Ruby!

Even if it was in the middle of the day, the Chinese Dimpol welcomed this refreshing drink of sweetened soda that you "inject" with strawberry syrup. There is a hint of a spike to it to make the drink more exciting. Unfortunately, you can't go bottomless and drive also. He he he he he he he!\

I wonder if they'll soon have a non-alcoholic version of this?

Thank you so much Joy and Johan Sy of BROOKLYN'S PIZZA for having ERICJAZ FOODIES! The Chinese Dimpol really had a great lunch with your awesome grub with THE KAIN TULOG GANG!!!

Thank you also to HEFTY FOODIE for inviting us (him)! He he he he he he!


Tomas Morato Ave, Diliman, 
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 376 7676

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