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Friday, September 2, 2016


It doesn't take SO MUCH to make me happy....

The arrival of my monthly YUMMY MAGAZINE makes me happy.

Receiving a nice comment on the blog makes me happy.

Being able to download a movie with the correct subtitles makes me happy.

Syesta time makes me happy.

Successfully inserting my USB at the first try makes me happy.

Watching Dr. Sandra Lee videos makes me happy (tee hee).

And I haven't included my family there. Otherwise this list won't EVER stop. He he he he he he!

So if simple trivial things already make me happy, imagine the joy and excitement we felt upon discovering that there is already a MAMA LOU'S branch in UP TOWN CENTER???

OH.... MY.... GAWD with matching hyperventilating!

Puhleez don't make a face right now and scoff at my excitement, you judgmental little person you. He he he he he!

If you have already tried the delicious food at MAMA LOU'S from their faraway branches of Laguna or Las Pinas, you would understand why were doing the cartwheels and the dance of joy right now. FINALLY. They opened a branch on the other side of the Metro and we are now closer to where we had our taste of uber delicious pasta, pizza, and much, much more.

Now if that isn't great news to simpleton foodies like us, I don't know what is.

Maybe a confirmation that you'll be treating us to MAMA LOUS for a month? He he he he he he! Well you can't really blame a hungry girl for trying!



MAMA LOU'S recently opened it's doors at this 3rd branch in UP TOWN CENTER. Although it is still far from where I live, it is so near my office. So yey! The Chinese Dimpol and I could have dinner here when he fetches me on a Friday.

Of course, a restaurant that has been awarded by Philippine Tatler may be worth driving out for. But it's still nice to save gas whenever you're craving for your favorite Italian comfort food!

As expected, it was a busy Saturday for the MAMA LOU'S UP TOWN Center branch. 

I love the interiors of MAMA LOU'S because even if it is really a casual restaurant, they put little touches here and there to make you feel like you're in a rustic home in Tuscany, Italy!

Dear Mama Lou, as Ms. Marilou Tremblay was fondly called, is honored on the restaurant's special brick wall of recognition. She has already passed but her memory lives on with her delicious creations that are revered by many!

ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited to try out MAMA LOU'S in UP TOWN CENTER. 

Since it was our family weekend, the little lords joined us too!


This one's for adoption. 

Tee hee! I'm kidding!

Weekends are always best with family!!!!

And yes, we're also with some of our KAIN TULOG GANG family as well!

And US!


Yup! We're still being bombarded with  bunny ears!!!!

We were welcomed by MAMA LOU'S Executive Kitchen Manager, Chef Raphael Vivar. He stayed with us and passionately explained the dishes he cooked up for us that day. I love a person who gets excited about food. It's like meeting a kindred spirit! He he he he he!


I appreciate restaurants serving complimentary appetizers because it gives us something to "concentrate" on while we are hungry and waiting for our orders.

Andrei went for this and munched on the crusty bread. The spreads were good but he was still fine without it.

First on the table was a plate of MAMA LOU'S Mozzarella sticks (P180.00)! We got 5 long and fat sticks of melted mozzarella cheese that are battered and fried with a crispy breading.

When you bite into the mozzarella sticks it's crunchy, hot, and gooey!

The little lords can't get over how stringy the cheese was!

The cheese was mild so I enjoyed it with the tangy Pomodoro sauce. The little lords though were fine the way it is and would even say "Look Mommy!!!" to show me how gooey it was!

One of the newest dishes in MAMA LOU'S is their Poutine with cheese (P160.00)!!

Since one of the owners is half Canadian, he showed his love to MAMA LOU'S patrons by sharing this Canadian favorite. You get a plate of hot off the fryer French Fries with rich gravy and melted cheese. If that's not appetizing enough, it is then topped with fried bacon crisps!

Ingenuous I must say!

My boys love pizzas with a passion so they immediately ordered their favorite MAMA LOU'S Quattro Formaggio (or 4 cheese pizza P425.00)!

The pizza is loaded with mozzarella, cheddar, blue cheese, and brie. This is then mixed with a sweet and slightly tangy tomato sauce!

The boys love this! They would order this thin crust pizza every time we're in MAMA LOU'S!

We may already have our pizza fix but the MAMA LOU'S Tabarnes (P395.00) is just too lovely to pass up!

You'll get delicious bites of pepperoni, black olives, and bell pepper. The anchovies also added a strong flavor factor to this cheesy pizza. 

A best seller that is worthy of its title!

And the way I eat my pizza at MAMA LOU'S is rolled up with Arugula leaves and alfalfa sprouts! Yum!

We were also able to try the MAMA LOU'S Special (P450.00)!

This is not like your ordinary pizza as toppings are more on the gourmet "artsy-fartsy" side (prosciutto, arugula leaves, mango strips, balsamic vinegar cream), but a lot of people are chomping on this!

For Pasta, we had the MAMA LOU'S Shrimp Formaggio (P325.00)!

We were served with al dente penne pasta with fat pieces of shrimp in a chunky tomato sauce. Loved that the dish was cheesy and creamy with the mozzarella and white cheese!


MAMA LOU'S Lasagna (P295.00)!

According to Chef Raphael, the pasta for the lasagna is handmade in the MAMA LOU'S kitchens. 

You could actually taste the difference from store brought pasta with the texture and chewiness of the bite!

We also got my favorite....

MAMA LOU'S Spaghetti Seafood Olio (P315.00)!!!

What I love about this dish is that each strand of the cooked-upon-order spaghetti is so flavorful with the sweetness of the garlic and robustness of the white wine. This may be a light dish but it is well seasoned and appetizing.

The seafood too is plump and juicy. Chef Raphael proudly says that their seafood is straight from the fish markets for cooking and not from the freezer. 

Yup! The proof is in the taste and the taste was indeed SUPER!

MAMA LOU'S Spaghetti Meatballs (P295.00)!!

This may be the cliche Italian order but I think it's beautiful. Looking at this bowl of happiness reminds me of the movies I saw before. 

Konti na lang and I'll get one strand to slurp on and have the Chinese Dimpol go from the other end. He he he he he he!

"Oh this.... Is the Night... Oh a beauuuuuutiful night...."

Usually when we're at MAMA LOU'S I only order the Seafood Aglio Olio for my pasta dish. But after tasting their Truffle Mac and Cheese (P285.00), I may have to add THIS to our must-eat list!

Me AND the little lords loved this because it was so cheesy and full of melted mozzarella, cheddar, and crusty parmesan! Not only that, you will also get the earthy flavors of truffle in every bite!!! VERY addicting. My little Andrei almost finished the whole dish because it had everything he is craving for in a macaroni and cheese!!!! 

For those still reeling from their date last Valentine's you might remember MAMA LOU'S Vesuvio!!!!

Yup it's a new regular in the menu after being introduced during the day of hearts. It is named after Italy's famous volcano because it looks like one!!!

Besides being named after a volcano, it sort of looks like one too because it is loaded with creamy, oozing cheese inside. Not only that, it is MAMA LOU'S only pasta dish that has all of the sauces combined. Yes. ALL OF THEM. Could you identify them all????

Now you could really declare that this Vesuvio is EPIC!!!!!

When you eat in MAMA LOU'S don't you ever hold off on your carbs because you would be missing their awesome bestsellers.

Like this Risotto Tartufo Funghi (P325.00)!

It's just creaminess and cheesiness galore in this MAMA LOU'S must have! You could never go wrong with this risotto dish because the arborio rice and cheeses are imported from Italy. 


Oops sorry. I suddenly got wa-poise. Ha ha ha ha ha! Basta you should try this especially if you're a sucker like me for cheese and truffle! 

For our main dishes, we got the MAMA LOU'S Rollo di Pollo (P390.00). It's similar to Chicken Cordon Bleu but it doesn't have ham in the chicken roll. 

Instead, you have chicken with melted mozzarella with hefty servings of pomodoro and pesto sauce. 

If you want your chicken to have some heat, go for the MAMA LOU'S Chicken Fra Diavlo (P390.00)!

You will be wowed by this oven roasted chicken with herbs, garlic, and chili!

You could actually adjust the heat but why do that right? He he he he he! It's YOLO time with chicken!

I know you may already full from all that carbo loading but we still need our protein. And even if my puson is about to peek and greet everyone "Hello!!!" I am going to reach out for a big slice of MAMA LOU'S Marbled Rib Eye Steak (P695.00)!

Oh wow! This Rib eye was so tender, fatty, juicy, and meaty!!!! To think that it was only P695.00!!! 

According to Chef Raphael, the meat is imported from Australia and of good quality. And yes you could really taste and savor it from this delicious beef!!!!!

Want something a little less lighter on the tummy and your wallet? Try out the MAMA LOU'S Salpicao (P295.00)!

Juicy tenderloin tips fried up in butter, olive oil, and garlic! Some may call it an appetizer but me I'll refer to it "with extra rice!"

He he he he he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords, THE KTG and Chef Raphael at MAMA LOU'S UP TOWN CENTER)!!!!

EGAD! Look at all that food!

My plate! My carb to the max plate!

And it's time for MAMA LOU'S luscious desserts!

MAMA LOU'S Cheesecake (P180.00)!

MAMA LOU'S Chocolate Cake (P160.00)!

AND the crowd favorite, MAMA LOU'S Tiramisu (P160.00)!

All of the sweet desserts were perfect with my cup of hot coffee!


What an awesome Saturday lunch! Honestly, I was really blown away from the amount of food that was served to us. But since these are all our favorites, we didn't mind if they kept it coming!


Thank you dear Donny Elvina and Chef Raphael for having us at MAMA LOU'S!!! We are again reminded what a blessing it is to have one of our favorite restaurants nearer to us. He he he he he he!

Now our long weekend is at a full and happy start with delicious food, THE KTG.... 

... and of course, THE YAPPY BUNCH!

Ground Floor, UP Town Center, 
Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
02 2469069 ext:302

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