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Thursday, September 8, 2016


Japanese food is something I should ALWAYS get into my system. If I go on for so many days not having at least one of my favorites, something in my life seem to be lacking.


There is something about Japanese food that seems to be mildly addicting. It may be the freshness, the soy-based flavors, or just the overall sumptuousness of it all. But what I would like about their cuisine is that even if you ate a lot, everything seems so light that you wouldn't feel like a beluga whale afterwards.

Not that I don't already look like a beluga whale but, you know what I mean.

I love too how all Japanese dishes almost have an art and ceremony to it that you would be feel (and taste) the devotion of the chefs while preparing the food. Yup! And this just doesn't apply to the 5-star Michelin Japanese restaurants. Their concentration for perfection is also evident even in just the food stalls of Tsukiji Market!

Such is the case here in the Philippines in the new branch of YUMI EXPRESS in Uptown Place Mall in BGC. Like any normal person would, you might have doubts eating raw food in a food court setting. But, really, not here.

YUMI EXPRESS is the more pocket-friendly branch of the popular YUMI in Promenade, Greenhills. And like its original counterpart, it offers the same delicious food that is lovingly prepared by the YUMI EXPRESS Chef and staff members. Yup! You would really taste the difference in the quality of their dishes! You would get the same ingredients, the same freshness, and the same seasonings at a more affordable price. The difference is just the portioning of the food, which I feel, is still more than enough. I bet you would enjoy it so much that you'd even forget you were in a foodcourt.

Now this is great news for the Japanese OCD's (Obsessive Cuisine Dependents... he he he he!) who are always in dire need of their favorite sushi, sashimi, tempura, topped rice, ramen, etc. At least with YUMI EXPRESS, you could have the same delicious experience, in an instant, at a more practical price!

Check out our recent lunch at YUMI EXPRESS and get a preview of what you could have when you troop over to the foodcourt of Uptown Place Mall. Don't hate me if you always have deep hankerings for Japanese food because believe me, you WILL.

Now welcome to my world!



YUMI EXPRESS is located at left side of the escalator just "on top" of Kidzoona!

This is actually the second branch of YUMI EXPRESS (the other one is in Quezon City) and so far it is doing well with families and BGC employees who want to have delicious and affordable Japanese grub.

The Chinese Dimpol and I are early to meet up with some of our KTG buddies!

Dear Donny Elvina, in charge of Marketing, is also the part owner (but full time handsome guy, naks!) of YUMI EXPRESS!!!! He was there to take care of us and to tell us more about YUMI's little child in UPTOWN PLACE MALL!

Mareng Joan, wife of THE FOOD ALPHABET, was there too!

Uuuuy! Birthday na niya! Mag 30 years old na! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Time to order!

YUMI EXPRESS menu 1...

YUMI EXPRESS menu 2...

YUMI EXPRESS menu 3...

YUMI EXPRESS menu 4...

You could see your food being prepared with YUMI EXPRESS open kitchen!


We didn't eat breakfast so we are definitely CHUNGRY!!!!!

Cute AND hungry! HA!



YUMI EXPRESS Sushi and Sashimi!

Tuna Sashimi (P150.00)!

Loved the pink color of freshness!

Beef Teriyaki Roll (P120.00)!!

Salmon Sashimi (P165.00)!

Those are fat slices of salmon! Yum!!!!

California Maki (P120.00)!

The next time we go back to YUMI EXPRESS, I'll order the Chirashi Moriawase (P230.00)!

Fresh Salmon, Tuna, and Crabstick on a bowl of sushi rice! Light but so perfect for a Japanese food lover like me!!

I could imagine Andrei loving this too!

For those watching their diets (boo), try out the YUMI EXPRESS Tofu Steks (P90.00)!

I'm not really a fan of the tofu I find in "tokwat's baboy", but I'm now loving the soft tofu in Japanese and Korean food. This one could be an entree for a dieter but I could totally get this as a side dish with my meats. The sauce is savory and the veggies had a nice crunch in them. So yum and so good!

Up next are the YUMI EXPRESS Donburi Rice Meals!!! All bowls will surely satisfy a hungry diner or could be shared by 2 pa-cute, dieting eaters (that's us).

Like I said above, what we have here is the same quality of food in YUMI Greenhills. The only difference is the portion size (in order to bring down the price). However, I find some servings in YUMI Greenhills to be for sharing that's why even if they say that this was "downsized", it is actually the "normal" helping compared to other restaurants!

Tori Terikayidon (P150.00)!

YUMI EXPRESS Katsudon (P150.00)!

Sukiyaki Don (P150.00)!

Tendon (P210.00)!

When it comes to Donburi, my favorite would always be the chicken rice. But in YUMI EXPRESS, you should definitely try their Gyudon (P165.00)! The beef was so tender and clearly marinated in soy sauce and other seasonings that made it so appetizing! So perfect with the bowlful of rice! 

In YUMI EXPRESS, you could create your own set meal that comes with iced tea, Japanese Yakisobra OR Fried Rice, and miso soup!

For this 1 main dish (P295.00), we got the Salmon Teppan!

The Salmon was moist and flaky. It was also juicy and garlicky! 

That's a double rhyme for you!

And here's the 2 main dishes (P455.00)!

You'll get tender cubes of US Tenderloin Beef Teppanyaki....

And Chicken Teriyaki!

When we're in a Japanese restaurant, Tempura is never absent. In YUMI EXPRESS, we got 3 pieces of the Tempura (P285.00) plus fried sweet potatoes to go with it!

Craving for some hot Ramen? YUMI EXPRESS has 'em and the Tan Tan Mien (P220.00) could make you forget that you're watching your carb intake! 

The broth was creamy and had a delightful nutty flavor!!! You won't stop slurping on it!

I wish other ramen bars would have this "mini" serving included in their menus. The bowls that they have right now just caused me to gain 2 inches on my coca-cola waistline!

Time to eat!!!!

Of course we sat with our kumare and kumpare of THE FOOD ALPHABET!!!

My plate!!! My beautiful-YUMI-EXPRESS-full plate!!!!

With ramen on the side! HAR DE HAR HAR!!!!!

It was fun pigging out on Japanese food on a Saturday with the great KTG!!!

Thank you so much dear DUDE FOR FOOD and dear Donny Elvina for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!!!

(In fairness ang ganda ko dito ah. I put on make-up kasi this time which is rare... Ha ha ha ha ha!)

WOHOO!!!! YUMI EXPRESS! We will be back! Thank you for being YOU! He he he he! At least I'll be able to get my Japanese fix WHENEVER I want (because you're affordable) and in our family's new hang-out in BGC!!!




Fourth Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City


  1. You are the most adorable and spunkiest mom, Jaz! Always great to see you, life of the party! :D

    Babe for Food :)

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Wow thanks!!!! It's been awhile since somebody called me "adorable" (even my husband doesn't! Kidding! ha ha ha ha ha!) Great meeting up with you too dear Justinne!!!! Hope we'll have another food sesh to chika and pig out soon!!!!! :) mwah mwah!!!!!!


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