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Monday, September 26, 2016


Whenever I make a trip, be it an out-of-town or out-of-the-country destination, I make it a point to eat the local foods AND visit the popular sites of the place. Shopping? That's a big NADAH. If I do shop it's just to buy gifts for my family at home. My point is, I could always shop in the Philippines. Though the price may be a bit higher, I would not exchange saving a few pesos than having a trip to, let's say, The Stonehenge (WHICH is still on my must-go-to list).

Of course, beaches, resorts, restaurants, are all fine. But going on a trip where there is a lot of history behind it, is another. That is why I really (as in SUPERKADUPER REALLY ) appreciated AND enjoyed our trip to DAKAK in DIPOLOG. Because not only were we able to have fun in the sand and sun, but we were also able to go on a historical tour that was so near our hearts. Yup. We were able to explore the sites and stories of Jose Rizal, our National Hero, while he was in exile in Dapitan.

During this tour with my TAPE Inc. family, I can't help but wish how the boys were with me on the trip. Sure they would enjoy swimming in the resort, but I could just imagine Andrei's wide and curious eyes when he sees the significant places and hears stories about his favorite hero Jose Rizal.

So if you're planning to book a trip somewhere and want something more than just the usual beach resort, check out Dipolog and go on a Jose Rizal historical tour. Believe me, you'll appreciate the vacation more when you see the sites and learn about our National Hero.

Personally it brings a weekend to another kind of enjoyment level, don't you think? It's actually my dealmaker now when choosing between vacation sites!

Check out the ultra fun I had going around Dapitan in our recent DAKAK trip!!!!

We officially started our HISTORICAL RIZAL TOUR by going to Jose Rizal's Landing Site in Dapitan upon our arrival!

The landing site is the shrine to commemorate the exact place where Jose Rizal arrived on the shores of Sta. Cruz, Dapitan on July 17, 1892. 

Dapitan will be his home for four years as he will be in exile. 

The LANDING SITE shrine was inaugurated on December 28, 2009.

It is truly a sight to behold in an already beautiful view.

I love going to places that have a lot of history behind it. No joke, I could sit here for hours just to stare at the shrine and imagine what happened when our dear hero's boat landed on the shores.

I wonder how long his voyage was and if the sea was as calm as this?

It was a definitely a beautiful and calming sight. Perfect for staring AND taking pictures in.

Of course, I did both. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Good bye shrine! We would've loved to stay longer but we would really like to rest now. 

On our second day in Dapitan, we went to the RIZAL SHRINE! This is where our dear hero stayed during his exile. 

The park was open daily from 8:00AM to 5:00PM and is free of charge. 

There were tour guides who could accompany you and make your visit more educational. They are volunteers who do the service for free but it would really help if you give them a tip.

Now where shall we go first?

The 16 hectare park is where Dr. Rizal stayed for 4 years during his exile in Dapitan when he was charged with sedition by the Spaniards.

Do you know that this property was brought by Dr. Rizal for P4,000.00 after winning the Royal Spanish Lottery of the Philippines? Yup! And he certainly made use of the property!

We decided to check out first the Museum of Jose Rizal.

The building was tall and had pillars! It sure does stand high and mighty amidst the greenery of the park.

Our guide asked us to look around the building.

The building around had carvings of Jose Rizal's history in Dapitan. At the top you'll see Dr. Rizal holding his winning lottery ticket!

Inside, the museum was cold as the air-conditioning was in full blast. It was clean, well lighted, and items on display were stored in glass casings.  

Like this actual suit worn by our national hero!

And another one!

There are some items that could be touched to be more interactive with their guests

We also saw on display the portraits of the special women in Jose Rizal's life!

Most of the items in the museum featured replicas but this one was the actual table owned by Dr. Rizal.

What I liked about the museum is that they installed these modern touches to be up to date with the techie needs of the new generation. Like this one. We were impressed with this table that had a projection of the short story of Rizal in Dapitan. The 3D images were made by the projector in the ceiling.

The Rizal museum also had these artsy paintings on the walls that would get your camera clicking!

These wood panels that make up the image of Josephine Bracken is very unique!

Going to the second floor!

I guess this room wanted to show the sea voyage of Dr. Rizal!

Hmmm... We suddenly feel like in the beach again!

I've always loved museums and I'm glad that we were able to go here today!

Outside, we saw a small statue of Dr. Rizal!

According to our guide, this one was taller by 3 inches.

I guess it was done for artistic purposes...

We then went around the park which was surrounded by trees towering over us. 

The most notable is the tallest one which is said to be hundreds of years old.

Look at that bark!

Trees just have such a commanding yet calming presence for me.

"I think that I shall never see... A poem as lovely as a tree...."


So true.

We then came upon this small hut which served as a clinic for Dr. Rizal.

I love how wooden floors and ceilings just make everything cool -- temperature wise.

O ilaw... Sa gabing... Madilim!

Initially this hut was Dr. Rizal's clinic. Later on it became a home for some of his students.

And we're walking again.

We then came upon Dr. Rizal's temporary home here in Dapitan!

This was just a replica though but it was still as beautiful!

Inside the house!

Dr. Rizal's sala.

Dr.Rizal's study table.

Doesn't it give you a certain chill to think that our national hero used to move around this house, walking, talking, eating, and just living an ordinary life?

Is this a terrace?

It must be so relaxing to sit here on cool mornings.

Book case!

The bedroom!

This smells like my grandmother's room because of the old wood and furniture. Some may get turned off but for me it's like a trip down memory lane. 

I miss sleeping in my lola's house in Cavite where we had mosquito nets. To think that it was already so cool before that we didn't need aircon!

In this house, some of Dr. Rizal's family and relatives lived with him. When he got married to Josephine Bracken, she lived here for awhile too.

I wonder if it was okay for Josephine Bracken to have such a small mirror? He he he he he!

The house may be a replica but they were able to preserve this small log of wood which came from the original house.


This wood has "seen" and "been" in a lot of history!!!!

Like I said, in Rizal Shrine they had tablets as an educational tool for visitors. I really appreciate establishments who put in extra effort, at no extra charge, for their guests.

Thanks for letting the TAPE Inc. ladies visit your place dear Dr. Rizal!

His house had several other huts. This one was the kitchen!

I wonder what they cooked before?


I wonder if they already had ramen? He he he he he he he!

Outside, we saw the Casitas De Salud. These huts served as lodgings for some of Dr. Rizal's out of town patients.

The Casa Cuadrada is a square house that was also a workshop and secondary dormitory for Dr. Rizal's students.

It would be really nice if I lived in the area and I could just go here to walk among the trees and greens.

And if I just glance at my other side, I see the ocean and peaceful mountains.

In Manila, our parks are often too crowded for comfort.

I'm impressed at how Dapitan local government was able to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of this park. I guess the people are also very disciplined.

While we were walking our guide kept on raving about the MI RETIRO rock!

The reason for his enthusiasm is because the rock was so significant in Dr. Jose Rizal's lovelife -- it is where he and Josephine Bracken made their vows to be husband wife!

Not only that, the rock is shaped like a heart!

Do you see it?

See the heart now?

If you still can't see the hearts, I'm really going to give you a big bonk on the head!

The view atop the "heart made of stone" is so romantic. I'm sure this is a popular proposal place.

Sana dito na lang sakin nagpropose si Yub!!!!

Yep. He proposed marriage in Starbucks would you believe????


Besides having a romantic view, the top of MI RETIRO rock is slightly windy. So hold on to your toupees. He he he he he he he!

Even if we didn't want to go yet, it was time to leave. Too bad that we have to go to 30 minutes ago. He he he he! Otherwise, I would've loved to stay here longer.

I'm not sure if I stressed enough how much my TAPE Inc family and I enjoyed our Jose Rizal Historical tour in Dapitan.

It's always fascinating to learn and experience something new that was part of a very significant person in our Philippine history. 

Please. When you're in Dapitan, do go on the HISTORICAL RIZAL TOUR. You'll look at our National Hero in a whole new perspective that will make you love and respect him more.

I heart you dear Dr. Rizal.

Inangko ang laki ng braso ko!!!!!!!!!!


Barangay Taguilon, 
Dapitan City, 7101 Zamboanga del Norte
Phone:(065) 213 6813

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