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I was with my TAPE Inc., family for our weekend trip in DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT and yowza, we are having A LOT of fun! Our day was so packed from ziplining, river cruises, to raiding a haunted house. But what better way to end our busy Saturday than to have delicious food?

And SUGBA, SUGBA, ATBP, was there to be our "nightcap" after the very exciting day.

Of course being our "nightcap", you would think that we will be having a blah-just-get-it-over-so-we-could-rest kind of dinner. But NOOOH. SUGBA, SUGBA, ATBP actually livened up our tired old selves and made us eat again even if we're still kind of full from the River Cruise.

So read up and get hungry. Because that is what SUGBA, SUGBA, ATBP., might probably do to you. It's certainly what happened to us even if we were supposed to be full! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Check it out! 



SUGBA means to "broil" and as we went to our tables, we immediately got a whiff of the mouthwatering food they serve there.

The atmosphere in SUGBA, SUGBA, ATBP is very festive. Especially with the banderitas.

The place was casual and reminded me of a western look with the walls using wooden logs. He he he he he h eh!


Abbie and Kris!

MEEEEH, Tita Josie, and Tita Flory!

Kris and Ate Dalden!

I apologize for my blurry shots. I'm using my camera because the Yub owns the Iphone for blogging. He was going to let me borrow it but I didn't want to hassle him because it's his personal phone. 

Time to order!


SUGBA, SUGBA, ATBP, menu 2!!

SUGBA, SUGBA, ATBP, menu 3!!!

We were all served with some complimentary Bulalo Soup that warmed our tummies!

Since I was so hot from walking around in GLORIA FANTASYLAND, I immediately ordered my favorite Mango Shake (P45.00)!

Yummm! So creamy and refreshing!

First on the table was an order of Crispy Shrimps (P175.00)!

It may not look much but seriously, this is SO good! The perfectly fried shrimps were not greasy at all and we're in fact, so crispy to the bite!!! It was so addicting that we ordered another one!

YUP! BUSOG DAW KAMI KUNWARI! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Like I said, we're not hungry because we just ate a heavy late lunch like 4 hours ago. That's why we wanted to just have some finger foods. 

Tita Flory wanted some green mangoes (UUUUY buntis! --- P75.00) and loved this one!

The mangoes were slightly sweet and only had a small bite to it. What made this appetizer more special was the fish paste (bagoong) with coconut milk. Who knew the combination was just soooo right?? We all reached in for a piece of Mango and made sure we had a hefty serving of the mango.

With that we ordered ANOTHER ONE! Yeaaaah!

Like I would always say, we were not really hungry so we just ordered the SUGBA, SUGBA, ATBP Bilao that's good for 4 diners (P1,099.00). We thought that we'll just be trying their offerings.

LO AND BEHOLD because THIS arrived!!!!

Seriously, is this really just good for 4 people??!!!!!!


That supposedly basket of food for 4 people was so food of delicious goodies! There's Chicken Barbecue...

Bam-I Guisado!

Pork Spare Ribs!!!

Oh I'm going to suck your bones dry later!

There was also Grilled Panga ng Tuna but it was served on a different plate!

And our favorite discovery for the night, the Balbacua!!!

The Balbacua is like a Filipino style of Callos with pork tendons in a stew of flavorful tomato based sauce. Each spoonful is sweet with umami taste but with a slight kick.

Sarap! You'll reach for another helping of steamed white rice I'm sure!

Since we never expected that SUGBA, SUGBA, ATBP, bilao to have huge servings, we ordered a claypot of their Kare Kare!

The Kare Kare in SUGBA, SUGBA, ATBP, is not what I am used to here in Manila but it is still a welcome change. At least we were able to try a different version of it.

It was so yum anyways with the fish paste with coconut milk and slices of sili!

Oooh! We got an extra serving of the Mangoes too!


Poor Larlene was feeling sick here. :(

My plate! My very full SUGBA plate!

BUSOG pala ah???

And since I'm on vacation, I'm going to have some fish sauce with sili!

Now let's all be quiet and busy ourselves with the delicious food!

As they say in Filipino, "Galit, galit, muna!"

But we should still have a picture first.

I know I sound soooo repetitive already when I say that we are actually full from our late lunch but we were all surprised to love the food so much in SUGBA, SUGBA, ATBP that we finished what we ordered!

YES! You better believe it! That's gluttony for you!

I think this is another meal for us in DAPITAN that made our DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT getaway more memorable. I certainly hope they open a branch in Metro Manila so you'll also get a taste of their awesomeness!

For now, drool over my pics and plan a trip to Dapitan! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!



Gloria de Dapitan
(065) 213 6647

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