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For the past 4 years, ERICJAZ FOODIES has been going to the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST and there is NO stopping us. EVER.

We feel that it's already an annual tradition for the foodie in us that's why we'll forever attend the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST as long as they hold it!

For this year, we have again dear Master Mati join us in the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST. He is 4 years older since the last time he joined us and now harbors a bigger appetite!

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 2016 was held this year in SMX Convention Center in SM Aura!

For THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, you could book your tickets online and pick it up at the reception area near the entrance.

Ticket prices are at P550.00! Believe me this is so sulit especially that you're going to have a taste of food samples from 40+ vendors!! I bet you'll be too full to finish them all!

For 4 years, I haven't even come close to finishing half of it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Chinese Dimpol signing up for ERICJAZ FOODIES. Yup! We're under "media guests". NAKS!

We all got our green UTT bands so we're good to go!

THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST was from 10:00am to 9:00pm. If we wanted to stay the whole day but do some shopping at the same time, we could just show our green bands when we go right back in. 

Let's go in! It's time to experience being food critics a day!

We were given the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST passports!

This will be our "tickets" in getting free samples from the food vendors!

Inside, we will rate the food vendors according to the assigned grading system and add some comments if we wanted to.

The scoring basis!

Ballots are anonymous so we could be very honest about our scores without fear of food vendors attacking us.


Page 1...

Page 2!

NOW LET'S START EATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were in SM Aura very early but there was already a good amount of hungry people inside.

Now where should we squeeze into first?

We settled in front of the stage and was able to get a tall table to eat our grub in. There are no chairs as always on the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST because you would always eat then go again.

We haven't fully settled yet in our chosen table when we were met with Chef Rafael Vivar (Kitchen Manager of MAMA LOU'S) to offer us the samples from NONNA'S Pasta and Pizzeria!

Wow! Oyster mushroom chips???? 

These are seriously addicting! They're like my favorite chicharon bulaklak but healthier! Egad! I could imagine myself eating this with garlic rice. LOADS of it.

GFF-1 Solenad 3, Nuvali
Santa Rosa
0949 889 8959

Mati wanted to try out one complete aisle first and the first one for us was LAKSA RAPSA!

We love laksa and we appreciated the mild taste of their milky broth that is not cloying nor burning to the tongue. But I think I should try out MORE to be sure. He he he he he he!

0917 692 4575

Master Mati then went for SIGS SMOKEHOUSE!

They boast of high quality beef cooked "sisig" style!

The meat was juicy, tender, and was actually good without the sauce. I liked the mango and tomato salsa as it added a refreshing bite to the chunks of beef.

#143 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village,
Quezon City
02 281 6042

Craving for Lechon Cebu but hesitant to get the whole pig? Try out ALCHEMIE!

Cebu - 0917-9263208
Manila - 0916-6618104

While walking around, I was attracted to the these simple signs that are so proud to declare of being "the best"!

Of course with that, I just HAD to check it out!

Mati and I each got our servings and excitedly dug in!

Oh wow! And are they right. This IS one helluva delicious mechado! I don't care that it's angus. The sauce was robust with the right sweet and spicy flavors to it. So addicting with rice! Of course, once you bite into the meat, you'll swoon over its tenderness!


This deserves a high grade from me!

27 Dona Soledad Ave., 
Don Bosco Paranaque, Metro Manila

Up next for us are these HUGE sausages from FRONEN COMPANY. You can't really miss them since they're big, shiny, and just all sooooo beautiful!

The thick sausages and bacon were served with flavored rice!!!!

This got a smack of approval from Mati who savored every morsel of the meat. I think he got seconds because he felt the juicy hotdogs and bacon were his type of lunch!!! He he he he he he!

839 EDSA, 4/F 680 Building South Triangle, 
Quezon City Philippines
+632 929 5088 Loc 188

For drinks, water was served by the entrance but each ULTIMATE TASTE TICKET will give you complimentary bottles of San Miguel Beer!!!

Now DON'T even think about it Matster!

I love it when a food vendor gives out seconds. Because not only do they appreciate that you loved their food but it also meant they came prepared.

And with Red Hot Sili, they did not only give out seconds but they also gave out free samples!

How cool is that???

Good thing too because their chili pimiento spread was AWESOME and addicting!!!!!

My second helping!!!!
What I loved about their cheese spread it is flavorful enough to add on sandwiches or as a dip with nachos! It was creamy, cheesy, and had just the right amount of addicting kick to it!

I definitely wanted MORE!!!!!!

632-453450 / 63917-8308894

As for the Chinese Dimpol, one of his favorites in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST was the corned beef from AGUILA GOURMET MEATS.

The Aguila corned beef tasted home-made, was deliciously meaty, and bursting with seasonings. He cannot get enough of it!

As for me, the only reason I didn't have one because I'm more used to pairing corned beef with rice. But since my hub said it's good, I'll take his word for it and look for a food vendor that had an extra cup of rice for me. He h eh ehe he he he he he!

100 D. Santiago Street 1500
(02) 724 6759
*Available in the following:
 Robinsons Supermarkets
SM Supermarkets
Puregold Supermarkets

 All Rustan's Supermarkets
Makati Supermarket

By the entrance of THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, foodies got immediately curious with the violet corn that was served up by HOMEGROWN ORGANICS!

If you're concerned that the color would any way affect the taste, don't worry it didn't. The corn reminds me of our native corn that's being sold by the streets. Definitely worth a munch for the experience!

Bonifacio Gobal City Taguig
0947 957 0994

Towards the end of our ULTIMATE TASTE TEST gig, I was finally able to try the Banh Mi in LOTUS VU!

There was a long line here awhile ago and I could hear raves from the UTT attendees!!!

The serving may be more than a mouthful but that's how you'll really enjoy the burst of refreshing flavors of the grilled chicken, pickled veggies, sweet vinaigrette, and the chewy baguette bread!

I'm loving Banh Mi sandwiches now!!!!

2 Central Valero Street., Salcedo Village, Makati City


They're not joking, YOU'LL REALLY GET ADDICTED!!!!!

I shamelessly asked for 2nd and 3rd servings!!!! It was THAT good!

The thin slices of beef were deeply marinated in soy, pepper, garlic, butter, and other seasonings because it was so evident in each tender morsel. What's best too was the very flavorful drippings that mixed in the rice that made each mouthful a totally exhilarating experience!

HAAAAY TOTALLY ADDICTING!!!! If they were selling packs of the tapa on site, I would've bought A LOT.

This gets my TOP vote in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST!!!!

4300-B Emilia St., Barangay Palanan Makati City
02-7816739/ 02-8348852

Master Mati and the Chinese Dimpol  also can't get enough of CRACKLE CHIPS!

Each thinly sliced potato chip was light, non greasy, but loaded with savory and unique flavors. A great condiment with a sandwich or as a snack during movie nights!!!

Another surprise favorite for me that day were the humble servings of the gourmet bangus of NATIVE GOURMET!

No flashy signs, no artistic display. You just have somebody there who was warm enough to be your mother and giving you a taste of their spicy bangus.

And WOHOO! Was it damn delicious! The flakes of bangus were already so flavorful but the addition of spiced oils with garlic and herbs made it a jackpot! So perfect with rice, a baguette, pasta, or anything you could put it onto.

I could imagine myself topping this on piping hot garlic fried rice and eating with my hands. What a delirious meal it would be too if I match it with a strong coffee.


0939 920 4399

Now this ULTIMATE TASTE TEST participant I'm already familiar with...

I already got a taste of the juicy and tasty friend Chicken of CHIBI'S but that didn't stop me from getting another serving. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yup! It was crazy good!!!!

Even if I just got a piece with sriracha mayo topping, I was happy and dandy. Would love to go back again with my boy!!!!!

Ground Floor, Sm Light Mall, Madison Street, 
Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila
Phone:(02) 861 0308

I'm really enjoying sharing THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST with my master Mati! He's really my favorite foodie of all!!!!

We're sorta like Jack and Rose...

You eat, I eat!!!




While going around, this 3 tiered layer of croughnuts caught our eyes!

The Chinese Dimpol was not a fan of complicated desserts but he WAS fine with DOLCE LATTE!

1616 quezon avenue
Quezon City, Philippines

My favorite dessert for the day would have to be AGING's Suman!

The rice cakes were moist and full to the bite!!! It didn't need any sugar or sweet sauce to complete it. Each mouthful of its all-carbed goodness was perfect the way it is!!!!!

Me want more!

17 Pasig Blvd., Bagong Ilog, Pasig city
1600 Pasig, Philippines
632-6710172 / 63906-4234999


What I also loved about THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST is seeing familiar foodie faces!!!!

Joko of ABS CBN website!!!



Dears David and Crystal of MAMA LOU'S, plus THE LAST DON!

Dear Melanie of THE DIAMOND HOTEL!

Dear Chef Sherwin!!!

I'm sure you guys know him! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Dear Laine of CHILI'S PHILIPPINES and SALVATORE CUOMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RINA'S RAINBOW was there too!

Don't you just love the wacky kiddies????


And of course, THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST organizer dear Anton Diaz of OUR AWESOME PLANET was there!

After all the eating, walking, and chatting, it was time to go. 

Checked out my ballot one last time!

My pogi Mati dropped in the ballots one by one!

He did it with oh so much drama. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So there you go, another ULTIMATE TASTE TEST done and over!

Thank you so much dear Spanky for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES with little master Mati!

And thank you dear Anton for having us!

I told MR. AWESOME PLANET that as long as he's going to have an ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, ERICJAZ FOODIES (with reinforcements!!) will always be there. It is already part of our yearly foodie tradition and we will support it always and forever.


Yup! It's 4 years AND counting for ERICJAZ FOODIES with master Mati! It's now one of our favorite foodie activities! 

Till next year!

Great job to all the food vendors! Good luck!!


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