Monday, September 19, 2016


Someone new is cooking up a storm of delicious dishes at MARCO POLO RESTAURANT and those who are a glutton of good food should troop over to CUCINA to have a taste of his mouth-watering creations!

Chef Guiseppe Rivoli takes over CUCINA as the new Chef De Cuisine!!!

We all know how the famed CUCINA in MARCO POLO MANILA is already a popular choice for those yearning for delicious hotel food.

And now Chef Rivoli Giuseppe is ruling the roost!!!

Chef Giuseppe is from Catania, Italy and has an extensive culinary background in London, Italy, Singapore, Indonesia, and other parts of Asia. Dear Mr. Giuseppe was recently the Executive chef at the 11 outlets around Asia of Trattoria Italia Restaurant, and also the Chef de Partie in Nobu Restaurant in London.

But even if specializes in Italian food, Chef Giuseppe loves Asian cuisine because of our diverse taste in dishes. With that, he is really looking forward to the challenge of eating and coming up with dishes that will blend in our Asian culture.  

Chef Giuseppe joined us for dinner that night in CUCINA at MARCO POLO hotel. He was so candid, fun, and just great to talk to! He has only been in the Philippines for 2 months but he is already joking around and chatting up with us as if he has been here longer.

And of course, what was really apparent from our chat is how he is so passionate about his creations that will be included in the CUCINA buffet!

Yowhoo! We're so excited to have another date night in CUCINA!

And we are going for Chef Giuseppe's new dishes FIRST!

Oooh.... Our special menu for tonight!

The Italian Porchetta Stuffed with Sun Dried Tomato and Black Olive Pate looks particularly inviting!

The skin was crispy and the meat was very flavorful with the sweetness of the sun dried tomato and the sharpness of the black olive pate!

Chef also had a Porchetta served with salsa and special sauces!

Believe me, you'll find yourself staring while the chef cuts the crunchy and juicy meats!

Another dish that got my utmost attention was the CUCINA Ossobucco ala Milanese!

Now will you look at that huh? Look at that and tell me  you're not drooling now. Could you just imagine shoveling spoonfuls of that fall off the bone meat with hearty gravy in you mouth???

Oh I did and I ate it it too!!!!!

Chef Giuseppe recommends eating this with the creamy polenta and I'm all for it.

But of course, if creamy polenta is not readily available, I would happily pig out on this hearty stew with rice, bread, or even buttered spaghetti!


My AHA moment for the night was Chef Giuseppe's stew of Beef Cheeks!

Call me weird or what but I'm not a fan of cheeks because the thought of tearing something out of a face just grosses me out  (as opposed to the rib perhaps? He he he he he).

But one slice of the buttery tender Beef Cheeks made me a convert. IT WAS JUST SOOOOOOOO moist and juicy. To hell with tearing something out of a face. I'LL EAT THE WHOLE HEAD FOR ALL I CARE! He he he he he he he he!

The CUCINA Beef Cheeks is best served with some couscous and grilled vegetables. You'll love the contrast of the flavorful meat with thick sauce over the mildness of the couscous. 

We got to CUCINA a bit late that's why we were not able to catch the cracking of the Salted Fish!

It may not look much but the fish was very well seasoned that you won't need any more sauce to enjoy it. 

Another dish that caught my eye was Chef Giuseppe's Chicken in rich white sauce with cherry tomatoes. That sauce was so addicting! If I was not trying to show a cool image (because I'm not ha ha ha ha ha!) I would've sucked those chicken bones dry while double dipping on the sauce like what I would always do with Buffalo Wings!

Tee to the HEE!

If all those rich foods are too much for you, go for the Beet Cured Salmon with Creme Fraiche!

The Salmon had that appetizing smokiness that I loved which was complemented by the tangy bites of the beets!

Of course, besides Chef Giuseppe's new specialties, I was able to check out my usual favorites in CUCINA!!!

CUCINA Fresh Juices Station!

CUCINA's Beer and Wine Station (for P850.00)!

CUCINA Salad Station!

CUCINA Cheese and Bread Station!

CUCINA Japanese Station!

Yummmmmin' on the spicy maki!

CUCINA Philadelphia Maki!


Master Mati would've loved this!

CUCINA Cold Appetizers Station!

Mussels and Manila Clam!

Oooh! I'm so tempted to have you all fried up in butter!

CUCINA Noodle Station!

Just choose from the toppings to add to your noodle soup!

Besides that, I'm going to try the Stuffed Beancurd.

Grilled Food Station!

CUCINA'S Filipino and Indian Station!

Oooh... la la!

CUCINA Dessert Station!

I might get so fondue-d tonight!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with some of our KTG friends!!!!

Dear Roan (PR and Marketing Executive of MARCO POLO HOTEL) was there and it was so great to see her! Just got a bit "bitin" with our chika time but it was still a fun encounter nonetheless!

The Chinese Dimpol's first plate....

MY first plate!

When in CUCINA, don't forget having a hefty serving of their Paella that's cooked on the spot. You could really taste the rice that has been simmered in their flavorful broth. It's great too that there's a generous amount of socarrat under all that chicken meat and shrimp!

My cold appetizer dish which weirdly came in second. He he he he he he!

Told you I wanted to focus on chef Giuseppe's dishes!

The Chinese Dimpol's grilled grub!

The meats were perfectly grilled and were still oh so juicy!

I'm deeply craving for some Indian food so I cannot resist trying out CUCINA's Dal Palak with some bread and the Salted Fish!

Also tried out a small serving of the CUCINA Carbonara!

And noodle soup!

Check out my loads of chili in my bowl.

For dessert, I went for some warm brownies with chocolate ice cream. The CUCINA Banoffee pie was surprisingly delicious too!!!!!

Of course, I paired it all with a hot cup of coffee!

That's why in time.... BURP!!!!

It was a delicious dinner with Chef Giuseppe's new dishes at CUCINA!!! As usual, it was a looooong meal with great food that was matched with super fun company!!!

Try out Chef Giuseppe's new additions in CUCINA now!

Monday to Friday Lunch - P1,500.00
Saturday Lunch - P2,300.00
Sunday Lunch -  P2,650.00

Monday to Friday Dinner - P1,800.00
Saturday Dinner - P2,650.00
Sunday Dinner - P2,300.00

Thank you so much dear Roan and Chef Giuseppe for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!!

The Chinese Dimpol and I really love it when we get a taste of uber delicious food on insta-date nights!!!

Thanks Chef Giuseppe! Looking forward to trying out more of your dishes!!!!



Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City


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