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Whenever I go on a getaway trip, I would always imagine myself lounging by the pool, bathing under the sun, and drinking a tall glass of ripe mango shake. Activities would usually consist of walking along the beach, piling my plate during buffet breakfast, and just snoozing in the hotel bed until whatever time we desire.

However, all changed when my officemates and I went to DAKAK BEACH RESORT!!

I don't think I could never stress how much I could be SO lazy during the weekends. My point is that from Monday to Friday, I would get up early for the boys, work the whole day till night, and sleep very late. As a result, come Saturday and Sunday, I just want to turn into a sloth.

Such was my expectation during our supposed to be weekend vacation but I never expected that it was going to be an adventurous 2 days! I already get tired just thinking about it! Our DAKAK weekend was really unforgettable for us because I was able to do things that I have never thought of doing in my lazy lifetime.

And one of them was during our afternoon in DAKAK ADVENTURE ZONE!!!!

After having a heavy and delicious breakfast in LE BAMBOO CAFE, my TAPE INC family and I rode the service provided by the resort to take us to the ADVENTURE ZONE.


Well THIS is why!

Ala eh... Oo nga naman. WE NEED A JEEP. He he he he he he! 

The DAKAK ADVENTURE ZONE was atop a mountain and the ride going there needed a vehicle with strong engine!

With that info, we should already get a picture of what kind of an adventure we are going to have!

And boy are we all excited!!!!

First up is horseback riding on the mountain roads!

Our jeep took us to the DAKAK ADVENTURE ZONE Horseback riding station.

We saw there a small ranch with healthy horses just quietly eating their feeds having a peaceful day.


The DAKAK ADVENTURE zone has a package where a 15 minute horseback riding is included.

It's been a while since I last rode a horse but I remember having a lot of fun with it when I was in Baguio.

Check out the little horsey following Tita Josie's horse!

I was just a bit scared of my ride because he was SO big!

It may not be so obvious but he was. Look how high my saddle is compared to my companions!

I guess the DAKAK staff thought, "She's big so let's get our biggest horse too!"

Kris' horse was laughing in agreement!

See how small he is compared to mine???

Our horseback riding was supposed to go onto secret trails but I backed out because like I said, my horse was huge! Ha ha ha ha ha haa! I got scared! Though there was a kind guide who will accompany me, I just panicked because I seemed to be 4 stories high from my horse.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Remember the little horsey who kept on following Tita Josie's ride? When we were done, she immediately went to her "mommy" to have some milk!


After the horseback riding, there was an option for us to go on motorbike but we decided to pass.

We went back to the jeep to take us for our next stop.

Now THIS was more tempting!

Because we were more in the mood for the ATV!!!!

They had rules in riding the ATV and one of them was that you have to be in proper gear -- fit flops not allowed.

Oh noes!!!!!


The DAKAK ADVENTURE ZONE staff were very accommodating and even offered to lend me their shoes!!!!

Good thing Ate Dalden lent me her pair. So yey! I was good to go!

The DAKAK ADVENTURE ZONE staff gave me a quick tutorial first.

Wohoo! Look at me!

Manong was so nice to walk/run alongside me when I was still unsure how to run the ATV.

We had a small makeshift track by the road to train in. I guess if we got the hang of it, we'll go to the terrains as well. 

It was seriously quite fun. Once I was able to get the proper running of the pedals, I was able to go faster!

Yup! I suddenly got the need for speed!!!!!

While I was doing my ATV, my friends were waiting by the Adventure Zone cafe. 

Up next, we went to what we came for...


The DAKAK zipline is the longest one in Asia going for 1,364 meters long!!!!

Could you even see how far it goes???

We got more "concerned" when we were made to sign waiver sheets which dear Larlene took care of. 

Oh noes. I think if I yell INANGKU, it would echo back! He he he he he he he!

Egad. It was so far down we cannot make out if someone or something was going to catch us!

As for me, I didn't want to think about it. I was just rushing everything before I changed my mind.


Is it obvious that I was in a hurry to finish this? I even spilled powder on my rash guard. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

After we have mustered enough courage, we then slowly made our way to the stairs leading to the "launching floor". 

And from that second floor, we go waaaaaaaay down!


I swear, I WILL DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be honest, I may be scared of heights but I'm TERRIFIED more of risky adventures. HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN FINAL DESTINATION???? I'm so scared of the thought that something might go wrong because machines could still break!!! However, I am always willing to try something at least once, no matter what it is. I've already tried a roller coaster and I'm so curious to try a zipline.

The others were planning to do it in the sitting position. But not for me. I've long dreamed of flying so it's the Superman I'm going for.  Tita Josie agreed to do it with me and we're off!



The drop was a bit scary but when I got used to "flying", it was really fun!


So THIS is how it feels like!


Woah! THIS is really a dream come true for me. 

I swear to you that when I was a kid, I was OBSESSED in becoming Supergirl. Yep! I got the costume and all! Every night, I would imagine how it felt like to fly.

And now, even if it's just for about 5 minutes, I was able to experience it.


I had such an awesome and exhilarating time that nasiraan ako ng bait.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

What a happy ending to my dream come true story.

Ha ha ha ha! I'm kidding!

This was a SUPERKADUPER happy day! Besides conquering (again) my fear of heights and something going wrong, I WAS ABLE TO FLY LIKE SUPERGIRL!!!

Truly, certainly, AMAZINGLY, a dream come true.

Now I'm going to leave this place like a deliriously happy person! 

That was  a real fun and unforgettable adventure!

Our adventure time in DAKAK is really going off in a good start. I'm so happy to be able to share this with my TAPE Inc family. It's so awesome that I'm doing something else with them besides working.


I may have spent my Saturday afternoon so different from what I am used to. 

But DANGNABBIT, the experience was one for the books. I'll never EVER forget it even if I turn 150 years old.

If you're yearning for a bit of adventure in your next getaway weekend, check out DAKAK ADVENTURE ZONE.

You'll really have a great time. I certainly did!



By the way, we have much, much MORE coming. So stay tuned. 

Yup! Like what Jose and Wally said in the commercial, ANG SAYA SAYA DITO!!!!



 Barangay Taguilon, Dapitan City, 
7101 Zamboanga del Norte
Phone:(065) 213 6813 

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