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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


THE YAPPY BUNCH is celebrating Mati's birthday for 2016 and part of that fun-fest is our staycation in DISCOVERY PRIMEA with our very good friends, Team Virrey. 

We just finished dinner at BANAPPLE, so it's time to go back to our lovely room in DISCOVERY PRIMEA!

The kiddies may have a lot of  fun playing in Ayala Triangle, but they're also very excited to run around our spacious suite!

Of course, we cannot just "go back" without doing some "explorins".  Here's US trying out the mirror elevators! He he he he he!

Here's US checking out the function rooms!

Here's US zoinking some coffee that we saw along the corridors.


And here's US again photobombing John Lloyd and Drew Barrymore.


And finally, we get back to good ol' room 714!!!

In DISCOVERY PRIMEA, we did not just get complimentary 3-in-1 coffee with water heater. 

We got this very modern coffee maker with complimentary capsules!!!!!!

Of course, the FOB in me still used the Kopiko that I packed for the staycation. Tee hee!

The little lords with the Virrey kids played around the room using their hoverboards. Yep! That's how big it was!

It was getting late but did we sleep?


We even traveled to a galaxy far, far, away...

Instant STAR WARS movie night!

Of course, a movie is not complete without freshly popped butter popcorn!

We have a good feeling about this! Tee hee!

While watching the movie, we had a strong craving for some instant noodles. The DISCOVERY PRIMEA stove was so high-tech that we sought the help of John Lloyd Jedi.

Oh and if you're wondering about the Chinese Adonis, he's already fast asleep.


After having fun with the Force, me and BB Aning stayed behind to clean up!

Yep! The duties of mommies!

My little lords fast asleep in their comfy beds.

Now what to do next?

Cue in Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On"


He he he he he he!

The next day I woke up earlier than the others because I was so excited to start another fun day at DISCOVERY PRIMEA.

HA! Look like I'm not the only one raring to get up!

Later on, Mareng Aning got up too and we were deciding what to get for breakfast.

Breakfast was included in our staycation package. But since most of the kiddies (and boys) were still snoring, mareng Aning suggested that we just have the breakfast via room service.

The breakfast hall looked glorious. But I'm not sorry. We already had a delicious dinner in TAPENADE before. 

We were warmly welcomed by the supervisor and assisted us in our orders.

Now what to get???

Everything from the buffet seems good!!!!

For our DISCOVERY PRIMEA staycation, the complimentary breakfast entree came with the delicious buffet served in the TAPENADE room!

As we got out of the elevator to go to our room, I spied a bowl full of apples.

Mareng Aning said the fruit is complimentary for the guests.  I think this is the first time I ever got a treat like this from a hotel!

SO! How do you like them apples?

I would say, VERY MUCH!!! The apples were so sweet and crunchy!

Later on, the doorbell rang and we welcomed with WOHOOOS the new arrival!


I was a bit embarrassed gushing and getting all excited while the DISCOVERY PRIMEA attendant was fixing our food. But yes, this is the first time I've had room service with this amount of grub that I felt like I was in a movie! A James Bond movie if I may be so specific! He he he he he!

We followed Mareng Aning's recommendations so we got the DISCOVERY PRIMEA Longganisa Meal.

Obviously, this is not your typical longsilog! He he he he he he!

We also got this with sunny side up eggs!

Angus Tapa with Two kinds of eggs and garlic rice!

We also had another order of the Angus Beef Tapa with only scrambled eggs!!

Since we were celebrating Mati's birthday, I let him have one of the breakfast "slots".

Besides the plated meals, we also got servings that came from their buffet!

Cheese plates!

Fruit plates!

These were so sweet and juicy!

Salad plates!!

Plus many bread baskets!!

So sorry that I didn't remove the cup of garlic rice there. 

We also got jams, yoghurt, juices, and yakult!!!!!!!!!

Wow! That's a very mouth watering spread from DISCOVERY PRIMEA!!!!!! 


We had a lot of food from DISCOVERY PRIMEA but the little Andrei still felt like having coco crunch! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

One of the Chinese Adonis' favorite breakfasts is Lucban Longganisa so he really devoured his plate from DISCOVERY PRIMEA!


Pareng Jonas made this delicious salad which he tossed with the strawberry yoghurt. It was so good! Of course, he shared it with his lovely wife!

And we're done!!!!!!!!!

After eating, the pool seemed to call at us.

The boys all went ahead while us girls cleaned up.

When we finished, we all went to the DISCOVERY PRIMEA heated pool to swim the rest of our stay away!

My master Mati living the the life!

And somebody did what he does best!


My birthday boy played with all his might!

Don't worry, they had the most handsome lifeguards.

They hydrated with these cool complimentary mineral water bottles from DISCOVERY PRIMEA!

So fun swimming with the Makati Skyline as backdrop!

The beautiful sight is actually very calming!

Me and the Chinese Adonis just floating around.

After MANY hours, we were the only ones left standing!

Or swimming!!!

Even if I told Andrei several times that it's time to stop swimming, he still didn't want get out of the pool.

He only agreed when I told him he could continue his swimming in the bathtub that has a television.

YEP! A TV by the bathtub! How crazy is that?????????

After his bath, Andrei finally got hungry. So he ate his leftovers from BANAPPLE that we heated in the microwave.

After we finished packing our bags, the boys got so busy playing with paper airplanes!

Before ending our staycation, we gave a birthday song to master Mati using his WWE themed cake!

Make a wish dear Mati!!!!

Our usual hall shot!

Good bye room! We'll miss you!!!!

Thank you so much for taking care of us DISCOVERY PRIMEA!

Don't worry, we'll be back!!!!!!!

Going to the elevator shot!!!!!

Checking out!

Why not? 

You're born to be a boss someday Master Mati just work hard always! He he he he he he he!

Andrei cam!

Whenever I'm with the Virrey boys I get a preview of how it is to be mom to 4 boys.

With that, all I could say is.... IT SEEMS SO FUN.

I wonder if it's too late for me? :(


Thank you so much TEAM VIRREY for joining us to celebrate master Mati's birthday. My boy had a more enjoyable birthday week (or month) because of you guys. Thank you again! Hope we have MORE staycations to come!!!!!

I'm sure the greatest fun for my dearest Mati is having these family vacations together. Family bonding is always precious whenever and wherever. 

I hope this will also inspire him to spend more time and invest in happy memories when he has his own family.

Egad. The thought just makes me tear up!

After checking out, we had a "walk down in memory lane" lunch at Glorietta food court.

He he he he! This is the mall where mareng Aning and I would always hang out while we were still in college. And now, we get to hang out here again with our families!!!!

It was indeed a staycation like no other in DISCOVERY PRIMEA!!! We may have paid more compared to other hotel overnight rates.But we felt so pampered and taken cared for by the very attentive, warm, and friendly staff, and the facilities were topnotch that it is all so worth it!!!

This was indeed the perfect birthday staycation for my birthday boy Mati!

Thank you for the effort in making the celebrant feel more special DISCOVERY PRIMEA!

And just for that, we will DEFINITELY be back!!!


6749 Ayala Ave,
 Makati, 1226 Metro Manila
(02) 955 8888

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