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Friday, March 18, 2016


In the middle of February, THE YAPPY BUNCH drove to Laguna to attend the wedding of dear Anton and Maika in St. Benedict Church. The two lawyers may be what you may call a "future power couple" because not only are they so passionate with work but they are so crazy in love with each other. I came to know the two because the beautiful bride is the daughter of my dear friend and officemate from TAPE Inc., Tita Josie. For almost a year we've been hearing a lot regarding the preparations about the wedding but we didn't mind because we couldn't be happier for her. After a year of preparations, the day finally came and THE YAPPY BUNCH were bright and early in church....

And that's when the love and fun began!



For Anton and Maika's wedding, it was important for us to be in early in church because Mati was part of the entourage as Junior Groom's man. Since Tita Josie and her family will be staying at SEDA HOTEL NUVALI  for the weekend, we decided to book a room there as well so that we're sure to be prompt come wedding time.

Of course, that was not the only reason. The YAPPY BUNCH checked in for a family staycation at SEDA HOTEL NUVALI  because we were craving for some much needed R and R plus F and F -- Rest and Relaxation PLUS Fun and Food Tripping.

He he he he he he he!

After dressing up and checking out, we took a lot of pictures around the room. Dear Tita Grace (my office mate also from TAPE) went up to join in on the crazy photo session! He he he he he he he!

And we're ready to go!

My Andrei! What big nostrils you have!

Driving to church!

THE YAPPY BUNCH in St. Benedict's!

Andrei stayed with his Kuya while we were waiting for the wedding coordinator to arrange the entourage.

You could tell that he's VERY happy with the task.

I saw Tita Josie all calm, composed, and pretty outside the church. 

I ran to her immediately to say HI and asked for a picture. She then immediately asked me to hold her Louis Vuitton bag.


O?? At least I got to hold a Louis Vuitton bag!

Hmmmm.... Lagyan ko kaya ng bato to bago ko ibalik sa kaniya.

Teee hee! Kidding!

Inside the church!

My dear Mati was paired up with the very smart and my cutie pie godchild (via "kumpil") Patchot! I'm glad that my boy was paired up with another great kid!

Sorry Patchot! Like Mati, you're forever the baby of Tita Josie! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And our moment of truth!


Somebody seemed so behaved!

The bride cometh!

While somebody was staying put at his pew....

Me and Andrei were laughing and fooling around!

Selfie care of Andrei!

Andrei is my little selfie boy! He loves taking them!

And finally....


Awwwww! My boy looks so handsome and dapper there!

While they were taking pictures in the front, THE YAPPY BUNCH had a mini-photo session of our own.

Wacky shot!


Little lords shot!

We were surprised to hear later on that there was church photo with the "Friends of the Mom of the Bride". 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Only Tita Josie could manage that category!!!!!


Me and the lovely TAPE ladies!

And it's time to go to the reception!

Reception was in ALTA VERANDA de Tibig in Silang Cavite!

After we registered in the guest list, we discovered that ANTON AND MAIKA gave out sweet treats for the kiddies.

Wow!!! GUMMY BEARS!!!!!

The little lords certainly feasted on these all through the afternoon!

Before the official reception started, the wedding guests were treated to some cocktails AND MORE in ALTA VERANDA!

Andrei doing his cute cute pose so that he'll get some smores ASAP!

The boys got their S'mores!

Sticky! Sweet! Gooey!

Besides the S'mores, there were also Beef Skewers!


Salmon with cream sauce!

Plus mushroom quiche!!!!

Cucumber Juice!

Mati is once again full and happy!

In a few moments, we entered ALTA VERANDA!

There were long tables adorned with native boxes for the Principal sponsors!

A wide screen showed colorful graphics of ANTON and MAIKA's Save the Date cards!

The lovely and romantic stage!

The long and majestic staircase!

Boxes of stylish givaways!

Tubs of wine and drinks!

I loved that they have long table set-ups! The more the merrier for the table!!!

I was happy that Tita Josie seated the EAT BULAGA peeps together!

There's sexy Jewel and Francis!

Coleen and Fiance PV!!!!

Tita Grace, Tito Rey, and Raphael!!!

My handsome little lords!!!

I can't get over how pogi and cute they are at the same time!!!!

Me and some random guy I saw outside.



Sorry I wasn't able to go around our table but we also have Jun-Jun, Marian, Mr. Louie, Mam Leslie, and Direk Poochie!

ANTON and MAIKA's wedding were catered by BIZU and while we were seated, there were a lot of waiters going around to offer hors d'ouvres!

The flowers were all by Ms. Mabel Sotto and she did such an awesome job! The long tables had these lovely bouquets of white roses resting in transparent vases. Such a simple yet elegant idea!!! 

BIZU herbed dinner rolls were served with salted butter.

The place was packed!

The program officially started with the arrival of hosts Kuya Jose and Wally!

They really love Tita Josie so much because this is THE ONLY TIME they'll host a wedding. EVER.

And THAT they really did. Everyone was in stitches!!! The night was so crazy with them!!!!!

They called out the names of the entourage to go onstage.

Awww... My handsome boy!

The comic duo then called out the couple of the night, ANTON AND MAIKA!

The program started with a short dance of the bride and her dad.

It was short because Maika, being the daddy's girl she is, made Tito Ray choke up only after a few dance steps!


And that marked the end of the short program!!!!

Now it's time to eat!

Even though Mati was already lined up in the buffet, he really ran to have a picture with Kuya Jose and Wally! He's such a fan of the two! Too bad this was a blurry shot. He really wanted to have this framed.


Even if the reception had many buffet tables, BIZU servers gave each wedding guest bowls of their creamy soup in the comforts of our own tables!

And the BIZU buffet awaits!

BIZU 3 Cheese Mushroom and Spinach Ravioli!

So tasty and packed a punch in freshness of the tomatoes!

BIZU Salmon Rockefeller with Mornay and Garlic Potato mash!

Seriously, what is there NOT to love about this dish??? It's creamy... It's healthy (I think cos of the Salmon)... and it's just superkaduper appetizing all the way!!!!

BIZU Rosemary Herbed Chicken in Natural Jus was so tender and savory at every bite!

BIZU Seafood Paella!

So moist and rich with the fresh catch of the sea!

BIZU Tartiflette with Bacon, Cheese, and Truffle!

I am such a sucker for Mashed Potatoes but I would have a plateful of this creamy and delicious carbs EVERYTIME!

BIZU Tiger Prawns in Aligue and Caper sauce!

Had the sweet and tangy flavors of crabfat that is so perfect with rice!

BIZU 10 Hour Roast Beef Belly with Mushroom Gravy.

I don't need to describe this at all. The name and the picture is enough to make your tummies hurt with envy.

Fatty and Crunchy to the bite LECHON!!!!

Yohooo!!! Everybody's favorite at any feast!

Of course, when it's BIZU, there should ALWAYS be a dessert buffet. It would be a mortal foodie sin if there isn't! BIZU is famous for their desserts that's why!

Of course I would have to give my compliments to BIZU for the chic and exquisite cake!!! 

From what I know, it had technicolor layers so as to form a rainbow cake!

It was made more special with the miniature colorful pieces beside it.

Let's DIG IN!

The buffet started with a huge silver bowl of Plum Prosciutto Salad with Passion Fruit Vinaigrette! So perfect to kick off the rich food ahead!

THE YAPPY BUNCH lining up for the buffet!

And the packed ALTA VERANDA was in full swing!

MY PLATE! My first (and only) BIZU plate!

This was my only plate because I was embarrassed to get more.

A lady gets shy too you know!!!!

I SWEAR even if I was a bit full from the cocktails and appetizers, I WAS STILL ABLE TO FINISH THIS!


The lady is so PG (patay gutom!!!!!) HA HA HA HA HA!

Master Mati's plate!!! He just loves paella and seafoods!!!

I'm not much of a drinker but I do appreciate wine with a meal.

 For that night, I really enjoyed the sweet red wine with all the heavy food!

And like I said earlier... 


Later on, dear Maika and Anton dropped by to say Hi to our table!

When eating BIZU, always make room for their luscious desserts!

These were all so perfect with coffee dagnabbit!

While enjoying our food, it was great to see some of my other TAPE Inc friends.

Like the lovely, super sweet, super nice, very kind, and the love of my life,  Tita Florie...




Of course I love her!

I also saw pogi Maru Sotto. The youngest brother of Bossing. He he he he he he!

While I was stuffing my face with dessert, I was suddenly called onstage to read Tita Josie's letter to the newly weds.

HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????? No time to retouch my make up?? He he he he he he he!

Of course I'm glad to do it. I was just taken by surprise while pigging out on dessert. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I went in front and Kuya Jose and Kuya Wally introduced me. They also pointed out how my necklace looked similar to what they use when changing flat tires.

CHE! Ha ha ha!

So I read Tita Josie's speech and it was just beautiful! Her words really struck every daughter's cord and we all felt her everlasting love for dear Maika.


Thus ends the ANTON and MAIKA wedding reception that was loaded with laughs and love!!!!! We all enjoyed every minute of it!


Thank you for having THE YAPPY BUNCH! We all had an AWESOME time!


Next week, it's YOUR daughter's turn Tita Flory!!!!!!


South Forbes Golf City Brgy Inchican
Silang, Cavite
(046) 483-5307 / (02) 925-8574

First Midland Building, 
Gamboa, Legazpi Village, Makati, 
Kalakhang Maynila
(02) 845 0590

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