Wednesday, March 30, 2016


While we were in TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS to attend a wedding of my officemate's daughter and to have a birthday staycation, we had dinner in their Country Club with some of my TAPE Inc. friends.

Me in a table cloth, Mam Zeny, Tita Josie, and Tita Flory (the mother of the bride AND the fairy godmother of my birthday staycation!!) 

Dinner that night was in the TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS GOLFER'S LOUNGE courtesy (again) of Tita Flory. Her treat for the bridal party!

There was a band playing that night singing some mean dancing songs that we were all in an upbeat mood for dinner!

The GOLFER'S LOUNGE already seemed like a full blown restaurant to me instead of just a "hang-out". He he he he he he!

Of course, I'm sure anywhere there's drinks and cocktails is someplace where golfer's could DEFINITELY relax in!


Tita Josie and Tito Ray!

We just got back to the room from our all day fun in the sport center of TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS. We were resting for only 30 minutes when Tita Josie texted me that they were already in the GOLFER'S LOUNGE having dinner. With that, we quickly dressed up to join them!

If you work at TAPE INC., you will know that when Tita Josie calls, you should IMMEDIATELY cometh! He he he he he he he he!

Kidding! I love her so muchos of course!

The little lords Mati and Andrei!

Superman V Batman!

He he he he he!

Time to order!


menu 1...

 Menu 2!

I was still actually full from the major pig-out session we did during lunch time at TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS - THE COUNTRY CLUB so I only got meself a plate of Caesar's Salad (P220.00)



But yes! It's possible!!!!

Honestly, I thought I'm going to have another plate of ho-hum Caesar's Salad with the usual greens tossed in dressing, then topped with crumbly bacon bits. Instead, I got whole Romaine leaves, cuts of green and black olives, freshly baked croutons, then dollops of rich Caesar dressing.


I just asked for extra onions to make this salad more enjoyable!!! Really good! My night was definitely complete!

My Andrei is little tocino boy so it's no wonder that he had the GOLFER'S LOUNGE Tocilog (P250.00)!

At first he complained that the meat was a bit tough but I guess the delicious flavors overcame everything as he was able to finish everything on his plate!

If Andrei is Tocino Boy, Mati is DEFINITELY seafood boy. He immediately eyed the GOLFER'S LOUNGE Gambas (P395.00) and wanted it for dinner.

Yup! Even if it was supposed to be an appetizer, Master Mati ordered extra rice to make it HIS complete meal!

As for the Chinese Adonis, he got his usual -- Grilled Pork Liempo (P320.00) with garlic rice! The meat was so crazy tender and juicy! We're supposed to share this but I let him get more from my cut.

Either THAT or he just ate more than he should. He he he he he he!

My guess is the latter.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and the Tolentinos in TAGAYTAY HIGHLAND'S GOLFER'S LOUNGE!

I really, really loved my salad. Would you believe that I even ate it with rice?

OH YEAH I DI-ID!!!!!!!!

The little lords exhibit the "galit muna" while eating.

Mati's Gambas was very good too. I could really taste the butter, garlic, and loads of seasonings. I could also imagine myself doing the same as Mati and eating it with platters of garlic rice! He he he he he!

My share from the Chinese Adonis' liempo.

Believe me, he got more of it.

And we're done!

Since he's so used to me and the Chinese Adonis in taking a long time to eat, Master Mati brought his comic books to read so that he'll not get bored.

After that delicious meal, it's time for coffee!!!!

And chatting up a storm with my TAPE friends!!!!!

The boys...

Their bosses!

Kidding! He he he he he he he!

Music was in full swing and Tita Flory graced us with her dancing talents.

She also took the stage and sang my favorite song "Boulevard".

She sang it like this...

"I don't know why...
I don't know why...
I don't know why...
I don't know why................"

Yup! She only repeated that one line over and over again. We were all in stitches!


Don't worry Mati. You'll get old too.

Just kidding!

Master Mati was not really reacting to the song. He just didn't like me taking pictures of him while he reads his comics.

Later on, the lovebirds Marianne and Ram joined us. Yep! They're the sweethearts who are getting married tomorrow.

Such a super fun night with my friends from work whom I already consider as family. I really enjoy getaways with them! Wish we could have more, more, and MORE!

We only left when the Golfer's Lounge closed on us. Never mind that we have a wedding tomorrow or that we need our beauty rest. Everyone just chatted and laughed up a storm!

It was indeed a great and unforgettable time with family and friends! Not only was food so delicious but the company made everything more unforgettable!

Thanks so muchos Tita Flory for treating us all to dinner! 

We love you so much forever and ever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Of course I'm kidding!


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