Thursday, March 3, 2016


It was still Mati's 2016 birthday celebration and we are having a blast with Team Virrey during our staycation in DISCOVERY PRIMEA. Now what could make our weekend MORE enjoyable?

Why, eating delicious food for dinner of course!

And THAT, thankfully was beautifully addressed by the birthday boy Mati when he chose BANAPPLE to be our venue that Saturday night!

WOHOO! Great choice master Mati! BANAPPLE is one of ERICJAZ FOODIES' favorite as well!!!!

You would understand our joy once you get a taste of their hot entrees, luscious desserts, and chug-a-lug worthy drinks. Besides that, each order of their hot platters and drool worthy desserts are all priced reasonably and so acceptable to "quorifutes" like us.

Sniff.. sniff... I'm so proud of my son. I have taught him well... Sniff... sniff!

Tee hee!

Oh and just in case you didn't understand "quorifutes" is french for KURIPOT.

Okay fine. Let's make the term less harsh and be more politically correct: We are just "extravagantly-challenged".

Believe me, the prices may be "stingy friendly" but the food from BANAPPLE is something worth feeling lavish about!




We loved it there because the kiddies could run around in their park on that cool night!

Since it was Mati's birthday weekend, we will be treating TEAM VIRREY to dinner. Great thing that they love BANAPPLE too!!!! See? It's meant to be!

We got their choices and went inside.  In BANAPPLE, it's semi-self service. So the Chinese Adonis and I went to the counter to place our order.


Mareng Aning and Pareng Jonahs!


Dani and Ate Lee!

Jelo, Johans, Mati, and Andrei!

Okay boys!Stop the ruckus because...


BANAPPLE Insalata Rustico (P160.00)!

I'm usually very partial to Caesar's Salad but I truly enjoyed this Mediterranean-inspired dish with black olives and almond slivers.

The creamy balsamic dressing was also something worth forking mouthfuls of healthy greens in my mouth!

BANAPPLE Bacon Fried Chicken Steaks with Milky Mushroom Gravy (P210.00)!

This is my current favorite dish in BANAPPLE because that platter is just crazy!

Imagine, 3 pieces of crispy fried chicken fillets topped with this insanely savory gravy and crispy bacon. Then, a big mound of well seasoned garlic rice and buttered corn!!!

I swear! This is comfort food at its "utmost finestest"!!! The great thing too is that the serving is just too much for us that the Chinese Adonis and I usually share it.


BANAPPLE Glazed Tocino (P185.00) is Mati's favorite. The birthday boy loves the sweet and tender pork while gnawing and gulping it down with the garlic rice and creamy scrambled eggs.

Now THIS is why he spent his birthday dinner here. And I totally get it!

Mareng Aning had the BANAPPLE Chicken Parmigiano (P215.00)!

This large fillet of fried chicken baked with tomato sauce and cheese may be based on a famous Italian dish but really it is "Pinoy friendly". The tomato sauce is slightly sweet and just had the right bite into it. The melted and gooey cheese adds another layer of rich flavor making every slice of the chicken more enjoyable. 

BANAPPLE Pasta Jacintha (P200.00) is their version of Carbonara Fettucine. This was Andrei's order and though he loved slurping on the delicious creaminess of it, the serving was just too much for him. 

This still held up pretty well after being zapped in the microwave. Andrei got an instant morning snack!

Pareng Jonas ordered the BANAPPLE Beef Stew (P255.00).

I'm not sure if it arrived though... Parang nawala bigla e. 

Our round tables filled with food!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with TEAM VIRREY in BANAPPLE to celebrate another weekend of MATI'S BIRTHDAY!

I ordered an extra slice of BANAPPLE's Specialty of BANOFFEE PIE for Mati's birthday song!

And if there's a birthday song, there would always be SPARKLERS!

Don't worry. I have hundreds of these for my family's birthday season!! He he he he he he eh!


My boy was so happy!

Our BANAPPLE bill!

We really had a great dinner at BANAPPLE because the food was definitely our type of comfort food.  We filled our mouths, we chewed, we gulped, we slurped, and we all had a wonderful time.

Of course, the most important was how dear Master Mati rubbed his full belly and sighed a blissful smile.

Yup! Definitely ANOTHER happy birthday for my dearest!!!

Now we're MORE energized and  excited to continue Master Mati's birthday staycation!

So. There.

Ayala Triangle Gardens,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
02 7562675

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