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When Mati celebrated his birthday this 2016, we thought everything was done when we had a staycation at DISCOVERY PRIMEA. But then, his lovely ninang Marian invited THE YAPPY BUNCH for some Sunday swimming and lunching at THE METROPOLITAN CLUB in Makati that we were so excited to accept!

Yes the "party" for my master Mati is not yet over.

And we were with superkaduper special people to celebrate it with!!!! 


We love METRO CLUB because it was so near where we live. If there's no traffic, we're there in just 5 minutes!

What we love about METRO CLUB too is that whenever we're here, we always have the place all to ourselves.

It's like having our very own private pool!

BGP Marian is a member of THE METRO CLUB and would always invite us whenever everyone's available. I'm so thankful that she thought of having a Sunday swimming date to officially end her godson's birthday season. He he he he he he he!

Mati and Andrei were so excited to play with their little BGP (best guy pal) Paolo!

Let's play hide and seek!!!!!!!!

Later on their tito Fred joined in on the fun. 

He tried to wrestle Mati but failed! H ehe he he he he! My boy is packed!

I was surprised that Paolo's airplane could carry him though. 

While the little lords and their Tito Fred were making splashes in the water, the Chinese Adonis and I were chatting with BGP Marian. 

Later on her Mom called from Hawaii. We also chatted via facetime! He he he he he he he!

Besides swimming in the pool, we also loved the food at METRO CLUB!!!


First up is a glass of sweet and ice cold Mango Shake (P55.00)! This truly hit the spot on that hot morning!

Andrei wouldn't eat anything besides pizza these days so he and Yub shared a whole order of THE METRO CLUB Cheese and Garlic Pizza (P225.00).

I promise that it may not look much but this was so cheesy and kid-friendly. This was a clean plate in no time.

Manong Fred got some METRO CLUB Pancit Canton. The noodles were so tasty while the vegetables were still crunchy to the bite.  My kind of pancit canton!

Since Pogi Paolo loved anything crunchy, BGP Marian had an order of METRO CLUB Kropek for him (P50.00). When PaoPao was not looking, we zoinked a handful of these "once you pop, you can't stop" chips!

As usual, when my little Matster saw there were Calamares (P120.00) on the menu, he immediately ordered it with an extra plate of garlic rice.

There will be a full moon tonight so that means the Chinese Adonis will be in his usual ravenous mode of eating Chinese food (tee hee!). He immediately ordered the METRO CLUB Siomai (P70.00).

Of course, what's siomai without a thick and hearty bowl of Lomi (P88.00)!

Mucho delicioso!

If you think the Chinese Adonis was done, well EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE me. He cannot go full Chinese foodie mode without savoring the soft buns of Asado Siopo (P50.00).

For BGP, we got our favorite Grilled Cheese sandwich! Crunchy on the outside then soft and gooey on the inside. I love taking huge bites of this cheesy sandwich while having forkfuls of their creamy potato salad!

As for me, never mind that I'm going to have dinner at CIRCLES tonight, I am going to have METRO CLUB's delicious steaks (P450.00)!

Manong Fred ordered it too!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Team Mina!

Mati and Andrei enjoyed their food a lot!

Yup! With that smile, Andrei is having fun eating! Trust me, he wouldn't get 2 slices of anything if he didn't liked it!

My beautiful and mouth-watering view!

And we're done!

After eating they may have stopped swimming, but the little lords continued to play!

Of course, it was cuteness and friendship overload when Paolo joined in!

Thank you so muchos BGP Marian for the wonderful Sundate to celebrate Mati's belated birthday. We enjoyed swimming and also the food at METRO CLUB!!!!!! Of course, we enjoyed it more because of you guys!


Except Manong Fred! 

Tee hee!


Or am I?

Of course I'm kidding! Thank you again and we love you Team Mina!!!


Yuckers! He he he he he he he!

If you know somebody who is a member of THE METRO CLUB near Powerplant Mall, do be extra sweet to them so they could take you for some swimming and have the delicious food there. They don't really let outsiders in so this is the time to practice your Zoolander Magnum charisma. He he he he he he!

If you're already a member, GOOD FOR YOU!

Wanna get to know me better????


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