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Monday, March 14, 2016


I think I have made no secret how much we love STAYCATIONS. Even if we also love staying at home, there is something about saving up and making an effort to have more happy memories as a family. My parents played a big factor on this because I remember how much my Dad always planned getaways for us, even if he was so busy with work, that it definitely added to my fun and happy childhood.

Fast forward to February in 2016 and THE YAPPY BUNCH was invited to attend a wedding in Laguna. Master Mati was going to be part of the entourage as the Junior Groomsman so it was important that we were there early. I learned the families of the bride will be staying in SEDA HOTEL NUVALI that I thought, here goes an opportunity to have a YAPPY BUNCH staycation again because we had so much fun in our last stay. I was more looking forward to our vacation there this year though because this time it's going to be just us! We could dance naked in the poolside if we wanted to!

Well.... We cannot really do THAT but at least nobody we know will be embarrassed of us! He he he he he he he!

So I told my friend to book us a room also and I saved up for another weekend fun at SEDA HOTEL NUVALI. In the end, we were all glad that we did because we had again another unforgettable family bonding experience in the beauty of Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Yep! Even if we didn't dance naked in the pool, we all still had a riot!


We were planning to arrive early but we woke up late (he he he he he!). After our delicious lunch in LZM (blog post to follow), we proceeded to the hotel to check in. Too bad that there were also many people staying-in that weekend too.

It's great that we were accommodated by the very friendly front desk officer in SEDA HOTEL NUVALI . We learned from her that there was a marathon this Sunday that a lot of runners decided to stay in their hotel.

Good for them, blech for us! He he he he he!

While I was checking in, the little lords proceeded to use SEDA HOTEL NUVALI's computers to go online.

As for me, after dotting the I's and crossing the T's, I went for SEDA HOTEL NUVALI's drinks corner for some ice cold juices and coffee!

Shall I go for juice or coffee?

Hmmm.. Why not go for gold and get BOTH? Tee hee!

My husband helped himself to some manly pink lemonade!

Yehess! Because real men drink pink!

Psssh... I wonder who brought their whole house to the hotel. Tsk.. tsk... FOBS (fresh off the boats)!!!!

Kidding! That mountain of luggage is mine. My motto in life has always been "It is better to bring it and not need it, than need it and not have it".  And that is why I have candles in my bag.

YES CANDLES! I think that's the weirdest thing that I bring when I go out. Plus my yellow hamper.

Credit for my philosophy in life goes out to "Aliens Vs Predator". Sniff sniff... Such an Oscar worthy movie.

When everyone finished surfing and drinking, we all proceeded to go up our room.

When I went inside our room, I was disappointed that it was not the Lakeview side that I have specifically requested. I called Front Desk and asked to be transferred since I was not in the mood to have the Park View for the whole weekend. Good thing that they still had a room available in the Lake View. 

While I was waiting for my room number, the bellboy still unloaded our bags in the Park View room even if I told him there was no need because we would be transferring. When I made it clear that he was just wasting his efforts, that was when he stopped unloading and got our stuff back in the cart. I noticed though that he left our green lunchbox (for the little lords' drinks) but I didn't say anything more.


We're here!!!!!

Our room!

Andrei can't stop gazing at our awesome view.

Now THIS is the Lake View side of SEDA HOTEL NUVALI! Always request for this when you book a room!

Isn't it beautiful???

Of course, we love our SEDA NUVALI HOTEL room too!

Our twin beds!

Our window with sofa!

Our work table...

(to be used for eating).

Our center table!

Our complimentary drinks and hotpot!

Our bathroom!

MY toiletries!!!

(Kidding, I bring my own).

Our shower!


The boys can't get enough of the view...

Yep! Even if I was inches from them! >:( 

Kidding aside though, you could really stare at it for a long time because it gives that relaxing and soothing feeling.

Plus, you could plan out what to do for the day. The last time we were here, we also went boating adn walking.

After unpacking our clothes, the boys rested a bit and watched TV.

They saw their favorite: FAMILY GUY!

After our short rest, it's time to go to the pool!

Will Smith could wait some other time. 

Heading down to cool off!

We passed by first to say Hi to my friend, tita Josie, the mother of the bride. We invited her to swim with us but like any devoted mom, she is busy for her daughter's big day tomorrow. 

I wonder how I will be when it's Mati or Andrei's turn to get married. I sincerely hope I won't be a Momzilla!


We love the pools here because it's very big and they have for kids and adults.

My only problem is that they don't have ample seats (with shades) and lounge chairs for the companions. It could get pretty hot in the afternoon.

Of course, for my husband, if there's a will, there's a way! Egad! He was snoring so loudly!

Che! And he claims to have "forgotten" his swimsuit. I am so tempted to put lipstick on him right now.

He he he he he he he!

My naughty boys loved the little fountains in SEDA HOTEL NUVALI!

Something tells me though that they feel somebody is making peepee!

Hay! Boys will be boys talaga.

They really spent a lot of time in that water fountain!

Yep! Even if other kiddies came and wanted to play with them.

Me and Master Mati!

EGAD my cheeks are big!

Note how I said "MY"?


Every time we're at pool side, I have started this tradition of ordering Mango Shake.

It is such a perfect thirst quencher on a hot day. 

This time, we added French Fries in the tradition but it should be complete with ketchup and LOTS of mayonnaise!

Believe me, fries in between swimming is just pure bliss!

Cutie Andrei ate so much fries with Ketchup and Mayo that he got some all over his lips.

After 5 minutes, NADA!

With that, we ordered another batch!

It's fries galore again for us!

The hot and crunchy fries certainly energized THE YAPPY BUNCH to swim until night time!

After our swim, we all took baths (separately of course) and changed into our comfy nap clothes.

There wasn't really enough time for a nap but we had a bit of rest before dinner. 

All dressed up and ready to go!

Tee hee! Of course if there's a nice set of stairs, we're most likely to have a picture there.

What I like about Santa Rosa Laguna is that the place is clean and clear from traffic. We had such a great walk towards MAMA LOUS in Solenad!

Our Italian pig-out session in MAMA LOUS!

Going back, the walk was again perfect because we suddenly gained about 10lbs from all that eating!

SEDA NUVALI at night!

We saw Tita Josie's husband drinking with his mates in SEDA HOTEL NUVALI's restaurant. They invited Yub to join in on their all guy fun.

While the Chinese Adonis was drinking and chatting, the little lords made use of the computers again.

Everybody was having fun!

Yup! Even me!!! Tita Josie treated me to some of my favorite Cubi wafers! Yohoooo!!! I will certainly be munching on this all night long!

Thanks Tita Josie! You always spoil me!!! Love you!!!!!!!

Back in the room, the little lords changed into their jammies, drank their milks, and brushed their teeth!

We were supposed to have a midnight snack of noodles and watch movies but they got so sleepy after a day of eating, swimming, chatting, and walking!

Good night little lords! We all had a good day! It's great that we are already so cozy and "at home" in SEDA HOTEL NUVALI that besides having an awesome day, we are also treated to the most comfortable and super deep sleep!!!


Part Two coming SOON!

 Lakeside Evozone, 
NUVALI Sta. Rosa City, 
Laguna 4026, Philippines
 +63 49 255-8888

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  1. Nice Experience right there! =) I hope you can visit too and share your thoughts about this new hotel in cebu city.

    1. Hi Alexander!!! Thanks! We all had a grand time! Thanks for the recommendation. Will check it out when we're at Cebu City.


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