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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


For our VALENTIME'S DATE this 2016 the Chinese Adonis and I celebrated it differently from how we do it in other years. But of course, one thing remains true to our date and that is engorging ourselves not on each other but with SUPERKADUPER OMAYGASH delicious food....

And for this year, our happy discovery was.... 


Every year I would always receive flowers from the Chinese Adonis and I offer it to Mama Mary. Here is our beloved Lady along with the other bouquets my family gives my Mom. 

Usually for VALENTIMES, I would go on separate dates with Mati and Andrei. But for this loving weekend, I did not have a date with my boys because for one, Mati was grounded, and number two, Andrei has a very high fever. My Mom did not go out as well because she thought Yub and I were going on a date and did not go to Powerplant Mall with my Dad.

It's okay because that night, we are feasting on poor Andrei's craving... KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN and KRISPY KREME DONUTS!

My poor sick bunsoy! Thank God that even if he has a very high temperature, he could still smile, make jokes, and play!

After our delicious KFC dinner, he asked if we could play some boardgames. This time he chose MAD!

Then on another night at home, little sick Andrei asked us to play some UNO!


After a week, Andrei finally got well and that's the time the Chinese Adonis and I were able to have a VALENTIMES date in LINGUINI FINI!

It was actually an impromptu date because I just needed to buy some things in SM MEGAMALL for the weekend. The Chinese Adonis then said we could try a restaurant we haven't eaten in before to have a belated VALENTIMES celebration. 

The restaurant boasts of an open kitchen so diners could see that their food are all freshly cooked!

While waiting for our server, I fancied the unique paintings on their gray walls.

We also saw cans upon cans of crushed tomatoes. I wonder if these are the actual ones that they use for cooking? Tee hee!

I have heard and read many rave reviews about LINGUINI FINI that I got immediately excited to sink in my teeth into some of their famous pastas and pizzas.

And when I say "EXCITED" it also meant that the Chinese Adonis should stop taking pictures already as it was time to order food.

Yep! You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry!

Time to order. FINALLY!

I really loved the service in LINGUINI FINI especially with this lady. She was so nice, attentive, friendly, and cute too!



The types of pasta offered in the restaurant!

Sorry I wasn't able to take a picture of all menu pages. They were so many that I ran out of film (:P)

My (blecchy) VALENTIMES!

In LINGUINI FINI they served complimentary warm bread with oil and balsamic vinegar. I loved that they also gave extra parmesan cheese for that plus layer of flavor!

I was craving for some spicy pasta and ordered the Shrimp Arribiata Pasta (P245.00 - lite).

It was really a tomato sauce based pasta but I was also craving for something creamy. I requested that they add a bit of cream to make it more rich and they agreed! What I got was super yum, super flavorful, SUPER enjoyable pasta!

And oh... Don't get me started on the noodles. I was impressed! I loved the chewiness in each strand that certainly assured me how freshly made pasta is A MILLION TIMES MORE better than the dried ones! Yes it's THAT good and it's THAT much awesome!!!!!! 

Life will never be the same again....

As for the Chinese Adonis, he got the LINGUINI FINI Cheese Pizza (P290.00) and drooled over 12 slices of their thin crust goodness!

It may not look as cheesy as the other commercial pizzas out there but believe me, it is packed with flavor!

Of course, knowing yub, he picked out the fresh basil leaves. I got it all and mixed it with my pasta! 


We also ordered some Artichoke and Spinach Dip but I guess they forgot about it. When our cutie pie server asked if we still wanted it, we decided to just have it next time because we think the food is already more than enough for our little tummies.

Trying hard little tummies that is.

The Chinese Adonis and his big pizza!!!!!!!

Me and my blast of a pasta!

Cutie pie server gave us some chili flakes and these pickled peppers.

Since I loved everything hot (hotness begets hotness... he he he he), I added a lot of chili pepper flakes on my pasta.

Carbo loading at its finest!

I got one slice of the crunchy and cheesy pizza to eat with my spaghetti!

I tried topping it with the pickled peppers and it certainly added a bit of spice with a tangy taste into it.

I really loved the pasta! I was only planning to eat half of the plate but I cannot stop slurping on it.

This is me eating my beloved pasta for social media...

This is me eating the pasta, unfiltered for my Yub! 


In a New York minute, the Chinese Adonis wiped out his LINGUINI FINI pizza!

Oh you greedy glutton you!


Our bill!!!

Affordable right?


Yeesh! We are so into food so much that even if we try to form a heart, it comes out like a pandesal!

Third Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, 
SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
02 5313302 / +63 9178341493


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