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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Once again THE YAPPY BUNCH are in SEDA HOTEL NUVALI for a family staycation and we are having an awesome time!

We're in SEDA HOTEL NUVALI! Yipeekiyey!

Good morning Sta. Rosa Laguna!!!

At the weekend of our staycation, there was a scheduled marathon in the area. So there were a lot of runners who checked in at the hotel.

Little Andrei actually woke up at 6:00am and I saw him looking at the view outside. Knowing that we have a packed day ahead, I told him to sleep again.

At about 9:00am, we went down finally for breakfast!

Good thing that the SEDA HOTEL NUVALI restaurant was not as full as the first time we stayed there. We were told by the receptionist though that there was a lot of people earlier because of the marathon.

Time to dig in!

Here's the bread, fruits, and cereals station.

The noodles and congee station!

The salad station!

They included a lot of pickled vegetables to top their salads.

Garlic Rice!

Pancit Canton!

Mixed Vegetables!

Fish with Garlic!

Barbecued Chicken!

Corned Beef (YUM!)

Scrambled Eggs!

Breakfast Station!!!

Juice Station!

I'm thankful that SEDA HOTEL NUVALI was very considerate with their younger guests. Since little Andrei only ate two small pancakes (yes just two, even if I was really urging him to get eggs and rice), the kind waitress said they won't be charging him and will just include his meal with my share.


I don't really mind paying the half rate for children. But I'm glad that SEDA HOTEL NUVALI was very understanding of the appetites of little ones and how it was more practical for Andrei to just share with me. 

Me compliments to you on that SEDA HOTEL NUVALI!

THE YAPPY BUNCH having breakfast!

My first plate!

My second plate!

Those salty dilis was SO good with garlic rice!

Gotta have a little bit of greens to be more healthy.

Yep! Even if it is drowning in dressing. HA!

While we were finishing our meal, the little lords checked out the SEDA HOTEL NUVALI playroom which comprised more of videogames.

After eating, it was time again for some serious swimming!

The boys got armed and ready!

I did not swim this time but I did "gear" myself up with some ice cold Mango juice!

The water was perfect and so refreshing that hot morning!

My boys could stay here the whole day!

While the kiddies swam, the oldies just sat and sizzled under the sun.

And when I say "sizzled" it's more like our fats were burning with the heat. He he he he he he!

See Yub's feet? You know what they say about big feet... He he he he he he he!

I was impressed with the manong lifeguard and the security assigned at the pool area of SEDA HOTEL NUVALI. I overheard how they were really concerned with the kiddies (who kept on running in the slippery wet areas) and they also kept such a close watch on the swimmers. 

Just go and have fun little lords!!! We have an hour till we prepare for the wedding!

After swimming, we got back to the room to pack and dress up.

Then the (mini) nightmare started.


Normally I wouldn't panic and just have them wear jeans and long sleeves but Mati is part of the wedding entourage. HE CANNOT WALK THE AISLE IN JEANS!!!!

The Chinese Adonis and I looked everywhere and we can't find it. I really thought that he packed the pants in his bag that's why I did not look for it on the hangers. I then remembered that we came from the Park View room and how the bell boy unloaded some of our things there.

When I called SEDA HOTEL NUVALI front desk, I talked to their attendant who double checked with their Housekeeping, Lost and Found, and with the bell boy. He told me that the bell boy made sure that everything was clear when he left the Park View and that he didn't leave anything (see PART ONE). When I asked if he could double check again, he gave me the assurance that yes, the room didn't have anything as per housekeeping because they cleaned the room before the new guest checked in.

With that I was really panicking. Where could the pants be????? We don't have enough time to buy in the nearest mall because the wedding was going to start in an hour. We called home and my brother answered we didn't leave anything behind.

With that, I remembered how the bell boy left our green lunch box from yesterday even after he said he loaded everything in the cart. I asked the Chinese Adonis to go to front desk and talk to whoever's in charge to really double check.

When my husband talked to the Front Desk Attendant and the bell boy from yesterday, they gave him the same answer. But this time, my husband really insisted for them to contact the room and ask. He told them calmly but firmly that it's either they go to the room or call because he was not going anywhere until they do.

When finally they did, guess what happened? YEP THE PANTS WERE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAY NAKO!!!!! The bell boy was so apologetic and told my husband he'll go up to the room to get it. My husband said it would be better if he goes with them.

When they got there, the room was accommodated by a mother and daughter tandem who ran in the marathon. They told the Chinese Adonis that they were wondering why there were pants in the closet but didn't do anything about it. 

At that time, HALLELUJAH!!!! I WAS SO HAPPY! Believe me, I was already panicking and crying as to what to do for the wedding. When the Chinese Adonis told me that they got the pants and how the bell boy was very apologetic, I was so thankful that I didn't feel like getting angry at all. I was just sooooooo grateful the pants were found!

However, remembering the stress and the numerous times they assured me that the room was clear just made me concerned right now. What if my husband never insisted on checking with the room? How could they lie so many times to the hotel guest without really making sure?

It is somehow making my blood boil. I'll sleep on it first. Am deciding on making a complaint about this just so that they will improve their customer service.  

Yey!!! Andrei got his pants back!

Time to say good bye to the room!

We don't have enough time to do our usual staycation photo sessions since we needed to check-out, fast!

Okay fine. Just one family picture will do!

He he he he he he he!

Don't we all look so effin good????

When we got downstairs, the little lords went back to their usual playful selves and went towards the SEDA HOTEL NUVALI computers. This somehow made me remember the great fun they had this weekend.

Yes!!! Declaring that our stay in SEDA HOTEL NUVALI as VERY unforgettable!!! There may be tears and a lot of panicking, but there were also a lot of laughs, shrieks, and giggles.

Good or bad, we were all so happy with our weekend here in SEDA HOTEL NUVALI. This is definitely one for the books for us. 

Will we stay in SEDA HOTEL NUVALI again? Of course!!! The spacious rooms, the friendly attendants (yep even when I was panicking), and the facilities would definitely erase that horrible 2 hours of our lives.

Come to think of it, we had so much fun this weekend that we will probably laugh off that "lost pants" incident!!!!! SEDA HOTEL NUVALI is truly a great place to stay in at the South side of the Metro.

He he he he he he!


 Lakeside Evozone, 
NUVALI Sta. Rosa City, 
Laguna 4026, Philippines
 +63 49 255-8888

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  1. A highly recommended hotel in Nuvali, plus a few steps to Solenad’s dining and retail outlets and nuvali camp n. Thanks for sharing your trip!

    1. Hi Josephine!!! I'm glad you liked it! Yep! SEDA in NUVALI is a great place to stay in that side of the Metro. Parang sulit na vacation na din siya for those who want to get away the hustle and bustle of Manila. He he he he he he! Thank you dearness! Mwah mwah!


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