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Thursday, March 17, 2016


During our 2016 staycation in SEDA HOTEL NUVALI, the Chinese Adonis and I were thinking of where to eat for dinner. As what we do every time during our family getaways, we wanted to dress up and eat somewhere nice with the little lords that had delicious food but won't rob our pockets.

With that, I suddenly remembered the cozy and warm restaurant named MAMA LOU'S that served awesome Italian food!

The last time we were in MAMA LOU'S we were with friends. This time it's just going to be THE YAPPY BUNCH and we were so looking forward to having an intimate dinner together.

Since it would be "just us" we could:

Have a private "family only" event.
Be able to share our scandalous secrets while eating.
Release all the burps and gasses as much as we'd like.
Not have to share our food.


That turned real gross and mean now didn't it?

But yes, the food at MAMA LOU'S was so unforgettable that evil thoughts might enter your head just so that you could have a taste of their OMAYGAD good dishes. And even if we were faced with the prospects of choosing from a long list of restaurants in the vast area of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, MAMA LOU'S food will make you ALWAYS go back for more.

And that is what we did!


The restaurant has been awarded as one of Philippine Tatler's Best Restaurants in 2014 so you know that they're really serving delicious food here!

It's great that unlike last time, MAMA LOU'S was almost empty. No need for reservations! 

We were able to get our preferred seats in no time!

MAMA LOU'S setting is warm and reminds me of the homey restaurants in Tuscany with its colors.

The place may be casual but there is still a romantic element to it that attracts all sorts of lovers.



Like my eyeliner? I've been practicing all night on what to do with my eye make up for this wedding I'll attend tomorrow. He he he he he!

The little lords!

Upon settling to our chairs, the swift servers laid down plates, utensils, and a basket of their complimentary of bread.

The warm slices of baguettes were served with tomato salsa and a liquidy pesto dip.

Of course, the Chinese Adonis asked for some fatty butter to smear on his bread. He he he he he he!

MAMA LOU'S condiments!

Chili Oil, Parmesan Cheese, and hot sauces! 

Ordering time!

While waiting for our food, Mati was trying to put Andrei to sleep.

To which he succeeded.

You should know though that Andrei is very good at fake sleeping. He does so to escape from eating or from brushing his teeth.


Food is here!

First MAMA LOU'S dish on the table is an order of their cheesy Margherita Pizza (small P260.00) which had 8 fat crispy slices!

This was Andrei's order and he cannot wait to dig in.

He was happy to discover how gooey it was!

As usual, my Master Mati, the seafood boy, ordered his favorite MAMA LOU'S Fried Calamares (P195.00) and had an extra order of garlic rice!

Besides the Calamares, Mati also ordered his favorite MAMA LOU'S Clam Chowder (small - P185.00) as side dish to his entree. He he he he he he!

My very happy foodie!

I wasn't really planning on eating anything because I was still full from all the fries we ate in SEDA HOTEL NUVALI. However I thought it will be long time before I am in MAMA LOU'S in Sta. Rosa Laguna again so I ordered their Pasta Vongole Olio (small P295.00).

I requested the pasta to be in Linguine (my favorite because it looks so chic... he he he he) but they still cooked it up with spaghetti. I wasn't about to say anything to the server because I was almost hypnotized with the aromatic garlic, stewed tomatoes, and juicy clams. 

I mentioned it later on though but in jest. The waiter was so apologetic even if he didn't need to. 

Because, this was so friggin good that I'd still eat it even if it was cooked with ramen noodles! Ha ha ha ha ha!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in MAMA LOU'S!

Take two!!!

Our table filled with food!

Can't talk! Eating!

Since I love spicy food, I added generous dashes of the chili flakes onto my pasta!

The boys hated veggies and were throwing out the fresh basil from their pizza. I snatched it from their carnivorous hands and topped it on my pasta!

I also added some parmesan cheese to pimp up my rockin' vongole!!!!!!!!

Now ain't that look good????

Check out Andrei going for it with the parmesan cheese! He loves parmesan and could eat a whole tub of it!

Sooo happy!

Even if I gained a stretch mark after this. IT WAS WORTH IT.

When we finished eating, the servers suddenly gave us a complimentary plate of Tiramisu for the mistake they made with the pasta vongole. I told them they didn't need to but they insisted.

That was such a nice and sweet gesture! Even if I was fine with my spaghetti, I really appreciated this.

And finally, we're DONE!

Our MAMA LOU'S bill!

Afterwards we roamed around Solenad Nuvali where the boys played a bit.

They fancied these bars and made bets with each other if they could go through the small opening.

Mati tried it and had a bit of a back ache.

I went for the bigger one next to Mati and succeeded!

Even the Chinese Adonis joined in on the fun!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Somebody was horsing around too much and hit his crotch.

Of course he's kidding. His crotch shouldn't be hurting if it was hit....  Well not yet.

Afterwards, we had a quiet walk home.

We certainly burned all of the calories we got from all that MAMA LOU'S eating!

We really love the food at MAMA LOU'S and can't wait to head back South (or in UP Town Center) for a taste of their delicious Italian food. 

Hopefully by that time, we have the heart to share with each other.... NOT.


 Solenad 2, Nuvali, 
Sta. Rosa Laguna  
(+63 49) 302-0752
(+63 915) 789-6262


 B1 L36 , Tropical Ave. 
cor Palace St. B.F International Village
Las Piñas (02) 519-1977


Ground Floor, UP Town Center, 
Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
02 9585563



  1. Th food looks yummy!Cant wait for Mama Lous to open a branch near us! LOL at Andrei's fake sleeping and your eye liner! hahaha!

    1. It was so good Erika! You should try it when you're in Sta. Rosa Laguna or near UP Town Center. He he he he he he! Andrei is so naughty... LIKE ME!!!! My eyeliner is shy na in making another appearance (nakakatamad tanggalin! ha ha ha ha ha)


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