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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Whenever we have an out of town trip on the South side, the Chinese Adonis would always request that we eat in a restaurant that served Bulalo. He really doesn't care whatever the occasion   or wherever the location is as long as it had that boiling rich beef soup with fall off the bone meat and a lot of marrow.

So for second staycation weekend in SEDA HOTEL NUVALI, my husband again asked, no pleaded, that we have some Bulalo for lunch. The little lords and I were not really fans of the dish but we agreed. Well... it's not that I don't like Bulalo but it's more like I could only enjoy the soupy dish if I had it with chili and fish sauce. But, if I do make that combination, it's extra rice galore for me -- not advisable for somebody who's watching her Coke-bottle figure (blech).

I told the Chinese Adonis that I was fine with Bulalo but my only request was that we eat in a new place because I wanted to post it in my silly little foodie blog.

And with that, we ended up in LZM RESTAURANT!

LZM --- Lutong Bahay Specialties!

We were in Solenad Nuvali and LZM was there quietly and unassuming beside other fast food restaurants.

Initially I thought LZM RESTAURANT was big because I could see it occupied two lots of the commercial area. 

I was sorta right.  However there was still a wall within the restaurant that it was like having two LZMs in the area. He he he he he he!

Good thing we were able to get a table fast!


The Chinese Adonis and Master Mati!

Little Andrei and Monster Mommy!

He he he he he!

Like my eye liner?

The lookalikes deciding what to order.





We found that the dishes in LZM were fine but they don't have small servings. They only had large sizes available for big parties. That's not so good news for our little family who is not fond of leftovers. He he he he he he!

My Bulalo necessities! He he he he he!

Let's EAT!!!

Are you mesmerized with my eyeliner??? He he he he he (#tryinghard).

First on the table was our order of crispy and flavorful LZM Chicharon Bulaklak (P270.00).

We all loved this because the fried pork was crunchy and so perfect with rice!!!

This was immediately Andrei's favorite!

Up next is LZM RESTAURANT's ginormous bowl of Bulalo (P470.00)!

It had a super flavorful broth, crunchy veggies, and a big shank of meat in bone!

I think I'm almost having a heart attack because of it.

That Bulalo better be ready for me because I am going to be armed with THIS when I attack.

Master Mati, the ever loving seafood boy, ordered the LZM RESTAURANT Hot and Spicy Squid (P320.00).

The squid was fat and tender then stuffed with onions, peppers, tomatoes, and CHEESE??? Yep! CHEESE!!!!

Oh well. Let's see what it'll do for my appetite. Like I always say, don't judge it till you've tried it!

We decided to match all that delicious dishes with a plate of garlic fried rice! YOWZA!

To wash all that delicious food down, I ordered a can of ice cold Coke Zero! He he he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords, and my eyeliner, in LZM RESTAURANT!!!!

Normally, Andrei isn't very fond of soup. But after getting a whiff and taste of the LZM bulalo, he served himself a bowlful.

Andrei : "Mommy!!!!!!!!! Stop taking pictures!!!!"

I preferred my meat to be more fatty but this chunk of hunk was still very tender nonetheless!

Yubhub tore into the meat hungrily but did not forget to give us first!

My plate!!! My first but not the last LZM plate!

My Master Mati was raring to eat!!!

The stuffing of his Chili Squid seemed gross at first but weird as it may seem, it tasted all good to me!!!

The vegetable salsa was sweet and the cheese added a creaminess to the salty seafood!

I helped myself to the salsa with cheese and mixed it into my garlic rice. It may sound weird but I really loved it!!!! The combination made it sort of a meatless Jambalaya! So yum!!!!!!

A very unexpected and delicious surprise!

How about you Yubhubbers???


The Chinese Adonis said Mati and I could have it. Awww... Now THAT'S love!!!


Guess what? Little Andrei loved the Chicharon Bulaklak so much that he asked for more! Since we cannot really resist his requests for food, we ordered another serving of this LZM specialty!

He really attacked on the Chicharon Bulaklak and finished the second order all by himself!!

Andrei : "Mommy! Stop taking pictures of me!!!!"

Since I ate a lot of fat for our LZM lunch, I decided to have a glass of Pineapple Juice for extra fiber. He he he he he he!

Let's just say I need to flush all of that out of my system... FAST.

Hmmm... I think Andrei is doing it right now. Kidding!

Seeing that I still had some Coke, he immediately zoinked it. My bunsoy was confident that I would let him drink softdrinks because he ate a lot.


And we're done! 

Andrei only ate the crispy part of the Chicharon Bulaklak since the middle was almost hard as rock.

After eating, my bunsoy immediately ran to his Daddy to do some loving loving since he was seated beside me for lunch.


Oh well! He is forever the Daddy's boy.

When he saw I was feeling bad, he immediately ran up to me and gave me a tight hug.

Then, he bit my face.



We had a great family Saturday lunch in LZM RESTAURANT and the Chinese Adonis was finally able to answer his Bulalo craving. Good thing that even if servings were big, we were able to eat almost everything served to us. 

Here's to a successful Saturday pig out session with the family!


 Laguna Nuvali Solenad 2, 
Sta. Rosa, Laguna

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