Thursday, February 18, 2016


It's Master Mati's birthday and like how we do it every year, it's going to be a blast!

We started it off with a surprise song for the birthday celebrant at the strike of 12:00am. While Mati and the Chinese Adonis were watching television, Andrei and I sneaked upstairs to do a simple set up.

My little apprentice was very excited too. If I'm not mistaken, he seems to be more "alive" now compared to his birthday eve surprise. He he he he he he!

And when it was already 12:00am, we called the birthday boy!


Mati said he was surprised! But since we do this every year, I'm sure he was also expecting it. 

After our song to officially start his birthday, the Chinese Adonis and I let him play his favorite PS3 games as part of his "week-long "celebration!

The morning of MATI'S BIRTHDAY, he woke up to a lot of gifts!

Do you like the wrapping? He he he he he!

#shootingtwobirdswithonestone #tipidations

Mati was so happy to receive a bobble head of ANT MAN from his Daddy because was on his wish list!

Of course, my husband forgot to take pictures of MY gift to Mati. I gave him Captain America special edition comics!

Mati's best friend Josh came and gave him a long-sleeved shirt! Thanks so muchos Josh!

Tito Jon also gave him a gift!

Poe Dameron!

Of course, we didn't forget the little bunsoy even if it was not his birthday.

A bobble head of Hawk Eye!

Mati was so happy that his best friends Lance and Josh came to spend his birthday with him.

Missing Mati's other best friend, Dominic!! He was out of town during Mati's birthday! :(

Somebody became cranky though and suddenly became dramatic. Andrei felt bad that his Kuya would not sit beside him or talk to him. My poor bunsoy cried and said "Kuya doesn't love me".

That's okay Andrei! We still love you,VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

For Mati's breakfast, we ate at our usual BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST place, GLORIA MARIS!  

We all love having breakfast at GLORIA MARIS because of the piping hot dimsums!

Here's one of our favorites, the bean curd roll!

Vegetable Dumpling!

Fish Congee!

By this time, Andrei was back to his usual naughty self and went to his Kuya to give him some hugs and kisses.

Would you say that his Kuya Mati was happy to receive such slobbery affection? He he he he he!


After our delicious breakfast, my Dad gave Mati some cash!

YOHOOO! Yub and I could eat in SPIRAL now!

Kidding! This goes to the bank of course.

As per Mati's wish, we spent the rest of the morning playing at TOM'S WORLD!

By this time, Andrei was already getting along with Kuya's friends. Josh played  House of the Dead with him. 

Go Androse!

Mati was busy playing with Lance on the other side.

Later on, the 3 boys got together for Operation Ghost.

Go boys!!!!

Mati afterwards wished to go on the Space 5D ride!

There were many more programs to choose from but the BIRTHDAY BOY was keen on the Space travel.

Get ready boys!

The Space Rice in Tom's World involved hydraulics and moved around according to the story.

We could hear the boys screaming from outside. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The boys said it was so fun!

Going home, Lance was very nice and said he would sit beside Andrei.

That's when the craziness with the four boys started. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

When we got home, the BIRTHDAY BOY and his friends immediately attacked the PS3.

In a few minutes, Mati's BIRTHDAY LUNCH was ready!


We got some asado siopao!

Lance requested for some corned beef so I asked our angel to cook some.

Best Friends Pancit (our favorite!)

We also had Chicken Joy but in our hunger, we forgot to take a picture. Ha ha ha ha ha!


I'm so happy that Lance and Josh were allowed by their parents to spend the whole day with us for Mati's birthday! My boy is enjoying every minute of his birthday!

Singing to the birthday boy.

Ooops! Somebody blew the candles before him!

Mati: "HEY!!!!!!!!!!"

Me: "Ay si Andrei!!!!"


Enjoying a simple feast for Mati's BIRTHDAY lunch.

Afterwards they went back to killing it with the PS3!

Egad! They were so noisy here!

Testosterone overload!

Come night time, we went to Powerplant Mall for a family birthday dinner for Master Mati!

The friends can't help but food around!

For dinner, we ate at Mati's favorite...

Our healthy sets!

Josh doesn't eat Shabu shabu so I ordered him his favorite Chicken Teriyaki that he loved the last time we ate there.

Mati was very happy that our family and friends were able to join him for his birthday dinner!

Ninang Marian and Tito Fred!

Wow! Thanks for the gift!

My super loving BGP also gave a gift to Andrei!

Tito Anthony and Tita Jojit!

Yub's family from Lucena!

Lola Lita, Tita Ivy, and Tito Allan!

Best friends Josh and Lance!

Me and the Chinese Adonis!

I'm sure he's still grateful even with Andrei around. He he he he he he!

Mati is very good friends already with Allan, the Healthy Shabu Shabu Manager, because we've been eating here since Mati was still in a stroller!

Afterwards we all sang to the birthday boy!

And yes, we meant everybody!

I'm so touched that all servers in HEALTHY SHABU SHABU sang a happy birthday for Mati. Some of the diners also got in on the fun and sang as well!

Blow Mati!!!!!

Thank you so much for the song HEALTHY SHABU SHABU!

Master Mati's gifts from Ninang Marian and Tito Fred!

The Little Lords with their Lola Lita and Lola Juliet!

After dinner, birthday boy Mati became very nice na to little brother Andrei. This made my bunsoy very happy!

Later on Josh's family came by to pick him up. His little brother is like Andrei. Ha  ha ha ha ha! Josh said something to him which made the little brother cry. 

Back at home, Ninang Marian and Tito Fred dropped by to extend the celebration of Mati's birthday!!!

Thank you so much BGP! You and Tito Fred made the birthday boy extra happy!

The little lords ended the night by playing with their new toys. He he he he he he he he!

Such a perfect day for my dearest Mati!


The Chinese Adonis and I really planned on giving BIRTHDAY BOY Mati a week long birthday. But since the little lords had school and cannot stay out late, we just decided to do the "7 days" on the following weekends of January!!!

So really, my dear Mati's week-long birthday somewhat became a month-long celebration! He he he he he he!

The next day, THE YAPPY BUNCH attended the New Year's party for THE KTG.

There, we all sang to the January celebrants!

Picture by PEPE SAMSON
I brought extra sparklers for Mati and the other celebrants. I'm glad it added extra fun for the special peeps that day... plus Andrei! He he he he he he he he!

The next weekend, we had dinner at another favorite of my Mati, KENNY ROGERS!

Of course, we cannot go to Robinson's Magnolia without visiting The Virreys. Mati loves going there and playing with his friends.

As for me, I love having coffee with them! He he he he he he he!

For Saturday, we followed Mati's birthday wishlist and had lunch in LAU CHAN!

We then went to something Mati has been wanting to try for a long time...

Check out our blogpost!!!!!

After DREAMPLAY, we then had dinner at our usual birthday hub....


We could NEVER get enough of their teppanyaki!

Mati's favorite fried rice!

My happy birthday boy!

Too bad KIMPURA didn't have oysters that night. So Mati just ordered his next best favorite.

Little Andrei was also engrossed with the Wagyu Steak!

And of course, we cannot end the night without having a birthday song!


Even though he was already finished with dinner, Andrei still feasted on extra orders of his favorite dried fish. He he he he he he!

The following Saturday, we had lunch at another Mati favorite, SAMBOKOJIN!!

This choice is SO fine with us because it has become our favorite as well!

We love their barbecues!

We also get Lechon everytime we're there because we're already friends with the servers. He he he he he he!

My Mom joined us for lunch that day.

We cannot end our SAMBOKOJIN lunch without a birthday song using MY sparklers! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Like I said, I have a whole box of it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dearest!

Thanks SAMBOKOJIN for the usual great service and the birthday cake for my guy!

My Mati was so happy that he was able to answer his SAMBOKOJIN craving with his lola!

The next weekend, THE YAPPY BUNCH had a birthday staycation for dear Mati at DISCOVERY PRIMEA HOTEL!

Wow Mati look!!!!!!

My boy was SO overjoyed at the hotel's surprise for him!

It was a super fun staycation for Mati especially with the Virreys!!!!!!!

Check out our blogpost on DISCOVERY PRIMEA HOTEL!

Come night time, we had dinner at another Mati favorite, BANAPPLE!

Of course, we cannot have dinner at BANAPPLE without their famous BANOFFEE pie for Mati!

And I'm sure you know what happened next. He he he he he he hee!

To end Mati's birthday week (month), we were treated by his Ninang Marian for swimming and lunch at METRO CLUB

The boys loved how they got the pool all to themselves that Sunday morning!

Of course, it was more fun with Pao Pao!

Thank you muchos BGP Marian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thus concludes Mati's birthday celebrations for 2016!!!

Some may say that we are overdoing our birthdays too much but really, the Chinese Adonis and I just want to give happy memories to our celebrant and make him feel MORE special every time he turns a year older. It's not the expensive gifts or the super classy restaurants. It's really more on the time spent together and how we all made an effort to make our guy have an unforgettable birthday.

HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS again my dearest!!! Till next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Aww ang sarap nyong maging parents!! bet ko yung ginagawa nyo for your sons bdays!! and ang bait ng parents ng bestfriends nya kasi they let them stay talaga until night wow! Happy birthday Matti!

    1. Awwww thanks so much Erika!!!!! I'll tell that to Mati and Andrei kapag nagdrama sila and say na kami ang worst parents of all. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Pero yes, we do that kasi ako I remember how my parents really made me feel so special pag birthday. Kaya I want the boys to experience it too. Hopefully it will add up to them having a happy childhood he he he he he he! Oo I'm so grateful to Mati's best friends and their parents kasi the whole day talaga! From morning till night!!! And super nila pinasaya si Mati! Super thank you din of course to people who took time to be with Mati to celebrate his birthday. Will never forget them. Love ko talaga people who love my family also. He he he he he he he!


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