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I think I have mentioned before how the little lords got so addicted with those KRACIE JAPANESE EDIBLE TOYS that we cannot stop shopping and ordering them online.

Check out our stash!

The thing was, even if there were more choices and other viands for the KRACIE EDIBLE JAPANESE TOYS, the little lords still stayed true to their favorites: SUSHI AND DONUT.

FINALLY, I was able to convince my bunsoy Andrei to go for something new. And his choice?


When you purchase a KRACIE EDIBLE JAPANESE TOY pack, remember that EVERYTHING has a purpose from the plastic pack down to each segment of the containers. So don't throw anything until you've finished.

Like for the packaging, you would find there the detailed directions on how to make the KRACIE TAKOYAKI BALLS. 

It may be in Japanese but it is also color coded with the ingredient packaging.

My boy Andrei is excited!!!

When we opened the KRACIE pack, this is what we saw!

The quantity of items needed are not as many compared to the Sushi and Donut. So I guess this will be an easier one for me and the Androse!

Alright! So let's get crackin'!

I will be assisting little Andrei in making the TAKOYAKI BALLS because there will be a bit of cutting and cooking involved. 

The first part is creating the "Octopus" tentacles. With that, you will need the silver packet with maroon printings.

Get some room temperature clean water and a pair of scissors.

For the scooper, you will need to cut the outer corner from the black plastic tray.

I did this for Andrei but I took directions from him.

However, I got a bit carried away and cut everything at one go!

Andrei emptied the red packet on one of the deeper dishes that we cut.

He then got scoops of water (you'll see in the package how many is needed) to mix with the pink powder.

Mixing and picking utensils are provided by KRACIE!!!!

Always remember that with KRACIE EDIBLE TOYS, you should follow the directions to a T.

Now even if the mixture seems dry with the scoops of water in the steps, DON'T YOU DARE add some more because it will be too mushy afterwards. Just keep on mixing and have faith in the force... este... the directions. He he he he he!

And after a lot of mixing, Andrei got the perfect pink ball!

See Andrei? When you mix it, perfection will come!

He made cutlets of the pink mixture and pressed into the plastic molds provided by the KRACIE tray.

Master Mati decided to join in the fun (yep not minding his torn shirt) and help out Andrei.

The KRACIE candy Octopus parts! 

Up next is the mixing of the batter for the TAKOYAKI balls. With that, you will need the orange printed packet!

Put powder in the same dish you used for the octopus.

Then add the amount of water specified in the directions!

Mati stayed with Andrei to watch and help out.

Mati made everything more fun and noisy. Ha ha ha ha ha!

When you get the smooth consistency, pour batter onto the muffin-like molds.

My OC Andrei was so careful not to spill even a single drop!

Hmmm.... He kinda missed but it still all looked great!

Master Mati helped out by placing the small "octopus" in each mold.

Now THIS requires a bit of cooking.

Don't worry. It just needs a few seconds of zapping in the microwave.

The tray is microwavable but still keep a close watch on this. 

After a few seconds on high, we got the piping hot KRACIE Takoyaki Balls!

Muy Andrei is mucho happy!

After the KRACIE TAKOYAKI BALLS have cooled down a bit, you will need to turn it over using the toothpick that's provided. 

These look like bewbs.

Tee heee!

When everything is set, get the KRACIE silver packet with brown markings.

Again, use the same dish you used for the octopus and batter. But it wouldn't hurt to give it a quick rinse...

... or lick! 

Har de har har!

Add some water and you'll have this faux okonomiyaki sauce!

With the same plastic spatula, apply the glaze onto the TAKOYAKI BALLS.

Now these suddenly look like cream puffs!

For the "Japanese mayonnaise" get the biggest packet and cut along the directed lines.

Pour some water and mix!

Could you see Andrei's "tattoo" on his left arm? Yeeesh. He's obsessed! How could I make him stop drawing on himself???

When the mixture has a smooth and creamy texture, fold the top part and make a small cut at the corner bottom.


Now you have an instant piping bag!

And we're done!!!!

These KRACIE TAKOYAKI BALLS lack the usual bonito flake toppings, but it's okay.

I wonder how these KRACIE TAKOYAKI BALLS taste like? Well the proof is in the pudding!


Andrei carefully got one!

Here it goes!

It got 2 thumb's up from the maker!

Now why don't you swallow Andrei? He he he he he he!

The Chinese Adonis showed his support for Andrei by having a taste too.


Mati and I were so excited to try it since we loved TAKOYAKI BALLS.

How did it taste? His face says it all. 

Personally, I find that it tasted too "instant" to enjoy. Also, unlike the KRACIE SUSHI and DONUT, it did not taste like candy. It was more like breaded powder from instant noodles. He he he he he he he!


But of course, the whole process of creating it was still oh so fun. It may involve  a bit of cooking but Andrei and I found that it is the most simple of the other KRACIE EDIBLE TOYS that we tried. We will certainly include this again in our toy shopping list next time!

We just won't eat it afterwards though. He he he he he he!

So. There.

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