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Monday, February 29, 2016


One of the top reasons why we love going to BINONDO to celebrate the CHINESE NEW YEAR is because we love to feast on authentic Chinese food that the town is famous for. Of course, I know that we could still go on ordinary days. But usually, lazy us would often get discouraged by traffic or other weekend plans that at least with the CHINESE NEW YEAR, we are really compelled to go.

Come to think of it, the thought of having these delicious foods always keep us going even if it's traffic in BINONDO and jampacked with people.

Yup! We always make food the reason for everything! He he he he he!

So for this year's CHINESE NEW YEAR in BINONDO, the Chinese Adonis was so looking forward to eat these sticky noodles which he had seen in previous trips before from MAKI PLACE. When we got to the building we saw last year, we were surprised that it was closed already. Good thing that a kind security guard from the next establishment advised us that it transferred to another building and gave us the address.

Finally after a lot of walking and waiting, the Chinese Adonis was able to eat his much craved about sticky noodles. Was it worth braving the crowds of Ongpin St., during CHINESE NEW YEAR to get to it?

Read on and find out!



We just arrived in Ongpin St., in Binondo and we're looking for MAKI PLACE. 

While walking around we saw how the lines for Chinese restaurants were just crazy that we're hoping it was not the same for the restaurant serving our Maki misison.

And finally!!!!!

Thankfully, there was no no line (yet) in MAKI PLACE probably because it's only 11:00am. But the first and second floor of the restaurant was full. 

Service in MAKI PLACE was fast, efficient, and very friendly. I loved this girl in particular because she was really concerned and would come back to us from time to time to assure that a table will be ready soon.

She promptly gave us a menu to decide on what we wanted to get for our advance order.

MAKI PLACE menu 1!

MAKI PLACE menu 2!

Oopsie! I just realized that I cropped the prices from the second column. My bad!

Ordering up!

While waiting for our table, the Chinese Adonis drooled over the big pot of Maki Soup that was piping hot and bubbling along with the stewed meats. This just made our wait more excruciating!

Finally we were seated!


The little lords Mati and Andrei!

San Chai and Dao Ming Su!

Wait... Are they Chinese?


Yohooo! Dimsums!

MAKI PLACE Steamed Shrimp Siomai (P60.00.00).

I was not really expecting much of this since we are in a simple eatery but wow, this dimsum was so good!!! It may be small but it definitely packed a lot of flavors that got me craving for rice and MORE rice!!! We loved this so much that we ordered another one. 

MAKI PLACE Jumbo Siomai (P100.00).

The Chinese Adonis loved this because it was big (obviously because it was jum-boh!) and filled with meat. 

He was able to finish this all by his lonesome because, according to him, he's used to big things.


While the Chinese Adonis and I were feasting on the dimsums, the little lords did not feel like having some.

Instead, they were more busy with bugging each other. 

Let me correct that, Mati was busy bugging his brother Andrei. He he he he he!

Check out the crowds starting to build up!

Master Mati only stopped teasing Andrei when his order of  MAKI PLACE Beef Brisket Mami (P120.00) arrived.

Mati gave out a big wow upon seeing his big bowl of steaming hot noodles.

The bowl let out a mouth-watering aroma of chunks of beef that were simmered in the soup for hours. You could see from the color and the fatty oils glistening that this is a very rich and flavorful broth!

My dear Mati was like, "Mommy! Let me eat already!" He he he he he!

As for me, I was really in the mood to have some sticky noodles with the Yubhub but Andrei said he wanted to eat some Chicken and Rice.

Since he cannot finish a whole dish, I decided it would be more practical if I order chicken and share it with the bunsoy. So I got MAKI PLACE Hainanese Chicken and had the siding converted to Kiampong Rice (P150.00). I ordered an extra plain rice for Andrei. This chicken dish was strongly recommend by our server. 

Hainanese Chicken!

After taking this picture, I immediately asked to see it from Yub's phone. I liked my shot so much that I blurted out, "OMAYGAD ANG GANDA KO DITO!!!" I think I said it a little louder than I hoped to do because the people at the next tables glanced over at me.

Give me a break everyone. Chances of me having a good picture is one in a million! #pagbigyanna!

And yes, THAT for me is already a GOOD PICTURE! :)

And finally, the piece de resistance!

MAKI PLACE Pork Maki Noodles (P125.00)!!!!

The Chinese Adonis was so happy! The noodles were chewy, the sauce was thick and flavorful, and the fried pork were so perfect to chomp on with the whole dish!

He amped up his enjoyment level by adding soy sauce and loads of chili. My guy was a blissful Chinese Adonis afterwards.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in MAKI PLACE!

My plate! My very-messy-but-still delicious plate!

Andrei loved the Hainanese Chicken that I topped on his plain rice. I drizzled a lot of the special sauce that came with it for flavor.

Would you believe that he finished that big mound of food? Yep!!!!

As for me, I put in a lot of the chili sauce! YUMMMERS!

And my round two of shrimp siomai arrives!

And we're almost done!

I told Yub that the girl in the next table was really pretty. Of course Andrei knew what I was planning and decided to join in.

Andrei was taking so long to finish (again).

Because of that, his bored Kuya decided to bug him (again).

Our MAKI PLACE bill!

Everyone was so full and happy afterwards that we're ready to attack the crazy crowds of BINONDO again!!!!


808 Benavidez Street, 
Corner Salazar Street, Binondo, Manila
02 5164647/ 02 5164644

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