Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I think I have mentioned many times before how GENKI SUSHI has become one of our family favorites. Though the quality of the dishes is not as exquisite as the other more popular Japanese restaurants out there, we love how GENKI SUSHI is very affordable but still presented a lot of fun for the diners. Case in point, the automated serving system that gets the kids busy while the adults chomped on their delicious food.

So it's no wonder that whenever we have a sushi craving with the little lords, GENKI SUSHI would immediately come to mind. We cannot count already the MILLIONS of times we ate in our beloved restaurant because it's everyone's favorite (well not much the Chinese Adonis but he still loves seeing us happy... he he he he hee). That is why we would always suggest it when people ask where to eat in Fort. Just like this one time when my Mom and some Seniors in the family were asking where to go for dinner, I immediately recommended GENKI SUSHI. We were really planning to go tonight but we thought of "sharing" our favorite with them...

Not only because we want them to experience the fun...
Not only because we want them to have affordable but delicious sushi...
Not only because we want to be together on a Sunday, yadah yadah....

But ALSO because we want to get treated to our sushi favorite!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha (evil laugh)!



As usual the restaurant was packed and we were listed for a table.

What I love about the GENKI SUSHI attendants is that they are very accommodating. They brought out extra chairs for my aunts and mom while waiting outside.

In a few minutes we were transferred inside and were next for a table. 

Since GENKI SUSHI tables could only accommodate about 6 adults, we had to go on separate ways... este... tables.

The Yub and I are in the kiddie table. HA!

Andrei took charge of the seniors table because he was very familiar with the ordering process.

And it's time to order!

Andrei was so happy to see that our "server" was a race car. 

Besides the bullet train, he has been waiting to be seated for this in a long time!



GENKI SUSHI Salmon Roll (P80.00)!

Octopus Sushi (P150.00)!!

Guess who ordered this?

Mati of course!

Squid Sushi (P80.00)!!!

Salmon Sashimi (P200.00)!!

More food is coming!

GENKI SUSHI Yellow Tail (P120.00)!

Dear Mati loves sushi and certainly had his fill that night!

As for me, my favorite is the Spicy Salmon Sushi (P80.00)!

And the Spicy Tuna Sushi too (P80.00)!!

GENKI Sushi California Roll (P150.00)!

Mati also got the Corn Gunkan (P60.00)!

Let's DIG IN!

Mati and I were so happy chomping and eating. We did not care that somebody did not eat sushi.

(Cough...loser... cough)

Tee hee!

If you're in the mood for something else rather than sushi, you could order their rice meals. We got the Mixed Tempura with Rice!

Andrei's favorite is the GENKI SUSHI Fried Chicken (P130.00) with an extra order of Japanese Mayonnaise!


Another picture of US! 

Sorry if I put something over my aunt's face. She moved before the picture was finished and got a blurry head.

And we're done!

But not quite!

Somebody felt like having some dessert! You should try the GENKI SUSHI Strawberry Ice Cream (P80.00)!! Really YUM!

After sitting at my Mom's table, little Andrei went back to us and sniffed that he missed his Daddy.

Awwww... He's really the ultimate Daddy's boy!


Wait a minute.... Nobody treated us????

It turns out, my sister's hub Anthony decided to foot the bill of the Seniors table but did not include us. GRRR WHAT GIVES????

Anak ng tipaklong naman!

See what you made me do??? I cursed in tagalog using the "tipaklong"????

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

If I had known, I wouldn't acted all fake nice to you all.

Kidding! Teee heee! 

Or am I? 


Seriously though, it was still a great dinner with my Mom and my aunts in GENKI SUSHI! Next time I will remember to only invite people to join if they're going to treat us.


Oh I'm kidding again. 


 2nd Floor, Bonifacio Stop Over, 
Rizal Drive Bonifacio Global City, 
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, 
1634 Metro Manila
(02) 624 2867



  1. Tried this in HK. different style pero ang sarap! mura pa!! gusto ko itry to uli dito naman. grabe ang mura talaga hehe

    1. Hiya Erika! Di ba?? GENKI SUSHI offers a fun and delicious experience na sulit everytime!!! Yes ang mura that's why we love going back din. Ha ha ha haha ha ha ha1


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