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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


CIRCLES RESTAURANT in MAKATI SHANGRI-LA recently had a promo where their buffet rates were slashed down to P1,280.00 nett per person.

Hmmmm..... Makati's premier hotel having a crazy discount in their popular buffet restaurant? We just HAVE to go there!

With our last dinner in CIRCLES, MAKATI SHANGRI-LA, my friends and I had such a great meal that upon learning there's a discounted rate at a limited time, we immediately made reservations. Good thing we did because the wait time was unbearable since there were many other hungry diners wanting the same thing.

And true enough, we had another awesome time with delicious food at a great price. The spread at CIRCLES, MAKATI SHANGRI-LA was so great that even if we were eating with Vice Ganda, we would still have a fun time.

Wait. Let me correct that since I can't bear Vice Ganda even for just a joke.

Even if we were eating with Manong Fred we would still have a great time!

That's better.

Oops. To think that we WERE actually dining with Manong Fred.

Meh. Too lazy to change it.



Like I said, it's a good thing we made reservations because the lines were long.

All hail the telephone!

I won't blame the other people for trying because THIS is certainly a great deal!

Time to get our tummies ready!

CIRCLES BUFFET may not be as grand as the other more popular hotel restaurants out there but personally I find it cozy with a vibe of elegance that it's perfect to spend your special occasions here.


There may be a line outside but it was still quiet and hushed inside. I'm sure ERICJAZ FOODIES and friends will have a great night!


Best Gal Pal (BGP) Marian and Manong Fred!


And it's time to check out the CIRCLES BUFFET!

CIRCLES BUFFET is not ridiculously long but it has all the basics.

Cold appetizers station!



I..... don't know what these are.

Cold salads!

I'm curious to try this "Kinilaw na Tuna" or...

Filipino Ceviche!

Whenever I'm in a buffet, I ALWAYS head out to the Japanese sushi and sashimi first!

Fresh and fatty Salmon Sashimi!

Sweet mackarel! Yummers!

Now this is one place where the Chinese Adonis won't take a long time in.

CIRCLES Salad Station!

Dinner breads!


Nuts and candied fruits for the cheese!

Smoked Salmon and Veggies!

Salad condiments!

CIRCLES Western Station!


The boys said these were so good especially the ones that were fresh and bubbling from the oven.

Braised Beef!

Macaroni and Cheese!

Fried Rice!

There was also an Italian Pasta-Make-Your-Own Station!

But of course, the piece de resistance in any buffet spread is the carving station. And in CIRCLES, we were all drooling at the sight of their prime rib.


This is just so beautiful!!!!!!!!

Roast Beef sidings!

CIRCLES Asian Station!

This area boasted of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Indian foods!

I'm sure I don't need to explain why Chinese spread is the Chinese Adonis' favorite! He he he he he!

Dimsums and Noodles galore!

Roasted birds!

Hainanese Chicken!

Tempura Station!

Chicken and Pork Adobo!

Kare Kare! YUM!

Sinigang Soup!

I love Indian food so I had a gas with their display.

No pun intended of course.

Tikka Masala!

Dal Tadka!


Doesn't this just look lovely???

CIRCLES Barbecue Station!

You order the meats to be grilled and just specify your table number to the server for delivery.

Every carnivore's dream come true!

CIRCLES Dessert station!

A familiar sight in hotel buffets is the chocolate fountain!

CIRCLES cakes!

CIRCLES sweets!!!!

This luscious strawberry cream pie definitely caught my eye!

Of course when in CIRCLES, do make room for their homemade ice cream!


Finally after a LOT of walking and drooling around it's time to really attack the buffet and start eating!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with BGP Marian and Manong Fred in CIRCLES BUFFET!

Like I said, in every buffet I would always fill up with sushi and sashimi! It's like illegal for me not to!

I then follow it with a small plate of salad. The Chinese Adonis would always say that I'm wasting tummy space but my buffet experience is not complete without this.

After my salad I had a plate of Aglio Olio Pasta with Shrimps, Brocolli, and Bacon. This was freakishly good and made me eat too much!

My fourth plate consisted of Indian goodies! I think I wiped this out in no time too.

Like so. He he he he he!

Oops! I had a bit of leftovers pala. 

I then had a drool-worthy plate of roast beef with lots of gravy and vegetables. I would normally match this with baked potatoes but I remembered that I was on a diet.

I washed down the meaty roast beef with some Laksa Noodles!


After finishing all of that food, I surrendered my tummy with a cup of brewed coffee.

Of couirse, I cannot leave without dessert. I had a small plate of blueberry pie and bread pudding!

Their dark chocolate was insanely YUM too!!! I think I had 2 cups of this!

As for the Chinese Adonis, he is not all talk of course. He proudly showed me his first plate for the night. Yep! That's my husband everybody. He doesn't waste time even in eating.

His next plate looks verrrryyy curious. He he he he he!

My husband ate a lot and finished it fast that we were not able to take pictures. I was only able to catch him savoring his tub of Halo Halo!

For Manong Fred, even if he was allergic to shrimps, he feasted on the CIRCLES Crispy Tempura!

Then followed it up with Roast Beef!

And a bit of pizza!

And MORE Prime Rib!

My pretty BGP and her..... her... her.... never mind. 

Ha ha ha ha ha!

My BGP's luscious plate of desserts.

And we're done.

Well almost! He he he he he!

While we were finishing with dessert, the boys were chatting and giggling.


Asus kaya pala!!!!!!!!!!!!


Of course, I was kidding what I said above. We really love to bits Manong Fred and of course, BGP Marian that even if we ate terrible food at a restaurant, their presence will still make it a fun one.


So you could just imagine the great night that we had in CIRCLES BUFFET where delicious food was matched with awesome company. Would NEVER get tired of going out with them. Maybe because they're like our sisters and/or brothers from another mother.

Ewwww incest! House Lannister, are we there yet???

Makati Shangri-la Hotel
Ayala Avenue 
corner Makati Avenue, Lobby Level, Makati, 1200
(02) 813 8888


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