Monday, February 22, 2016


When we celebrated MATI'S BIRTHDAY 2016, one of my recommendations to him was to visit DREAMPLAY since we haven't been there since it opened. As usual, my always appreciative boy was grateful for the idea and agreed to it. So we scheduled a long overdue visit to this indoor theme park of CITY OF DREAMS...


After our early lunch, we headed straight to CITY OF DREAMS.

And we see the familiar colors and characters that are featured in Dreamworks!

And we're here!

DREAMPLAY is inspired by the movies produced by Steven Spielberg's DREAMWORKS. This was just so right for THE YAPPY BUNCH because we are such fans of movies like KUNG FU PANDA, SHREK, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, and much more!

I asked the Chinese Adonis to buy tickets online for DREAMPLAY. As it turned out, since DREAMPLAY was handled by SM Tickets, we needed to pick it up at an SM outlet. I find it a bit of a hassle compared to just printing out etickets with other shows. He he he he he he!

When we got there, we went straight to the station near their souvenir shop to register the kids.

AND WE'RE IN!!!!!!!!!!

The great thing about DREAMPLAY compared to KIDZANIA is that the oldies could participate in the activities too! Of course, it still depends if you want to go full force or just be a guardian. Also, I read in other blogs that 4 hours was already more than enough for the kiddies so we considered THAT as well.

The Chinese Adonis and I were not really planning on going on some of the strenuous activities of DREAMPLAY so we just settled for being Guardians. Besides, there were some attractions that would include the Guardians with the children. 

So where should we go first????

As advised by OUR AWESOME PLANET, we immediately went to GINGY'S KITCHEN to reserve a slot for the little lords. Good thing too that we did this first because our slot was in after 2 hours na.

After making the appointment in GINGY'S KITCHEN, the Chinese Adonis saw that in a few minutes, the show for DREAMTALES will be starting. We immediately lined up for it.

For DREAMTALES, kiddies and guardians are welcome!

BUT, they require EVERYONE to wear socks. Good thing that I still had this pair I wore when I accompanied the little lords in a play area a month ago.

Yeah yeah... It may be gross for you that I forgot to take it out of my bag, but believe me I was SO thankful for my carelessness!!!! 

And NO, it did not smell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inside DREAMTALES there was already a packed room but we were still able to squeeze in.

We told the little lords to sit in the middle so that they could see better. 

The Chinese Pangit and I sat at the back and no, we're not going to do anything hanky panky like some couples do in moviehouses.


We did admire the stars above.

Like my stinky socks??

Come to think of it, it's still in my bag! NO JOKE! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Waiting for the show to start.

A host later came out and made the introductions. Mati as usual gamely answered when there were questions asked out.

And the puppet show starts.

The puppet show had added support graphics from the windows. 

And it's done!

Honestly speaking, the DREAMTALES show was just okay. The kids sort of liked it. Maybe I set my expectations too high but I really thought there would be something that will make me go WOW.

Oh well. At least it's an attraction including the Guardians so it's fine by me.

Now where to next?

For the next activity, Andrei and Mati wanted to build their own dragons.

Hmmm... I wonder what movie this is based from?

In this attraction, the kiddies pick from barrels different dragon parts to make their own model.

Now I don't want to be too nitpicky and these are just concerned recommendations, but it would really be better if they had more parts for the kids to choose from.

I'm not sure how it was before but I thought that in each barrel there would be A LOT of dino parts. As it turned out when I looked inside, each barrel contained parts for one dragon. So it's really more like put-together-the-one-dragon-in-the-barrel.

It would really be better if the kiddie had many options to choose from in the activity. However, for that day, there were only a few kids playing and they only had about 2 or 3 barrels with dragons. So there are not much choices to go from for the children.

Regardless of the lacking options, Mati and Andrei still had fun putting together their dragons.

Then they went to the top of the tower to make their dragon fly!

Hmmm... Those are A LOT of stairs!

You could go with your kiddie up there but just in case you'll have a hard time going up the stairs, there are attendants at the top to assist your children.

And away it goes!!!!

Could you see it? The dragons flew by so fast!

For the next activity, Andrei and Mati wanted to split up. My birthday boy wanted to try DREAMPLAY's Thread of Enlightenment!

These are a series of activities that will test the kid or adult's strength, willpower, and braveness.

I was so proud of Mati of wanting to go through with it but of course, I was still a bit scared for his safety.

Good thing he was strapped and tied up pretty good so that even if falls, he won't go splat on the floor.

Too graphic? Sorry.

You have many choices for your Thread of Enlightenment route. Mati went for the logs first.

Go Mati! You could do it!

Wohooo! He's done! 

It's actually more scarier than it looks. I could just imagine being on top of it!

He then went for the balance nets after.

You would always have that fear of falling.

He did one more "test" that required a LOT of balancing.

Afterwards he got tired already and asked to go down.

Wohoo! Good job Master Mati!

Next up, the little lords went for KUNG FU FIGHTING, FAST AS LIGHTINING tutorial by Po!

It's an activity with motion sensors that taught the little lords how to do simple Kung Fu!

Or is it dancing???

Kidding! It's Kung Fu!

The little lords loved this!

It's just weird though that they're laughing so hard while learning Kung Fu!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Still giggling from their lessons with Po, the little lords ran over to DREAMPLAY'S WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT.

Like the dinosaur activity, you assemble your boat here and take it out on their running waters.

The competitive boys were eager to race each other.

Go Mati or Andrei! He he he he he!

I think I could guess who's winning.

Congratulations Mati! Wohoooo!

After the boat race, the little lords were just in time for their appointment in GINGY'S KITCHEN!

In GINGY'S Kitchen, kiddies could knead, form, and decorate their Gingerbread!

Ingredients, aprons, and chef's hats are provided for each participant.

Since GINGY'S KITCHEN had some time preparing the place, I hope they put out fresh hats and aprons for everyone for sanitary purposes. He he he he he he!

The teacher went on front to start the session.

Shrek and Donkey went by to say hi to the students.

The instructor was nice but she just went on like she was one of those salesladies in groceries. She kept on talking and didn't care if no one was listening. It would have been better she added more feeling and command in her lesson. 

I guess it's the routine of having lessons every 30 minutes? I don't blame her if she goes on straight for the whole day at every half hour.

Dear Mati and Andrei had a lot of fun playing with the dough.

Later on, they gave their creations for "baking"!

The children were given warm gingerbreads to decorate.

Parents were encouraged to help. Of course, useless us had pictures first.

The result????


Still, the kiddies loved their baked creations and enjoyed eating it. I had a huge bite (Yup! Even if we did not help at all) and it was SOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!!

After GINGY'S KITCHEN, we went to DREAMWORKS 4D show.

There was a bit of a line but it was manageable.

Guardians could join here so, YEY!

Don't forget to say HI to the Magic Mirror.

Andrei consulted his deepest questions. Tee heee!

So serious!

Inside, we were given 3D glasses for the show.


The DREAMWORKS 4D show involved scenes from their movies such as KUNG FU PANDA, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, and MADAGASCAR with matching hydraulics and 3D effects. Get ready to be sprayed with a bit of water and to smell some things that are shown on screen.

Going out, we said good bye to Mirror guy.

The little lords ran off to try the DREAMPLAY Dinotrux next.

This attraction was for the playing guests with wristbands.

You just needed to scan your arm band to start a game.

DREAMPLAY's DINOTRUX involved colored magnetic balls that will go around an obstacle course at your command.

The little lords seemed to like it. As for the Chinese Adonis, his concentration was enticing. 

Tee hee!

Kagat labi pa o!

The little lords had many rounds of this game.

Yup! Pun sort of intended.

While Andrei was still playing another round of DINOTRUX, he went for DREAMPLAY'S SHREK'S SWAMP.

This is a big house that features some mini-games at specific corners.

Like this one!

Go Mati!

The boys all joined in on the fun later on.

Mati relaxing at Shrek's chair!

Later on, the two went down to check Shrek's outhouse.

Hmmmm.... I think we need some matches!


My boy Mati is so interested in movie production that he really asked to go to DREAMSTUDIO.

DREAM STUDIO is like a "create a fight scene" for the movie KUNG FU PANDA. This was such a treat for the boys because it was like making your own video game as well.

Hmmm... We're almost done. Now what is next?

We decided to check out the DREAMPLAY Science Exhibit.

The exhibit was located on the Mezzanine level of DREAMPLAY and it had a few items on display.

Mati and Andrei ran to try this one that had ropes.

The activity similar to tug of war!

And the plane from Madagascar!

Somebody didn't want to leave yet.

The boys also checked out this thingamajig.

Plus this portable instrument wagon. He he he he he he!

In the exhibit, it also had SHREK'S TRAINING CENTRE.

It had a few games that the little boys wanted to try out.

Like this balancing game. He he he he he he!

Andrei went for this activity testing how long you could hold on to a bar.

His very kind Kuya helped him out when he was about to let go! Awwww!

Mati and Andrei in DREAMPLAY!

When we're done, we all went downstairs to rest a bit.

Check out who's there!!!


After taking pictures, the little lords wanted to play at DREAMPLAY's Afrocircus where it had shooting balls and slides to run around in.

While the little lords played there, the Chinese Adonis and I had drinks and cheese fries at DREAMPLAY's Al Fresco cafe. The fries were really good!!!!!!!!

When they finished playing, the little lords wanted their own fries. Just in time too because our 4 hours are up!

Awww.... They're sad to go.

DREAMPLAY may not be as big or as wild as other popular kiddie attractions out there but we still had fun with our 4 hour visit!

When I asked if the little lords wanted to go back, they shouted a very enthusiastic YES!

DREAMPLAY for me may have some hits and misses but I'm still glad that we went there for one of Mati's birthday celebrations.

My little guy learned a lot and had loads of fun! And that's what matters.

(Belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dearest!!!


DREAMPLAY Schedule and Rates!!!

DREAMPLAY by DreamWorks
Upper Ground Floor, 
The Shops at the Boulevard, City of Dreams Manila
 +632 808-0909 


  1. Happy Birthday Ms. Jaz!

    1. Hi dear Matthias!!! Naku drop the Ms. and we're friends naman ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! This is actually for Mati's birthday pero ang galing mo, timing that it was (very) recently my bday din. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks again! Mwahness!

    2. Actually ma'am, I knew it was your bday, I just didn't know where to greet you po.


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