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My office mates and I recently attended a bridal shower for a special lady from work who will be getting married very soon!


Truth be told, I was really excited because it has been a while since I last attended a bridal shower. And the great thing about being married is that you don't have to (fake) shy away from the kinky stuff that these nights would most probably give!!!!!

My friends and I arrived early at Kuya Allan K's house and saw that it was already set up.

Wohoo! There's a stage with trimmings! Hopefully we get to see some dancing action here later!

Catering was by VERLEO! My office would regularly get their services during birthdays because their food is always awesome!

Since this is a shower, participants were expected to go wild and drunk!

Our station!

Early pretty birds!

Pic grabbed from the net
When the groom had his bachelor shower, the guys all wore t-shirts reading the message BOSSING 1:30:16 on the front and "Is That Your Final Answer" on the back. 

When my officemate Tita Josie was thinking of a gift to give the bride Pauleen, she thought of doing the same thing but in color white!

The (former) copywriter in me suggested the text "I Am The Final Answer" at the back to show that our bride is the end to bossing's question! He he he he he he!

Pauleen's Matron of Honor Ate Ruby organized the shower and loved the shirts!!!

Thanks for this Ms. Josie!

It really added more style and fun for the shower!

Personally, it brought a certain unity among friends for the night.

Yes, even with the fake friends. 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Come night time, Ate Ruby asked servers to bring out the food for some serious grubbing!



Cheesy baked macaroni!

Can't wait to dig into this!

Saucy pork barbecue!

VERLEO had on the spot cooking for some of the food that Ate Ruby requested. With this, we were sure that the dishes were all piping hot!

Lumpiang Shanghai!

Potato Croquets!

My fave, Crispy Pork Wantons!

Pork Sisig!

Ate Ruby said the food was really for merienda. But VERLEO's Sisig was so good that it got me craving for rice!


My favorite!

Appetizers and Desserts!


Cream Puffs!

The office gifted Pauleen's bridal shower with a whole order of Lydia's lechon!

Yep! Because "merienda" is not complete without roasted pork and crispy skin! He he he he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES (minus the Chinese Adonis!!!) eating at Pauleen's bridal shower!

Eating with feelings. 

My plate! My dainty-brial-shower- plate!!!!!

My second plate! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

After finishing our food, dear Mabel and I were craving for some coffee. And since great minds think alike, we waited for our java by re-touching our make up.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Of course we wanted to be ALWAYS ready for MORE photo-ops!!!!!

Dessert of cream puffs and Brazo de Mercedes! YUM!

VERLEO'S desserts were good but my favorite for the night came from Becky's Kitchen!

Luscious chocolate cake with caramel crunch and marshmallow frosting...


Remember what I said about having pictures with the coffee?

Yup! Like clockwork. He he he he he he!

Later on, the happy bride arrived for her shower!!

Yihiii!!! According to Ate Ruby, Pauleen already knew about the shower but she is unaware of what is store for her tonight!

Congratulations dear Poleng! So happy for you!

I had such a crush on Bossing but I guess it IS high time for me to accept defeat.

You ARE after all, Bossing's final answer!!!!

We all gave our loving hugs and kisses to the very beautiful bride!

She was surprised with the t-shirts and instantly loved it!

And now Poleng, it's time to party!

Drinks were flowing all around from Rue Bourbon!

I am not a drinker but their Mimosas were ABSOLUTELY delicious!!!!!!

However, I cannot stomach sitting besides my arch enemy Tita Flory.

Kidding! That's our running joke always. He he he he he he!

I guess I just need a few more sips to turn my arch enemy into the lovely lady behind me. H aha ha ha ha h ah ah ha!


Don't worry. I was not sloshed... Yet!

Kidding! If I didn't know that there was alcohol in the Mimosas, I would chug it down one glass after another. But I didn't want to have a splitting head-ache (which I usually get when I drink spirits) when I go home to the boys.

And now it's time for the games!

A "requirement" in every bridal shower is to play the "Dress Up Your Bride" game!

They didn't use me as model because we were only limited to two rolls.


Ha ha ha ha ha!

Team Number TWO!

The other groups also had very sexy models!

This was me a year ago.

Okay fine. This was me 2 decades ago.

I took it upon myself to add strips of tissue to the veil. He he he he he he!


Sorry team mates, I'm not the artsy fartsy type! 

Picture na lang! He he he he he he!

The contestants!!!!!

Would you believe that my team won????

Yes! We were "supposed" to win but we got a technical deduction for using a table cloth for our bouquet.

H ah aha ha h ah ah!

Dear Pauleen did a "Steve Harvey" spiel to announce the rightful winner.


Next up is the "How Do You Know Your Groom" game!

A wrong answer warranted to big gulps from the rhum!

Kidding! I'm not sure what potion they put there.

Of course, we wouldn't be EAT BULAGA without PINOY HENYO!

Answers were information about Pauleen and Bossing's wedding!

Then came the moment we were all waiting for...




However, our dancers were not the usual type you'd see in showers. He he he he he he!

I wonder what happened to the twenty peso bills that Pauleen was supposed to put inside their skivvies for a lapdance? He he he he he he!

This was the best part of the program!

I'm sure the bride won't forget this for a VERY long time! H aha ha ha ha ha!

Hopefully not during night time. Nobody wants to have nightmares.

Oh yes I am still mean. Even if I AM turning 30. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My friends and I rushed to the bride to "comfort" her.

Teehee! Just kidding.

We really didn't get a macho dancer that night but we were treated to some acrobatics from the bartenders from Rue Bourbon!

And it's time for the bride to be "showered" by gifts!

These were some of the naughty loot that the bride received!

Plus crotchless panties!!!!

I gave her a "with crotch" panties because I'm conservative.

Yeah right.

This is me fixing my hairline before giving my gift to dear Pauleen!

I'm glad she loved the color of my knitted knickers. He he he he he he!

Our direk Poochie offered a drink plus many more!

Somebody gave the bride some "Nipple Nibblers".

Where do you buy these things??????

Tita Flory gave dear Pauleen a conservative lippy pillow.

It's nice to have a break from all the R-18 stuff.

Ate Ruby gave something very useful for husbands and wives.

Sorry! Won't tell what it is. He he he he he h ehe!

You could just stare at our naughty lollipops instead.

And it was time to go. Of course, I cannot resist not having a picture with the very hot AND kind Patricia (our HBD Girl). Even if she had an injured arm, she was still so nice in taking the picture WITH and FOR us!

It was indeed an awesome and fun night! I am so glad a million times that I attended such a memorable bridal shower. 

Of course, the highlight of the party for me was seeing the excitement and love that was bursting from the laughs and smiles of the bride. I am really so overjoyed for her. Nothing is more lovely than seeing a happy person get so excited at the life ahead with her ultimo love!

Yes Poleng! You're the final answer! And your answer on January 30 is going to be "I DO!"


Thanks for organizing and inviting us Ate Ruby!!!!

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