Thursday, February 11, 2016


It may not be obvious (because he's always with us) but the Chinese Adonis has a lot of friends. Yep! Besides the imaginary ones! And the great thing about his buds is that they go waaaaaay back, like "kindergarten back" so I know that these are the true deal and not the "fair weathered peeps".

They call themselves TOPMUD and they have been good friends in Lucena since they were little kiddies. Don't ask me why but apparently that's the "thing" during their time.

Anyway, they are about 20 in the group and some of them already moved to Manila or in other countries. When they have a friend who's home for a visit, count on the TOPMUD to have a reunion no matter how busy everyone is.

One time, mareng Faye and pareng Wawie flew in from Canada and the TOPMUD Manila Chapter got together for a family Sundate lunch.

And the venue chosen for that meet up was in TIPSY PIG!

TIPSY PIG is a gastropub that serves artisan beers and delicious food too!

They had a first and second floor. It's best to make reservations if you're going there on a weekend.

And one by one, TOPMUD was coming together!

TOPMUD Manila Chapter!!!

(l-r) Pareng Chid, Pareng Jan, Pareng Wawie, I forgot the name of that guy, and Pareng Lord!

For the gals it was only mareng Nina, and mareng Faye! We missed the wives of pareng Lord and pareng Jan 

The kiddies!

And more kiddies!

Andrei was throwing such a tantrum because I did not allow him to sit at the kids table and had him stay with me. I know I should've allowed him but he just won't eat when he's with other people. I admit that I also lost my temper. 

Good thing he brightened up when his ninong Chid gave him his belated birthday gift!

By this time, the boys were SOOOOO busy catching up that they were not mindful of food to be ordered. So of course, us ladies rose to the occasion and ordered for everyone.


We had 3 orders of the TIPSY PIG Belly Good Sisig Tacos (P280.00)!

This may be a different take on a Filipino favorite that's usually enjoyed on a sizzling plate.

The crispy sisig on tortilla wedges with cream dressing is actually very addicting with every crunchy and flavorful bite! YUMMERS!!!

Since we had kiddies with us, we had 2 orders of the TIPSY PIG Number 4 Pizza (P525.00)!

Egad! This was Andrei's dream come true!!! The chewy crust was topped with melted cheddar, mozzarella, provolone, and parmesan! So gooey and delicious! The children cannot stop munching on  its greasy goodness!

Another item that we ordered that the kids loved was the TIPSY PIG Kesong Poutine (P320.00).

This was like Canada's favorite poutine fries but had a Filipino flair with the melted kesong puti! We ordered another one of these!

As I'm trying to limit my carb intake, I ordered the TIPSY PIG Greens and Berries (P335.00).

Honestly, I'm not really partial to vinaigrette since I go towards the creamy salad dressings. But this was a refreshing change for me especially with the sweet strawberries that truly complemented the leafy greens.

Since we had MEN, my kumares and I decided we should get some MEAT. So we requested for the TIPSY PIG Crispy Pata (P770.00)!

Meaty crispy pata drizzled with tangy asian soy garlic and topped with garlic chips.


Mati was in the mood to have something with a lot of kick and ordered the TIPSY PIG Spicy Shrimps!

The sauce was creamy and had the right amount of chili to make this seafood dish so perfect with rice or ice cold beer!

Of course, Mati didn't have the latter.

The star of the "show" that Sundate was our orders of the TIPSY PIG Beer Can Chicken (P750.00)!

You got one whole chicken that was roasted over a can of beer! Looks weird? You would lose all doubt after ripping onto the juicy and flavorful flesh of this chicken! It may be served with tortillas but believe me, you'll eat this with garlic rice!!!!!

Go boys! Take that bird apart!

By the way, they don't want to remove their hats because it's their pasalubong from pareng Wawie from Canada. He he he he he he!

You may request the servers to cut the chicken but it's just so beautiful that it demands MANY instagram and FB pictures!

Just like what we did!

After we're done with the "kodakan", we asked the kindly TIPSY PIG server to slice the roasted chicken!


The kiddies were chatting and busy eating!

Andrei loved the fries!

Mareng Faye feeding the boys. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Always the caring "Mommy Faye" as we would always call her.

My plate! My very full and colorful TIPSY PIG plate!

Mareng Faye and I share the same birthday and she is just so fun to be with! We always have a lot of stories to share and laugh about! I'm so glad that we were able to meet up this Sundate!!! We will miss her and pareng Wawie very much after this!

You have to agree too that she's VERY hot!

And we're almost done!

I forgot to mention (probably because we don't have pictures) that we also ordered TIPSPY PIG Carbonara!!!!

I love meeting up with the Chinese Adonis' friends because they are all so funny and awesome to be with. It was also great to finally see mareng Faye and pareng Wawie again! Hopefully it won't take a long time for them to return. Will miss them so much!

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!

 Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 7013719


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