Wednesday, February 3, 2016


When I was in college, SIZZLER was one of my favorite restaurants for lunch with my friends because I was such a sucker for their thick steaks served on a hot plate and sizzling with the delicious thick gravy. Fast forward to 10 years (YES, 10!) and the Chinese Adonis and I just realized that we haven't really included SIZZLER as one of our regular date hubs because a lot of restaurants have sprouted and taken its slot in our puny lives.

So on one impromptu date night (aka the Chinese Adonis became my driver sweet lover and picked me up after work), we were thinking of where to have our dinner when SIZZLER conveniently came into view.

We realized that we have been putting too much attention to THIS place and THAT place that we haven't even tried eating at MY favorite restaurant 10 years ago (YES 10!!!!!!!!!!!). So finally we entered SIZZLER and immediately I got a whiff of the familiar. And on cue, my tummy let out a knowing grumble as if telling me the same words that Harrison Ford exclaimed in that not-so famous movie:

"We're home!"

YEHEESSSS! And that's just after 10 years!

Tee heee! 


When I was in college, my friends and I would often eat at SIZZLER in Glorietta because that's the branch nearest to our school.

For tonight, we went to their Greenhills branch and it still has the same look as the other one in Makati.

In SIZZLER, you have a choice to order from your tables or go directly at their counter where a display of their available viands are.

The Chinese Adonis!

As soon as we finished ordering, the server brought us cups of their complimentary hot egg soup. Though it tasted instant, it was certainly satisfying on that cold night!

Condiments were ready and waiting at our table.




JEEZ! I never thought that SIZZLER had other dishes other than their steaks!

In a few minutes, OUR FOOD ARRIVED!

The Chinese Adonis was feeling carnivorous that night and ordered SIZZLER T-Bone Steak (P350.00).

It was thick and big!!! Certainly for the price, this was a welcome surprise!

Yep! I rhyme all the time like Rick Grimes!


As for me, I was TRYING to watch my meat intake so I just ordered a SIZZLER Beef Tenderloin (P235.00).

Both orders came with soup, vegetables, and plain rice.

If you want to have it upgraded to Garlic Rice, you just need to add P5.00!

Even I'm really more partial to Garlic Rice, I still had the SIZZLER Java Rice because it's what I remember wolfing down with my steak with lots of gravy!


I know it's a mortal sin to add gravy to a premium hi-grade steak, but what more if I add seasoning, worcestershire sauce, and HOT SAUCE???


I'm sure that pareng Alfredo, Melo, and Wagyu (he he he he) will have heart attacks!

Seriously though I would NEVER disrespect a high quality steak by having it well done and adding unnecessary sauces. But since what they have in SIZZLER is the practical and pocket friendly type of beef, I'm sure, anything goes. Ha ha ha ha ha!

So, sauce away!!! 

Usually I would have my steaks Medium Rare or Medium. But to be sure in SIZZLER, we requested it to be cooked Medium Well. 

Loved that pink in the middle!


And woah! Our meats were both so tender and juicy! Now I remember why we loved eating here before!

The Chinese Adonis was mucho happy!

And we're done!

Drats! We still have leftovers. That's bad... Tsk...  tsk... tsk...

Our SIZZLER bill!

So cheap, right?

Though we will still be loyal to our old "usuals", the Chinese Adonis and I are so happy to rediscover an old favorite. I'm sure, we now have something waiting and ready to choose from at Greenhills (or Glorietta) just in case we are craving for some affordable but enjoyable steaks!


 Ground Level, Greenhills Shopping Centre, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
02 7210595


  1. Fave kainan ko din to sa Greenhills!! 10 years na din ata ako di nakakakain dito! ang mura pa din! Hello from HK! :-)

    1. Hi Erika! How are you? Wow you're in Hong Kong naman! How is it going there? We're the same pala ha ha ha ha ha! Good thing we tried it again. Take care always! Mwah!

    2. Super lamig! we are back after 5 years ang masasabi ko lang mas maganda talaga sa Japan and we miss it! haha! sana makabalik ako uli sa greenhills para makakain uli dyan!

    3. Ha ha ha ha! I'm sure' there's still something fun about Hong Kong! I miss it there! I want to go back soon din!!! Ingat ka lagi and yes, I hope makabalik ka din sa Greenhills agad agad so you could enjoy SIZZLER again! Mwah! God bless you always!


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