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Monday, May 25, 2015


ERICJAZ FOODIES was recently invited to the hottest "it" place in Metro Manila for the launch of this much awaited party drink -- MILLER GENUINE DRAFT!

To be honest, I am really much a party girl. I go more for get-togethers with friends/family that promises plenty of food and loads of conversation in a quiet "noise-free" room. HOWEVER, it is so different with the Chinese Adonis. Let's just say that he may be all quiet and gentlemanly on the outside but inside, there's a frat boy just waiting to explode and roar!

So naturally, the Chinese Adonis was quite excited to attend the launch of MILLER'S GENUINE DRAFT. He knew that tonight, he will get to see and be seen with Manila's coolest who will come together to have a first taste of MILLER DRAFT.

And I'm sure with a taste of this golden ice cold drink, you will agree that for a good time, in MILLER we trust! One chug and you'll know that the night is ALWAYS far from over. 

From Miller Genuine Draft Philippines

Oh yeah. I will say it.

It's (definitely) MILLER TIME! 

The view may be spectacular at 71 GRAMERCY....

But there is a "pot of gold" waiting for the hyper party-goer.


This is not your ordinary beer that would seriously stress on your long term relationships nor obsessive "buds". 

You will drink MILLER simply to have a grand time!!! 

MILLER GENUINE DRAFT is here to change your view on beer and clubbing. It may only be your drinking companion but it promises you the taste and smoothness that will give you an all-nighter!

And as per MILLER GENUINE DRAFT BEER's Brand Ambassador, Mr. Mikhail A. Schemm, the iconic American beer is bringing the party with them!

MILLER GENUINE DRAFT turned up the party level to a full amp with the Metro's coolest (and cutest) DJ's! 

As this American favorite is also synonymous to fun-loving people craving for new experiences, MILLER GENUINE DRAFT joined up with worldwide music events such as Soundclash and Luminocity. It even forged special partnerships with headphone brand V-Moda and DJ gear UDG to get in tune with the party hardies of this generation.

So the MILLER GENUINE DRAFT beer launch was in full swing when I arrived. 

The guys were hovering over an ice bucket filled with VERY cold MILLER GENUINE DRAFT.

Remember how in the movies it's so cool when the actor would just angrily twist on a MILLER'S bottle cap before taking in long deep gulps of his beer?

Yup! The Chinese Adonis is loving MILLER'S twist off cap!!!!!

I think I have mentioned before that I don't drink any sort of alcohol. I want to like beer because an ice cold bottle seemed so good to pair with a huge flank of steak or sizzling sisig. However, every time I take a sip, I always feel like spitting it out especially with the bitter after taste from some of the most popular bottles out there.  

But MILLER GENUINE DRAFT was one smooth criminal. Normally, by hook or by crook I would look for bottomless iced tea or soda in whatever corner I could get it. But MILLER had that refreshing flavor that I could drink up and it would go down so soothing on my throat.

It's no wonder why I was able to finish one whole bottle on my own while the Chinese Adonis downed much more than that! MILLER GENUINE DRAFT BEER is fused with the highest grade barley, hops, caramelized malts and a special brewing process that involves cold-filtered ceramic filtration. What does this do? It just makes it into one of the BEST tasting beers in the world!

Me no eyebrows!!!!!
With MILLER GENUINE DRAFT beer, what you see is what you get. No shady bottles to hide the mediocrity of the drink. MILLER GENUINE DRAFT is loud and proud with a clear sleek bottle to show the golden brilliance that would get you chugging a mouthful one after another.

And yep. I will declare it.

MILLER GENUINE DRAFT is the ONLY beer I could and would drink. It's light and refreshing but it still had that kick to get you in an instant party mood!

And with that, it is MILLER TIME in MANILA!

Me with the ultimate hottie Chef Cecille of SILK ROAD

The Chinese Adonis (beautiful eyes pa!!!) and the very hottie chef Cecille!!!!!!

Me and The Tummy Traveler with the illuminated MILLERS!

The KTG with Tim Yap. 

Yub feels that Tim is his "cousin". He he he he he he!

I think this is the first time EVER that me and the Yubhub enjoyed an ice cold lager and we enjoyed it!  

MILLER GENUINE DRAFT certainly had that premium taste that guarantees an awesome good time!!!

Now let's drink MORE to that!!!!!!

Thanks to THE TUMMY TRAVELER for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES to this TIMELY event!

Yes TIMELY because it's about TIME too that we all get a taste of this iconic American beer that is the popular choice all over the world!

Oh and of course, don't forget to try the new "kid" in town...


So. There.


  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMay 26, 2015 at 3:37 AM

    Wow! Ad na ad ang dating, hahaha... Advertising siguro ang course mo nung college, hahaha... Para tuloy gusto kong bumili ng Miller kahit na hindi naman ako mahilig sa beer, para din ma-try ko yang twist-off cap. =)

    Heniways, wala na ako masyadong masabi except have a great day idolatry!

    BTW nakakain na din ako sa wakas ng Hattendo kahapon. May branch na sila sa Megamall, P118 ang isa, pero buy-one-take-one (more for free) sila hanggang May 31. =)

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Have a great day dearest Niel!!!!! Mwah!

      Di ba sarap Hattendo? I'm not much for ice cream buns pero yun ANG SARAP!

  2. Grabeee lakas uminom!!!!! Buti na lang walang ICED TEA!! Nyahahaha :D It was fun partying with you guys, I seriously enjoyed "drinking" again.. LOL! and awesome pics.. I looked cute kasi nyahahahahaha .. I mean we all looked awesome!!! Cheers po!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! If there was iced tea I would've drank 5 tall glasses!!! Tee hee!!! Pero buti na din kasi I was able to taste MILLER'S beer. Sarap! The only beer I'll drink kasi hindi mapait! YUM!

      OO NAMAN! Ang cute cute mo talaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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