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Monday, May 11, 2015


When BGP Marian and I go out with our husbands for dinner, we CANNOT end the night without having dessert. Before, we would always have our night cap in Starbucks or in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. But lately, our new favorite is BIZU in Greenbelt, Makati, simply because we love their cakes, coffee, and over-all look of the place!

It has already been a top favorite for us that it has almost been our tradition to end the night with our favorite BIZU whenever we're at the area! In fact, even if it's just me and the Chinese Adonis by our lonesome, you'll be sure to see us there!

Looking cute!

Blech. Sorry I just put that in to test if you're all still awake. He he he he he he! 


BIZU PATISSERIE has been serving its dainty cakes and pastries since 2001 from a very humble kiosk before. Now, it has already many branches in top establishments with a name that has become synonymous to classy catering. 

Entering BIZU is like going inside the looking glass of Alice In Wonderland. The bright pink and candy hues ARE reminiscent of a whimsical tea party that you would look for biscuits bearing the words EAT ME. 

Of course, BIZU is really based more on French cafes in Paris but I would still like to think that there is more to it than just the usual OUI! He he he he he he!

You could order your BIZU desserts straight off the menu. But you should also check out their sweets counter

Of course, when in BIZU, always be compelled to try out their Macarons de Paris! I believe that they were the first to introduce these light yet heavenly desserts in an assortment of flavors!

Manong Fred and BGP Marian!

Me and the Chinese Adonis!

We just had a heavy dinner at our favorite RECIPE'S so I was looking for something that would not pop my tummy open like what the reptile did in "Alien". So I had my default order here in BIZU namely the Samba Cake (P235.00).

I guess you might call me already addicted to coffee since I could drain about 5 to 7 cups a day. So even if I already had coffee morning, lunch, and merienda, I was still in the mood for (breaking into song "Les Miserables") ONE CUP MORE!!!!!!

Even if I was already full, I had some Cappuccino in BIZU (P120.00) to go with my dessert. Asking me to have water with my cake is like giving me front row tickets to a Tears For Fears concert and making me wear blind folds. I will definitely NOT enjoy it!

Manong Fred ordered the BIZU Banana and Nutella Crepe Rolls (P195.00).

We were particularly indulging ourselves to the highest level that night that we even ordered the BIZU Molten Chocolate Souffle Cake (P355.00)! This was just okay. It was good but we've had better in other restaurants.  

ERICJAZ FOODIES with BGP Marian and Manong Fred in BIZU, GREENBELT!

While eating, I can't help but notice the lady behind Manong Fred whose g-string undies were peek-a-booing out at us! He he he he he!


On another dinner out with my best friend and her manong driver sweet lover, we had dessert at BIZU.

If you noticed, we were sat on the same table as before.

Our server that night was so bubbly and cheerful. Such a stark contrast from the usual French waiters! He he he he he!

Time to order!

BIZU Macaron de Paris menu!

BIZU cakes menu!

First on the table that night was BGP's favorite, BIZU Nirvana cake (P235.00).

If you're a fan of pistachio, you'll love this helluva scrumptious dessert with loads of chocolate ganache. 

A Nirvana massacre!

Of course, I ordered my Samba favorite,

And no Fred, you cannot get some.

With succulent layers of milk and dark chocolate mousse then covered with a rich fudgy sauce... I would be crazy to even let you look at this!

This is ALL mine! YUM!

The Chinese Adonis got himself a week Macaron de Paris in Dulce De Leche flavor (P55.00).

I ordered an ice cold glass of water to go with my BIZU Samba cake....

NOT! Weren't you paying attention???

Let's EAT!

Again, we were all in a celebratory mood that BGP Marian ordered a BIZU Grand Chocolat (P175.00)!

Wait... Fred do you still feel like having some of the Samba?

Sharing is caring y'know.

ALWAYS a great night out with BGP and her Manong husband!


Again on another RECIPE'S night out with BGP and the hubbies, we went to BIZU for something sweet to eat!

I wonder why I didn't take a group picture of us though and instead focus on THIS?!!!!

You can't really blame me because this is totally, as Rachel would say, kick-you-in-the-crotch-spit-in-your-neck fantastic!!!!!!!!!

For our anniversary dinner at LUSSO (blog post coming soon), the Chinese Adonis and I cannot resist having dessert in BIZU even if our best friends were not with us.

Well, we somehow got food karma because my favorite BIZU Samba was not available that night.


Manong Fred... is that you getting back at us??? He he he he he he!

Oh well. Any pastry is fine with me as long as it has THIS in chocolate scribbles!!

I forgot what this is but it was not bad. I still yearned for the fudgyness my Samba though.

It's not as sweet as my default order in BIZU so I'm sure this would be fine for others who are not as sweet tooths like us!


Missing BGP and Manong at BIZU!

Suddenly I'm missing all those thumbs up from my food pictures. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Let's do BIZU again real soon!

So. There!

Level 1, Greenbelt 2, 
Ayala Center, Makati City
02 7574749 / 02 7572498

After our dessert in BIZU with BGP and Manong Fred, we saw this GINORMOUS dog waiting by the tables. 

His master didn't mind that a lot of people were playing with it and taking pictures. It was SO huge AND fluffy!! 

Just to give you an idea of how big he is.... 

Hmmm... I shouldn't have placed myself at that side.... Ngiii...


  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMay 11, 2015 at 6:47 PM

    -ang sosi naman! Bizu! Hindi pa talaga ako nakakakain diyan... ang mahal e!
    -you cannot NOT end the night? So ibig sabihin you CAN end the night without having dessert? hehehe
    -cute naman kayo a!
    -that Samba Cake is GORGEOUS!
    -"ONE CUP MORE!!!!!!" <<<=== hahahahaha... ayan! na-LSS na tuloy ako dun sa kantang yun! hahaha...
    -I LOVE TEARS FOR FEARS!!! All that angst! hahaha...
    -parang type ko yang Nirvana Cake a, sarap ng pistachios! my fave!
    -sweet tooths? sweet teeth? I'm confussed! hehehe...
    -grabe, talaga palang peborit mo Bizu... ang dalas niyo dun.
    -OMG! WHAT A CUTE DOG!!! I looooooove dogs!!! Anong breed yan?

    Have a great Tuesday Jaz!

    1. ASUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS!!!! Never ako makakain sa mga nakainan mo kaya quits na tayo??? ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      1) HUH WHADDOYUMEAN????? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      2) Awwww shucks thanks!!! (cutely puts hair behind her ear)

      3) SUPER! I LOOOOOVE THE SAMBA CAKE!!! iT'S my fave in Bizu!!!

      4) Yep! they're my favorite band! Super crushes ko pa si Curt Smith!

      5) ha ha ha ha ha! It's my favorite expression!

      6) I'm not really partial to pistachios... My friend says it's good though.

      7) Actually naguluhan din ako diyan. Please help!!! Ang pangit naman pakinggan ng sweet teeth!!! Pero feeling ko TOOTHS kasi the 2 piece of tooth came from different mouths. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      8) Oo nga everytime we're in Greenbelt, the night cap is always na in Bizu!

      9) I dunnow... pero ang laki niya1 Pinagkaguluhan siya sa greenbelt. Feeling ko siya si Ghost sa Game of Thrones!

      10) I had a bad Tuesday but Thank God everything is okay now.


  2. Thank you for dining at Bizu! And we love having you here always! :)

    From, Your Bizu Family


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