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Saturday, May 9, 2015


Ever since I got married and saved from the humiliation of the bouquet toss, I love attending weddings because the food is ALWAYS delicious! That's why when the Chinese Adonis was invited to attend the wedding of his former office mate, I agreed to be his date because I would just sit back, look pretty, relax, and EAT.

Hmmm... Come to think of it, I remember asking the husband if he could bring me with him to this one. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Before you tag me as an "asungot", the Chinese Adonis would usually want to bring me if there are other girls in the party. I don't have any problems with stringing along on my husband's gimiks because I'm cool with all of his friends (I'm not sure if it's vise versa though....). So yeah. I'll go whenever he wants me to. He does the same for me anyway.

As for his former bank friends, I only have fond memories of them. You might say that I am very familiar because we met while he was working with them. I remember that since we were just going out then, I was already making "cutesy pacutesy" so that these people will egg on the Chinese Adonis to "not let me go".

Ah yes. I'm a woMAN with a plan!

And now I'm attending (and eating) at their weddings as his wife! 


Me and the Chinese Adonis during Allan and Cathy's wedding!

Ooh I have a stalker at the back! 

After the ceremony, no need to go to our cars. The reception was at a function hall in the back.

Though it was a minor walk, I'm glad I didn't wear heels!

And it's to Fr. Mark Horan Hall we go!

When we got to the registration, Allan and Cathy had a poster with their pictures on it for the seating chart.

I love creative couples!

And there we are!

Hmmmm... Who's JASMINE?!

Inside the reception hall!

The reception was cooked up by HIZONS -- a name that is very familiar in the wedding industry.

Check out their spread in THE BIG BANQUET that we attended last year!

The reception was an open bar serving colorful shots of drinks.


Why can't I like the taste of alcohol? 

Since I don't drink, I just had a shot of taho! He he he he he!

Since they didn't get my name right, we wanted to protest so we sat at number 23! 



Most of Yub's friends were at this table so he asked if we could switch.

Poor me. I don't have any friends. I feel so alone. 


This loving note from the bride and groom cheered me up a bit!



Something to take home!!!


Oh well.... I just focused my attention on the mouth watering appetizers that were immediately served on the table. 

Hmmm... Should I take THESE home???

Oh I'm kidding! These babies won't even get to see the first dance!!!

I ate this just one bite!

See? He he he he he!

After this picture was taken I heard Yub giggling like a little leprechaun. When I asked him what was so funny he said "I took a picture of your cleavage!"

I found it a bit adorable that he was still being a pervert of a husband many years in our marriage. BUT, I would have to apologize though that no matter how hard he stretches his neck to be a peeping Tom, he won't get any cleavage exposure from me.


Hmmm... Maybe I should put in a pair of socks?

And it's time to eat!

My 5 most favorite words in the world. 

Besides "Jazmin, will you marry me?"

From THOR.



Let's dig in!

I'm glad there was crispy lechon on the buffet table. 

That'll do Pig.
Somehow a celebration is not complete without it.

Besides lechon, there was also some HIZON'S Bagnet!

Lots of it!

And more! 


The tender roast beef caught my eye and tummy too!

Oh I'm SO glad that I'll forever be a carnivore!

Linguine and Penne Pasta!

With your choice of red and white sauce!

Fresh Vegetable Lumpia!

Roasted Vegetables topped with grated cheddar!

I don't remember what this is but it sorta looks like a platter of Potato Au Gratin!

Sweet and Sour Pork!

Plus my usual favorites, plain and garlic rice!


Various desserts were in bite size servings and ramekin cups!

Plus fresh pineapples! Yub's favorite. He he he he he....

While we were eating, a band was playing romantic music.


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the Yub's old office mates before in... SHIELD!!



Our server from HIZON'S was very alert and attended to our every request!


The HIZON'S pumpkin cream soup was so delish!! I cannot stop myself from slurping it! Sorry SHIELD officemates! I got so noisy from slurping. He he he he he!


My first HIZON'S plate!



Guess who's plate this is?


Our HIZON'S lechon plate!


Our HIZON'S roast beef and bagnet with mango salsa!


My very own cutie Chinese Thor!

Check out the biceps! GRROOOOOOOWL!


In an instant I was done with my food! He he he he he!


HIZON'S dessert sampler!


We also got these small pineapple custard squares.


My husband loved the green panna cotta thingy and ate my serving.


As for me, I savored the creme brulee! They were perfectly creamy and with just the right amount of torched sugar as topping. SO good!


Obviously, this was my favorite from the HIZON'S desserts, hands down!

During the first dance of Allan and Cathy, I CRIED! I really did! I shed a lot of tears! I suddenly had a vision of my sis with my Dad and waterworks ruled my pretty big face (sorry love your own). Oh well... I could just imagine how I will be on September. I bet I will always be sobbing to kingdom come!


Wedding giveaways! 

So convenient that I will have something that won't just go on my mantle for decoration.


Congratulations Allan and Cathy!! Married life -- you'll certainly love it! You'll have a boyfriend/girlfriend for the rest of eternity!!!!

Great seeing you all too former officemates of the Chinese Adonis from SHIELD. He he he he he he!


For Inquiries:
#22 Renowned Lane Sanville
Project 6, Quezon City
632-9250107 / 632-9283672

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  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMay 9, 2015 at 1:52 AM

    -alam mo, medyo baligtad tayo ng experience, bihira akong makatikim ng masarap na pagkain pag weddings, hahaha... it's really more the exception than the rule in my experience. Siguro dahil poor lang mga friends ko, hahaha... On the flipside, ang gaganda naman ng mga ceremonies na na-attendan ko. =)
    -Eric used to work for a bank? Anong bank yan?
    -ooooohhhh... dyan pala nagsimula love story niyo. May post ka ba dito kung paano kayo nagkakilala? Share!!!
    -sino yang stalker na yan? ako lang dapat ang stalker mo!!! hahaha...
    -saan ginawa ang wedding at reception?
    -Jasmine! Prinsesa ka talaga, hehehe... I'm sure a lot of people spell your name wrong
    -shot of taho! hard core!!! hahahaha
    -bakit ka nag-iisa sa table? picture taking ba?
    -that's one big lumpia!
    -I've tasted Hizon's Catering's food at one event sa Blue Leaf Filipinas, and it's good nga.
    -nanonood ka din ba ng Marvel's Agents of Shield?
    -mukhang may veggies yang plate na yan, so I'm guessing it's yours, too? hehehe
    -awwwww.... you cried! adorbs!

    Typhoon Dodong's a'comin! Stay safe idol! Have a great weekend! And Happy Mother's Day!!! Mwah!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you in Subic na?

      1) Ha ha ha ha! Baka kasi my taste is not as refined as yours. Ako kasi miski ano masaya na! Enjoy kasi ako basta kumain sa gatherings.

      2) Secret!!!! Pag nagkwentuhan na lang tayo. Baka may magstalk pang isa pa e!

      3) Wala pa. Tinatamad pa ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Pero sige will do soon. Hi hi hi!

      4) I forgot where! Basta sa may simbahan near Broadway Centrum. Reception is sa likod lang.

      5) Ha ha ha ha ha! Many people talaga get my name wrong.

      6) Isang gulp ko lahat yung taho!

      7) I think some were lining up for taho and others lining up for drinks.

      8) SUPER!!!!!!

      9) Yeah masarap their food even during the BIG BANQUET thingy I attended.

      10) Si Mati lang ha ha ha ha ha! Pero I"m into Avengers.

      11) YES!!!!!!!!!!!

      12) Parang super iyakin ako these days. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


    2. -early next month pa ako mag-subic, hehehe
      -ngek! ako pa, basta may vetsin masaya na! hahaha... pero talagang walang kwenta mga reception! kahit yung pinuntahan ko last saturday na wedding, di masarap! Josiah's na ang nag-cater nun ha! hahaha...
      -super iyakin ka? naglilihi? hehehe...

      Sad nga ako na hindi umulan ng matagal dito para naman lumamig ng konti... umulan last saturday pero walang kinalaman sa typhoon, localized thunderstorm lang. hehehe...

  2. Hi, ang masasabi ko lang, masasarap talaga yung mga pagkain sa Hizon's. Based on my experience. The food was great, great service and very accommodating staffs. Highly appreciatied.

    1. Hiya Tanya! Yes you're right. Besides enjoying the wedding, my hub and I enjoyed the food. Take care!!! :)


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