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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Not to sound too whiny or anything but I am writing this with so much pain in my butt. My lower back to be exact! I know you don't need to know that but I just want to remember how I got severe back pains due to locked muscles from saving the world.

Okay fine I went somewhere where a lot of walking was required and due to my lack of exercise, my butt went "WHUUUUUTTT?" and locked itself as defense mechanism. Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh well. That goes on to show that too much physical activity is NEVER good.

So. There.

Anyway, I'm braving these jabbing pains to do an entry on my silly little foodie blog because it's been quite a long time already. I don't know about you but I miss writing down my useless memories and sharing them. And upon learning that next in line was my birthday staycation in HOTEL KIMBERLY in Tagaytay City, I knew I should learn how to blog while lying down on my bed. Yep there's a first time for everyone who loves something enough. He he he he he he!!!!

My BP Group and I have already stayed in HOTEL KIMBERLY in 2013 and we declared that it's our favorite family hotel in Tagaytay City. It may not give you an instant view of the famous volcano but the many amenities and activities for the family make up for it.

So naturally for my 40th birthday when we were deciding where to have our out of town BP family getaway, the unanimous decision was HOTEL KIMBERLY. Yes there may be other more exclusive hotels that would promise a posher and closer experience with the beauty of Tagaytay. But from the laughter and enjoyment that the kids and  my BP GROUP had during that weekend, we know that we all made the right choice.  I certainly had a more unforgettable out of town birthday staycation!

And, we had HOTEL KIMBERLY to thank for it!



We were able to check in easy peasy and with rooms close together.

I really wanted to settle into our rooms pronto but the kiddies had something else in mind!


The kids loved HOTEL KIMBERLY's big playground that immediately after check in, they ran here!!!!

 Usually they would like to rest and get lazy in the room. But with this big playset, it was fun galore!

HOTEL KIMBERLY playground even has what you may need for an obstacle race!

Of course, even if the kids are having such a blast in the HOTEL KIMBERLY playground, always remember that "Adult Supervision is Needed". He he he he he he!


After the playground, Andrei asked to go to the HOTEL KIMBERLY mini zoo to check out the animals.

What's cool about the HOTEL KIMBERLY mini-zoo is that you could feed the animals with no extra charge! Yup! They will give you the greens that are fresh from their farm for free!


The HOTEL KIMBERLY zoo caretaker was very friendly and accommodating to us. When the bunny food ran out, he would immediately give leafy greens to the kids without waiting for them to ask fo rit.

Eat little bunnies... EAT!

Ack! Andrei is under attack!

Check out that happy face!

I want to take home one!!!!

"Take me home please?"

HOTEL KIMBERLY sells their rabbits at P800 each depending if they have an enough number of the animals in the zoo. They have already sold a lot of these Bugs Bunnies over the week that they don't have available ones for sale when Andrei asked for one.


This was a pretty cool bonding experience with the kiddies!! 

For this trip in Tagaytay, I was planning to take the kiddies to Residence Inn, Picnic Grove, or Sky Ranch to go horseback riding. It was very convenient to discover that HOTEL KIMBERLY had their own horse and you could ride it for only P150 for 15 minutes!

I think that's a fairly good price compared to what they offer in the other resorts in Tagaytay.

Kiddies cannot ride on the horse by their lonesome so a riding companion was in order.

We wouldn't want them riding off into the sunset now do we? He he he he he he....

Our deluxe room in HOTEL KIMBERLY!

HOTEL KIMBERLY rooms and rates
Kimberly Suite P10,000 (per night with breakfast for 2)
Premier family rooms P6,700 (per night with breakfast for 4)
Deluxe room P5,700 per night (with breakfast for 2)


Here are the activities in store for guests in HOTEL KIMBERLY! I really appreciate that a hotel in Tagaytay whipped these up and really thought about their guests' enjoyment!


  After a very short rest, we went down for the HOTEL KIMBERLY bonfire!

It was the first time for some of the kiddies to see an actual bonfire and roast marshmallows so they were all thrilled!

This is for all check-in guests of the hotel and it is for free!!!!!

HOTEL KIMBERLY will provide the long sticks and all the marshmallows you could eat at NO CHARGE!!!!


Hot and gooey!!! So perfect!


We may have had roasted marshamallows before but this was extra yummy for us! The cool night in the vast open garden with great company made everything extra delicious!!!!


So fun night with the ladies of BP!!!

Of course, it was extra fun with the Chinese Adonis!!!


With the second batch of marshmallow packs and the sun coming down, we STILL didn't want to leave!

Mati brought along some chips and cold drinks to complete his bonfire experience!

Of course, with the sun setting, a photo op was in order! Ha ha ha ha ha!

 Of course, the kodak loving BP girls were up next!

I wore a hat because the wind was exposing my extra big forehead! Ha ha ha ha!

SOMEBODY got into the way of our second picture! Fine we get the message!

 It's now the guys' turn!

Andrei was non-stop and still ate more roasted marshmallows! Somebody will definitely be hyper tonight.


Our romantic moon that night.

Wait a minute... Is that Venus?

Jojie brought along his speaker so we had fun sounds that night.

The night was so cool and the bonfire gave out a soothing warmth. We didn't want to leave! We just wanted to stay and savor the moment!


But we gotta go and dress up for my birthday dinner! And you know with me and the BP's, we LOVE to dress up! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Before heading to our room we saw HOTEL KIMBERLY'S movie night for guests! Again, this is free of charge and comes with free popcorn. Awesome right?

Mati and bud Johans watched a bit of STAR WARS PHANTOM MENACE. I let them watch a bit before our dinner.

Come night time, my handsome boys are waiting for me. 

Awwww... No girlfriends till your 18!!!!

Somebody began playing with Mommy's camera. He he he he he!

The little culprit also tried out the panoramic shot. 

Is that a thumb? This all looks straight from a Salvador Dali painting minus the melting clocks!


My birthday dinner in Verbena Discovery Country Suites as organized by Jonahs and Aning!

Blog post coming soon!



Tired but still so happy before retiring to our room!


HOTEL KIMBERLY offered turn down service plus milk and cookies for the kiddies. I love it when hotels who go to this extra measure!

Of course, one glass of milk is not enough for my growing boys and they snacked on my packed goodies before going sleeping.


My BP group NEVER runs out of things to talk about so even if we were all together the whole day, we still felt like having a night cap. 

And that we did in the wee small hours of the morning in the lobby of HOTEL KIMBERLY!

Check out our day 2 soon!



HOTEL KIMBERLY rooms and rates
Kimberly Suite P10,000 (per night with breakfast for 2)
Premier family rooms P6,700 (per night with breakfast for 4)
Deluxe room P5,700 per night (with breakfast for 2)

Amadeo Road, Brgy Kaybagal
+63 46 483 8888 Tagaytay City
Phone (02) 521 1888

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  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMay 16, 2015 at 3:02 PM

    Uy may bagong posts ka na pala! Akala ko matatagalan ka pa bago mag-post ulit bec. of your back problem. Hope it's better now.

    -ibang klase talaga ang celebration ng uber sosi and shala!
    -kaya niyo ba napili ang kimberly dahil sa playground for the kids? Was thinking you'd check in sa discovery bec. of sir Jonahs
    -OWEMGEE!!! Andrei must've been sooooo happy with all those animals!!! Magiging vet kaya siya pag laki niya?
    -cute nung mga bunnies, pinagkakaguluhan si Andrei
    -eeeeeekkkk! Ang mahal ng wabbit!
    -eeeeeekkkk! Ang mahal ng horse ride! hehehe
    -uy ang saya-saya naman niyang bonfire na yan! best of all, it's free!!!
    -I could just imagine how wonderful that bonfire would be if you're in a very cold Tagaytay with your closest friends. Lucky you!
    -may free movie night pa! Super sulit sa Hotel Kimberly!

    Ang saya-saya! Your birthday was really a special occasion. Hope you're feeling better now.

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Hiya Mr. Snuff! Akala ko nalimutan mo na ako. Honestly I was soooo affected when I saw that you don't have a comment YET in the afternoon. Akala ko tuloy nagUS ka na!!!

      Thanks for making kamusta. My back is MUCH MUCH MUCH better. But when I did the post I was in bed. Talagang I cannot NOT have an entry in my silly foodie blog. Love ko talaga to e!!!!

      1) Ha ha ha ha! It's my 40th birthday kasi and kahit dati pa, my dream is always to have a vacation. Ann knows this na when I have birthdays before talagang out of town. Kaya super fun! We enjoyed it!

      2) Besides Discovery being out of our price range, we are such a noisy group! Magugulo ang discovery! We loved talaga in HOTEL KIMBELRY kasi we don't need to go anywhere. All of our much needed activities are right there for us!

      3) SUPER CUTE!!!!

      4) Mali ata price nilagay ko!


      6) SUPER!!! Unforgettable grabe ang bonfire!

      7) Exactly! Friends AND family! Super memorable for all of us!!!!!

      8) Yes!!! Movei and popcorn??? Super sulit!!!!

      Thank you sooo much! Yes I'm feeling much better. Thank God talaga!!!!


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