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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


After my friends and I checked out from Hotel Kimberly in Tagaytay for my pre-birthday celebration, we headed out to MORIELLI'S for our late lunch. I haven't eaten there but my pogi bud Jonahs used to frequent the place so he strongly recommended to have our going home meal there.


Hopefully they could make bigger signs than these. We almost missed it!

Mishoo Camp Campo!

If MORIELLI'S would get standees of our hottie likeness then I'm sure there would a rampage of traffic instantly.

 Tee hee!

If you think that MORIELLI'S is an Italian restaurant, think again! It is actually a combination of the name of the owner's parents Moriet and Gely! These two have been insanely in love ever since their high school days and there's no stopping them now. Some may doubt eternal bliss in love but this is the real deal! And believe it or not, I felt the warmth of what they had for each other in the vibe of the place!

Not for long though. Because somebody from our group is reeking weirdness.


MORIELLI'S is certainly a homey restaurant where everyone in the family is invited to go to. There's just a photo op everywhere for us!

Like this restroom that speaks THE TRUTH.

And this motorcycle for your biker babies!

It was a good thing that we were having our lunch almost in the afternoon already. Since we are a big group it could be difficult for us to get a table. Not only that, we could get a bit noisy when we are in the mood! He he he he he he!


Jelo and Andrei!

The Navarros!

Jonahs and Abel!

Mati and the Chinese Adonis!

With Tiana and Dani!

Chel and Aning!

And of course, as we volt in...


Oh yes! We are a crazy bunch too!

If I seem to have raccoon eyes, it's because I was not able to remove all of the make up that mareng Chel lovingly put on me for my birthday dinner at RESTAURANT VERBENA. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Everyone is having fun at MORIELLI'S!!!

Time to order!

MORIELLI'S battle cry is also my mantra in life.

In addition to fantasizing about Thor. 

Photo from ZOMATO.COM
MORIELLI'S menu one...

Photo from ZOMATO.COM

MORIELLI'S menu two...

Photo from ZOMATO.COM

MORIELLI'S menu three... 

Photo from ZOMATO.COM
MORIELLI'S menu four...

Photo from ZOMATO.COM

MORIELLI'S menu five...

Photo from ZOMATO.COM

MORIELLI'S menu six... 

Photo from ZOMATO.COM

MORIELLI'S menu seven...

Photo from ZOMATO.COM

MORIELLI'S menu 8... 

Photo from ZOMATO.COM

MORIELLI'S menu nine...

Photo from ZOMATO.COM

MORIELLI'S menu ten...

Photo from ZOMATO.COM

MORIELLI'S menu eleven...

Photo from ZOMATO.COM

MORIELLI'S menu twelve...

Photo from ZOMATO.COM

MORIELLI'S menu 13...

Lucky 13...!!!

While waiting for our food, Andrei was so entertained with the coloring materials given by the MORIELLI'S owner! All of the kids in our group received a pail with crayons and papers for coloring. Neat huh? I love it when restaurants give special attention to kiddies!


MORIELLI'S Garden Salad with Chicken Strips!

Mareng Gem actually ordered this and I cannot find it in the menu. Sorry!

Little Georgina served salad to her Mommy and Daddy. 

Mati ordered a cup of creamy clam chowder!

The soup was so rich and satisfying so I get why Mati was in a hurry to eat it all.  I was lucky to be able to taste a teaspoon of it! 

MORIELLI'S Sinigang na Hipon (P280.00)!

I was able to try the soup and it was perfectly sour infused with the savory fat of the shrimp!

MORIELLI'S Sisig (P288.00)!

This was just okay for us. We've certainly had better versions of this in other restaurants but still, we enjoyed our meal with this Filipino favorite. It would have been better if the sisig was really sizzling. He he he he he he!

MORIELLI'S Crispy Tawilis (P160.00)! Meaty and crunchy!

The tawilis was certainly perfect with a dip in vinegar. Check out MORIELLI'S interesting container for this.

MORIELLI'S Bulalo (P320.00)!!! 

I think this was good enough for 4 people!

MORIELLI'S Sizzling Bulalo (P338.00)!

I was not able to try this but according to my friend, the meat was tender and that gravy deserved a standing ovation with extra rice!

MORIELLI'S Grilled liempo (P180.00)!!

MORIELLI'S Cheese Flatbread Pizz (P125.00) was more than enough for Andrei.

Somebody's MORIELLI'S Cheeseburger (P200.00).

Somebody's Adobong Pusit!

Somebody's bottomless iced tea! Ha ha ha ha ha!

One of the must-orders in MORIELLI'S is their Award Winning Pepper Rice Surprise (P195.00) which is jampacked in a green bell pepper.

Don't let the size of the green bell pepper fool you. This was more than enough for me. Don't consider it as your siding along with your entree. It's more like a complete meal in itself especially with the ground meat, cheese, and flavored rice.

The best way for me to describe this dish is that it's like a burrito inside a fresh Green Bell Pepper. Yum! If you love Mexican food you'll certainly fancy this one.

I even chopped the bell peppers and ate it along with my rice. It certainly gave my mouthful a pleasant crunch and flavor!

Early on, the very cheerful and warm owner of MORIELLI'S came up to us and asked for our names. Little did we know that while we were having our meal, she would give EACH ONE OF US a remembrance of our meal in MORIELLI'S with a personalized printed paper bearing the meaning behind our labels! 

Isn't that a very original and loving touch coming from a restaurant? Told you that there is indeed a warm vibe in MORIELLI's!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and the BP Group in MORIELLI'S!!!!

And that's the other side!


To my left...

And to my right!

When  the sweet owner asked me what was the occasion for our group's out of town trip, I mentioned to her that we were celebrating my pre-birthday. Later on, along with a birthday song blaring out of the radio, she came out with one of their special desserts -- the fried oreo with ice cream!

Oh wow! I was really surprised! Such a thoughtful gesture from MORIELLI'S!!!

AND before you say anything, they asked what the event was! It's not like I volunteered the information.... Like what I would do before. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

While I was busy having my picture taken with my birthday dessert, Andrei beat me to it!


What the....??

Just kidding! It's more than fine with me!

Just look at him laugh! So cute!

Thanks MORIELLI'S!!!

And Andrei licked off the chocolate from the plate. 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Please don't do this on your first date with your crush Andrei.


Like Daddy, like son!

And we're done!

Now that's one looooong DONE!

Our MORIELLI'S bill!

Before leaving, the owner and her chef husband said good bye to us. Thank you so much for the very loving service!! It certainly was a memorable lunch for my pre-birthday celebration! Moriet and Gely will be so proud that their blissful legacy is carried on to your diners. 

THE YAPPY BUNCH with my BP Group in MORIELLI'S! Certainly a great ending for my pre-birthday Tagaytay getaway!!!

OH. YEAH....

 Tagaytay-Calamba Road Corner St. 
Francis Drive, Tagaytay City
046 5127077
+63 9175964400

Before saying good bye, Aning's son Johans gave me a birthday flower that he plucked from the flower bushes at the side of the restaurant. Awwww so sweet!!!! Here's hoping that the Chinese Adonis will follow suit.

Of course he DI-NT! :) 


Good thing you're hot and handsome.



  1. -parang first time I've heard of this place... SOMETHING NEW FOR US TO EXPLORE!
    -"If MORIELLI'S would get standees of our hottie likeness then I'm sure there would a rampage of traffic instantly." <<<=== I AGREE!!!
    -akala ko din nung una Italian resto siya, hahaha...
    -hahaha... mukhang wacky ang mood niyo ah, ano ba tinira niyo? penge! hahaha...
    -marami bang tao bago kayo dumating? buti may space pa para sa group niyo
    -racoon eyes! hahaha...
    -grabe! parang hindi ko afford ang pagkain diyan... di kaya ng sweldo ko! hahaha...
    -seriously, though, the prices are really affordable. At mukhang masarap naman ang food.
    -Tawilis!!! Buti crunchy siya... last time I ordered that sa Josephines napaka-kunat! hahaha
    -ang weird ng vinegar container! I want! hahaha
    -P320 for all that bulalo? sulit!
    -sizzling bulalo! I want din!!!
    -I love stuffed peppers! Mukhang masarap nga yan.
    -Carmela ka pala? Pareho pala kayo ng initials ni Lord. =)
    -ang bait naman nung owner! I wonder if she does that for all her customers?
    -awwwww... a cake! And this time, mukhang surprised ka talaga!
    -ANDREI BLEW OUT THE CANDLE! Hahahaha... so adorable!
    -EEEEEKKK!!! ANG BILL! Hindi ko kinaya! Ibang levelz talaga ang EJF!!! hahahaha...
    -uuuuuuuyyyyyy... ang husband-owner-chef ha! Pwede!!! hahaha...

    Have a great hump day idolz!!!

    1. Ako din first time to hear about it from Pareng Jonahs! Good thing he suggested it!

      1) WE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE! Kaya ang daming naguunlike ng page ko e!!!!

      2) Me too! Pero it's really a combination of Filipino and Mexican cuisine!

      3) Ako lang ata ang wacky.

      4) This was like 3pm ata in the afternoon. There were many groups eating when we arrived tapos nagsiyesta ata when we left.

      5) Andrea Corr na ba my raccoon eyes???


      7) Yes the prices were fine considering the place and the taste.

      8) Yup! The tawilis WAS crunchy! Happy si Yub!

      9) Di ba??? Ha ha ha ha ha! Nabano din kami sa vinegar container. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      10) Sana lang sizzling siya when served. But it was gooood!

      11) I loved the stuffed peppers. I would add hot sauce to mine the next time.

      12) OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Who's Lord?

      13) Super! She was very nice! If you read other reviews she gives the same love and care to all of the diners! Pati yung print out! Galing no?

      14) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      15) Lagi nga yan! Ha ha ha ha ha! Ang cute nung tawa niya so I didn't mind.


      17) I know right? Cutie pie!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


    2. Lord - Jesus Christ, hehehe

    3. Ay ang slow ko. Ngayon ko lang naget. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Nagfast kasi ako ng 12 hours for office med exam.


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