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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Once again it is my birthday and once again, we will eat at KIMPURA for dinner! It has actually been a tradition for me already to have my birthday dinner at my favorite Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant. My family may already be getting tired of it and there are more exciting restaurants out there. But we are eating at my favorite KIMPURA and that is final.

On my birthday actually, I was so worried because Pnoy wonderfully declared that Edsa and some streets will be closed due to the People Power Anniversary. Bollocks! That meant traffic jams here and there! Such was the horrendous traffic that morning that instead of going to Church and having our usual GLORIA MARIS birthday breakfast, we ended up in CIBO in Power plant Mall because our car did not budge at all! Que horror I know!

Good thing that the foodie gods understood my need to have my favorite on my birthday because by 4:00pm, the streets cleared up and it was easy peasy for the cars to go anywhere. Hooray! There you go!

Just goes on to show that if you drool about it, your wishes with come true.

With that, I know that KIMPURA and I are meant to be. Forever. He he he he he!

It's my birthday and the family is in KIMPURA!


Me and the little lords! 

Andrei was pouting over something I forgot what. 

My muh-MAH and puh-PAH!

(Pronounced like how they do it in DOWNTON ABBEY!)

Ate Jit and her fianzeeeh Anthony!

Kuya Jon and the master Mati!

Analyn, our angel!




Guess what movie we saw last night?

Our server for my birthday!


Now brace yourselves...

FOOD is coming... este... here!

Fatty and buttery KIMPURA'S Salmon Sashimi!

A favorite of EVERYONE (except Eric), Tuna Tekkamaki!

Believe me, one plate is NOT enough for us.

KIMPURA'S Ebi Tempura!

And MORE Ebi Tempura!

KIMPURA Fried Udon noodles. 

KIMPURA Sukiyaki solo. Only my Mom and Mati loves this so they split it. He he he he he!

Seafood and meat ready for the hot plate!

Plus Fried Rice!

You talkin to me?

Our chef is ready to fire up the grill!

The Fried Rice always comes first and the chicken fillet!

Then the seafoods!

And beef!


Mati and Andrei love watching the KIMPURA chef flipping and cooking his thing!

After dinner, the KIMPURA waiters surprised me with a birthday song!

AWWWWW you shouldn't have!

Andrei: Mama, you're weird.

I was so touched that I was crying and laughing at the same time! 

Thanks for the surprise KIMPURA!

Yeah right. Surprise meaning I told them before hand that somebody is celebrating her birthday and that somebody is me. 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

But I look good crying right??

Okay. Just so you know, I was fake crying OBVIOUSLY. 


My birthday cake, birthday ice cream, birthday fried rice, and birthday coke! All in that combination.


Thanks to the KIMPURA staff for my song and my ever favorite birthday complimentary dessert! He he he he he!

The KIMPURA bill!

My massacred cake in KIMPURA! He he he he! 

No corkage fee here!

Thanks KIMPURA for letting me have my cake and eat it too! Tee hee!


Kimpura Japanese Restaurant
Greenhills Shopping Center
GH Lifestyle Center, Ortigas Ave
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 721-8816

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  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMay 21, 2015 at 4:26 AM

    -huwaw! KIMPURA! Alam mo, di pa talaga ako nakakakain diyan, sobrang mahal kasi e... pero si TP madalas kumain diyan. Yung tito niya kasi peborit din yan, kaya diyan din siya nagse-celebrate ng bday niya... hopefully I can eat there one of these days...
    -grabe talaga yung trapik nung araw na yun ano? ang talino ng nag-isip nun! hay... buti hindi ka pumasok
    -walang forever, hahaha...
    -malapit nang ikasala ang sister mo... dami niyo nang abogado sa pamilya, hahaha
    -FITS FERFEK!!! hehehe...
    -SALMON! TUNA! TEMPURA! yuuuuuummmmm...
    -di mo pala feel ang sukiyaki?
    -the food looks scrumptious, esp. the beef!
    -talagang one side lang ang ngiti ni Andrei ano? hehehe
    -talagang fake cry ba yan? pwede ka pala mag-artista. =)
    -JUICE COLORED!!! ANG BILL!!!! Sampung taon na ako naninilbihan sa amo ko, hindi ko pa din maiipon ang ganyang kalaking halaga!!! Ibang levelz talaga ang EJF!!! hahaha
    -no corkage! such music to my ears... hehehe...

    Have a terrific Thursday Idol! Mwah!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff! Naku reasonable naman ang prices ng KIMPURA compared to Tsukiji or Nobu ano! Kayang kaya mo siya!!!! Go na kasi!

      1) SOBRA. It was meant to be that I took my birthday leave. Ang OA ng traffic sa Edsa kasi Mandaluyong pa lang we're not moving na agad.

      2) HE HE HE HE HE! Pag KIMPURA forever!

      3) Oo nga. YAK! Kidding!!!!!

      4) Bwa ha ha ha ha! Mali ka. It's FITS FERPEK TOW!

      5) superrrrrrrr!

      6) Okay lang siya. I won't crave for sukiyaki pero if it's there, titikim ako. I don't like sweet entrees e. Parang for me, dessert lang dapat ang sweet. He he he he he he h eh!

      7) SUPER! I loooove Kimpura! the best for me ang teppanyaki nila!

      8) Fake smile niya yun. Dapat nga magpractice na e.

      9) Ginagaya ko actually si Kris sa pagiyak ko. Inis na inis mga kapatid ko when I do that. He he he he he he he!

      10) CHE! ANG DAMI KAYA NAMIN NO! Buti na lang tumatanda na kami at humihina na sa kain! Dami pa namin take home would you believe???

      11) Super great and "generous" service lagi sa Kimpura! In Greenhills ah!



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