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Friday, May 15, 2015


My friends and I are having an early birthday celebration for me in HOTEL KIMBERLY and we already had loads of fun the night before.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in HOTEL KIMBERLY!

Of course, even if it was already our second time in HOTEL KIMBERLY, we still  wanted to use their recreational facilities TO THE EXTREME. With that, we woke up early to get a head start on everything!


Andrei here looks dazed and confused. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It turns out my friends Gem and Jojie woke up much earlier and jogged around the vast gardens of HOTEL KIMBERLY.

What gives mareng Gem and Jojie??? You're making us all look lazy...

Which we are really! He he he he he!

Buffet breakfast for 2 in CAFE AT K is included in our HOTEL KIMBERLY booking. So with this, we'll just exercise our mouths and eat to our heart's content.

Even if we got up an hour before the buffet ends, there was no hustle nor bustle in their restaurant.

Oh Andrei. Let's work on your smile okay?
Their buffet is simple but had all the basics of a filling breakfast for me.

Fried hotdogs...

Upside down bangus...

Sorry. I'm too lazy to edit.

Sweet tocino...


Fried Dilis...


Fresh fruits!


CAFE at K also had a salad, bread, dessert, and juice bar, and omelet station.

I just forgot to take pictures because we were so hungry at this time!

My husband's first plate!

My husband's second plate.

Hmmm... You see a pattern here?

My cheesy ham omelet!

My first plate of bangus, hotdogs, and tocino!

Of course, I should have veggies...

AND a second helping of ham and cheese omelet!

All of this for me!!! Yes it's my birthday and I'm not going to diet!

Learning it was my birthday (I told them... ha ha ha ha!) HOTEL KIMBERLY gave me a slice of cake.

Awwww... You shouldn't have!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Team Campo!

Team Quitorianos!

Me with Aning!

Baby Sky loves reciting the poem "Vengeance Is Not Ours, It's Gods" and her favorite line is "Alms...., alms...., alms…. spare me a piece of bread".  She would recite it for us whenever we ask her to do it. She's like a little robot! He he he he he he!

O ayan! There's your bread! :)

Andrei finished his food quickly and proceeded to go to the HOTEL KIMBERLY gaming room with Sasha.

Guests could play here for free. They just need to deposit an ID to borrow the balls. 

The duo played some foosball afterwards.

While the lovebirds were doing their thing in the gaming room, us seniors were chatting away by the pool area.


Like I said, we NEVER run out of things to talk about. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Of course, we're also watching over the kiddies who were going at it in the HOTEL KIMBERLY pool.

Mati and Fritz loved to swim so much and they were the ones left. 

I'm happy that these two are turning out to be real good friends also!

After the gaming room, Andrei ran over again to the HOTEL KIMBERLY mini zoo.

He he he he he! Check out baby Toby squeezing that rabbit a little too hard! He he he he he he!

After getting their bunny high in the mini zoo, Andrei and Toby ran over to the playground to join his Kuya, Johans, and his girl Sasha!

You would think that after all that swimming, petting, and running after the little lords, the Chinese Adonis and I are panting like the Cumberbabes do after Benedict.

But of course, we still have energy to play!

Tried another photo op with mareng Gail too! Man this is hard! I could only hold on for 1 second!

Andrei found a way to hold on with the greatest of ease!

He he he he! When he was a baby he loved going up on just about everything. He called himself "The Flying Monkey!"

Remember our swings from last time? It's still here and as colorful like before!

Like I said, HOTEL KIMBERLY had obstacle course facilities in their playground.

Makes for a pretty nice props for a picture too!

After all that playing, Mati and bud Johans went to the shade for a breather.

As for Andrei, he went back to the HOTEL KIMBERLY mini zoo!

He just can't leave his bunny friends!

Good thing that we could "feed all we want" in the mini zoo HOTEL KIMBERLY. They don't charge for the feeds nor for the picture taking. I seem to remember a zoo here in Manila who would charge you for every move you made!


Time flies when you're really having fun. We didn't realize that it's time to check out!

AND, as our usual tradition with any hotel staycation, we take a LOT of pictures around the room!

WARNING: LOTS of pictures ahead!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords on the bed!

Doing the wacky shot!

By the cabinet!

Mirror shot...

Hallway shot!

We stayed in room 308.

To be honest though, we hope HOTEL KIMBERLY could renovate their rooms or really get their housekeeping to work on it. The rooms that our group had would either have a clogged showers/bath tubs, dusty floors, or inefficient air conditioning.

Good thing that my BP Group ALWAYS have fun wherever we are so we still found enjoyment amidst those hotel "shortcomings".

The BP Ladies!

The BP hubbies!

And the BP kiddies!

I told you EVERYONE just bonded together!

Thank you to my awesome BP Group who granted my wish to have an out of town trip to celebrate my birthday! You truly made my special celebration MORE unforgettable with our many laughs, chikas, and new experiences in friendship.

SUPER love you all!

And here we are sealing our friendship with a jumpshot.

Good thing there's no "after" pic. You would see me crouching in agony over the pain of landing with all my fat! Ha ha ha ha ha!

I love you girls but NEVER AGAIN!

Till our next family staycation in Tagaytay HOTEL KIMBERLY!!!


ERICJAZ FOODIES and the little lords L-O-V-E you!!!

Of course, besides the BP Group and the superkaduper family friendly place that HOTEL KIMBERLY is, I am very thankful for having a very crazy and loving YAPPY BUNCH to spend this birthday staycation with.


Going home, a big smile is plastered upon our faces!


What's next for my birthday staycation?

Stay tuned and see!


Amadeo Road, Brgy Kaybagal
+63 46 483 8888 Tagaytay City
Phone (02) 521 1888

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  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMay 16, 2015 at 3:31 PM

    woohoo! Day two na!

    -I'm a big fan of simple buffets, as long as the selections really taste good.
    -bwahahahaha... baligtad yung bangus pic! I'm sure kung hindi masakit likod mo na-edit mo yan
    -TOCINO!!! Peborit!
    -"Learning it was my birthday (I told them... ha ha ha ha!) HOTEL KIMBERLY gave me a slice of cake." <<<=== BWAHAHAHAHHA
    -ang daming pwedeng gawin sa Hotel Kimberly... sulit na sulit!
    -awwwww... Andrei really loves animals
    -nag monkey bars ka pala... baka diyan nagsimulang sumakit likod mo, hahaha
    -nasaan ang yellow hamper??? hahaha...

    Ang saya niyo naman! Inggit ako! hehehe... Have a great staycation (na naman!!!) at Seda!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!! yes magkasunod ko ginawa! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      1) ME TOO! Basta ako may crispy danggit, scrambled eggs, garlic rice, bacon, tocino, corned beef, drink all you can coffee, juice, bread, SOLVED NA!!!!!!

      2) Bwa ha ha haa! GANON ako katamad! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      3) ME TOO!!!!

      4) Parang naisip ko, teka magtataka readers ko pano nila nalaman.... Umamin na ako na SINABI KO ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      5) DI BA? The rooms may not be much pero family activities, sulit na sulit!!!

      6) Yes he does! He's not scared of them!

      7) Hindi dito... Dapat talaga hindi ako maglakad ng masyado e! HA HA HA HA HA!

      8) Dala ko siya hindi ko lang napicturan ha ha ha ha ha! Lagi siyang kasama!!!!!



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