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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


One of my 40th birthday celebrations was a weekend in Tagaytay City with my BP Group, a special set of friends whom I already consider as "family". And since it was my birthday, I get to choose where to have dinner that night (HA!!! Such power!!!).

I thought of going for RESTAURANT VERBENA of COUNTRY SUITES DISCOVERY TAGAYTAY since we enjoyed our evening there the last time.  Of course, besides the restaurant, I also requested everyone to dress up to make the night extra special. Don't worry. Dressing up is something my BP Group is fond of doing so that we'll look good in pictures (our first love. Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Now even if my friend Jonahs has already resigned as Country Suite's Resident Manager, his former staff still raved at his "visit" and really made sure that we will be fussed over during my birthday dinner. And WOW! We were spoiled the Country Suites way and our tummies were so happy from all the delicious food! Add to that, our non-stop chatter AND pictures all throughout the night!

What an awesome pre-birthday dinner! I wish I could turn 40 everyday! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Yup! The award winning and must-visit restaurant in Tagaytay City!

Country Suite by Discovery is a quaint and cozy hotel that has less than 10 rooms to ensure peace, quiet, and privacy. 

Country Suites, along with Restaurant Verbena, had a major renovation last year and is now sporting a totally different look!

Unlike before, lights are brighter and everything had a more modern vibe into it.

It's cool that the fireplace is still there!

AND the heated jacuzzi outside!

Jonahs and Aning were already there to check up on the reservation. RESTAURANT VERBENA may not be a full house that night but they all made sure that our table was ready as it could ever be. 

RESTAURANT VERBENA gave two long tables for us in the foyer.

My station for my RESTAURANT VERBENA birthday dinner!

Table setting was very minimal but it somehow gave a soothing effect on my worrisome and aging brain!


Camp Campo!

Team Navarro!

Team Virrey!

Team Quitoriano!


Team Lannister!



My other seatmate for the night was mareng Gem!

We also picked up some rugrats from outside as part of our "adopt a child from the streets and feed them hotel food".

Tee heee!!!!

Just kidding! That's the kiddie and "angels" table!

Yup! There's an adult table and a kiddie table!

Before when we're out with friends, the little lords would still sit with us so I could feed Andrei properly. But now they're all grown up and enjoy the company of their own BP friends, they prefer to sit on a separate table from ours!!!

Yup! Adults and the kiddies of our BP group all go oh so well together! 

Yup! Andrei and Sasha are "besties" pa!

Time to order!



RESTAURANT Verbena menu 3.... 

We were given warm complimentary bread that was so perfect with the spreads that came with it.

This was such a welcome sight for hungry Mati!

I may love butter but I was more partial to the moussaka that night!

Besides the bread basket, RESTAURANT VERBENA also gave us complimentary potato croquettes and cheese sticks!

No sodas nor iced tea for us tonight. Pareng Jonah's gave us the perfect drink for our RESTAURANT VERBENA dinner -- a bottle of chilled red Merlot!

I'm not really a drinker but I sure would like to learn just so that I will be able to appreciate some food more with wine. But this Merlot was definitely smooth going down. I'm not gonna have any trouble sipping this.

A toast to me getting older but still looking 20!

Yup! It's my party and I'll lie if I want to! He he he he he!

For appetizers we had some Signature Organic Mozzarella cheese pot (P445.00).  

Served with crusty foccacia bread, this good-for-serving starter is so delicious especially with the roasted tomatoes and stringy mozzarella cheese!

Sesame Walnut Shrimp Salad (P445.00) consists of breaded fried shrimps, oranges, and organic lettuce in citrus dressing.

RESTALURANT VERBENA'S Arugula, Pears, and Goat Cheese Salad in raspberry vinaigrette (P445.00).

I am such a fan of arugula that I cannot enjoy a salad fully without it's bitter but appetizing taste. For me it adds a certain nuttiness to greens that makes it perfect to any creamy or vinaigrette type of dressing.

I'm sure that just by looking at this beautiful starter I don't need to declare how delicious it is because it certainly IS!

We ordered RESTAURANT VERBENA's Brick Chicken (P995.00)!

This one of the best sellers in RESTAURANT VERBENA which you have to order 30 minutes ahead. You would understand the lead time when you slice into the very fork tender and juicy chicken that is packed with roasted flavors! YUM!

This is so perfect with rice but the sweet potato puree was a welcome replacement for me! He he he he he he!

This is not really in the menu but if you ask for a kiddie meal in RESTAURANT VERBENA, they would recommend this rich and savory plate of carbonara (P300.00)! We ordered this the last time and it tastes just nummy yummy as it was before. The kids loved it!

RESTAURANT VERBENA's Lucban Longganisa Risotto (P560.00) has very strong meaty flavors that will be toned down with scoops of the creamy risotto! 

Is it wrong that I'm craving for a fat crusty slice of bread to dip into this luscious risotto????

My favorite here would always have to be the Seafood Risotto (P890.00) because they never scrimp on the fresh clams, prawns, mussels, squid, and etc. The basil pesto drizzled on top also gave a nice contrast to this very rich rice dish! 

I'm sure you'd find yourself scraping your plate till the last grain of this.

We also ordered the RESTAURANT VERBENA Black Truffle Risotto (P670.00) served with fried farm egg and strips of smoked bacon. 

Others may get turned off by the strong truffle scent but it just makes my mouth water! I love the earthiness that it gives to the dish making me want to get spoonfuls more whether it's in pasta or rice!

This one was exceptionally good too! Would order it next time we're here.

BTW, it's obvious we love rice right??

RESTAURANT VERBENA'S Red Braised Ginger Pork Belly (P780.00) was too beautiful to eat!

All dishes were too pretty to touch but we were hungry so nothing was left in the fancy schmancy presentation.

We mixed the two risottos...

Que horror I know!

Combined the pork and the chicken...

Que horror again!

Oh well! We love to share because we care that's why. Everyone offered a taste of what they ordered!

All was quiet in the East...

Same goes for the West.

Everything's all cozy in the kiddie side.

Hey Andrei finish your food!

I didn't know that something was brewing from behind.

A surprise birthday song with a very fudgy looking cake!

Awww! Thank you so much RESTAURANT VERBENA!!!!

WOAH! I got not one but two birthday cakes!

But wait, I got my most favorite cake of all!!!

DISCOVERY SUITE'S Chocolate Marquis!!!

I'm gonna DIIIIIEEEEEEE with happiness!!!!

3 Cakes for my birthday! Such a treat!

Yep!!! 30th birthday! At least THIS cake tells the truth! Ha ha ha ha ha! 

These cakes just made me so happy!

But not as much as THE YAPPY BUNCH of course!

AND the BP ladies!

With all those rich desserts, it's time for a hot cup of coffee.

After my birthday song and while we were all having coffee, it was time to give out gifts and to hear my friends say their birthday messages. First off was mareng Gem! 

Next up, pareng Jojie!

This was the first time the BP Group was giving me their birthday messages because last year I was not in the mood for it. It's actually a perfect token to show how much you appreciate the celebrant. So nice!

Then it was mareng Gail's turn!

I love what she said how I'm stuck with her. Promise yan ah!

Thanks mareng Gail! Love you!

Then it was pareng Jun. Like Eric, a man with few words! He he he he he!

Mareng Chel had a retouch muna before talking. Ha ha ha ha!


Got a good toast from pareng Abel. Thanks!!!!

Wait, baka that coffee has SOY ah???

Next up is pareng Jonahs!

Watch your words about foreheads ah. Remember, it's MY birthday! Ha ha ha ha ha!

BB Aning gave me this cool necklace that I wear ALWAYS. I'm sure you'll be able to guess what it is.

Iiyak na yan!


Love you too mareng Aning!

Ha ha ha ha ha! Photobomber Gem is so cute at the back!

Last but not the least is Yub hub.

As usual, he said everybody already mentioned what he was supposed to say, so "Kiss na lang!".

Of course, while I was giving out my heart-filled thanks, my husband got many unflattering pictures of me.

And we're done!


I super love my crazy and always fun BP Group! It's always a good time whenever we're together!

I remember that I prayed before to have a "family barkada" where all the girls, boys, and kiddies enjoy hanging out together. At this point in my life I don't really go for girls only night outs. If I'm going to be with friends, my husband and/or kids should be there.

I'm very thankful that my prayers were answered and I am blessed to have a close friendship with these loving families. Here's to more more togetherness in the future! Now THIS is a HAPPY birthday gift indeed!

I got some gifts pa! Yipee!

Thank you so much BB Aning and Pareng Jonahs for arranging this unforgettable and very lovely dinner! This is truly one of the highlights of my 40th birthday celebrations. 

And of course, as I am posting this, let us not forget that it is your 13th Wedding Anniversary! Naks!

"To the couple whose romance unfolded before my very eyes, HAPPY 13TH ANNIVERSARY!!! Thank you for letting me tag along while I was still waiting for the Chinese Adonis. It was an honor being your bridge, messenger, writer, planner, photographer, choreographer, chef, videographer, and over-all third wheel!!! Love you guys to TGIFRIDAYS GLORIETTA and back!! Mwahness!" 


Discovery Country Suites, 
300 Calamba Road, San Jose, Tagaytay City
+632.529.8172 / +6346.413.4567

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  1. Good food + great company = Awesome memories! Wish we were there.

    1. I KNOW!! We really missed you and Suet then! We had so much fun and got really fully with all the delicious food!!! Next time ah! Looking forward to our Father's Day getogether!

  2. Mr. SnuffleupagusMay 20, 2015 at 4:53 AM

    Palagay ko nakapunta't nakabalik na ako galing subic, hindi ka pa din tapos sa birthday posts mo! Ang dami! Sobrang bongga! hahaha...

    -alam mo, I've found that people really want to dress up, ano? Esp. among my rich friends (like you! hehehe...)
    -I've read that Verbena is really one of the top restaurants in Tagaytay... sadly di pa kami nakapunta ni TP diyan. Must rectify that soon.
    -ang ganda naman ng verbena!
    -nasa foyer kayo? hindi naman mainit? hindi naman kayo nilamok? may airconditioned area ba sila?
    -worrisome and aging brain ka diyan! you're as sharp as a ceramic knife kaya!
    -Team Lannister??? Incest much? hahahahahahaha... I'm sure napanood mo na yung episodes 5 and 6. =)
    -"We also picked up some rugrats from outside as part of our "adopt a child from the streets and feed them hotel food" <<<===BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Winner!
    -ang cute naman nina Andrei and Sasha!
    -OWEMGEE!!!! Hinimatay ako sa presyo sa menu!!! Ibang levelz ka talaga!!! Di talaga ma-reach!!!
    -complimentary croquettes and cheese sticks? normal ba yan, or dahil nandyan lang si sir Jonahs?
    -you look young naman talaga e! Papasang 30!
    -I love arugula too! And that salad had me drooling at 4:30 in the morning
    -"Kiddie Meal??? Hindi ba offensive and disciminatory yan? Dapat they should be allowed to order anything they want!!!" - Maggie Wilson-Consunji (bwahahahahaha...)
    -Lucban Longganisa Risotto - I am so interested to try this
    -what the... who gets turned off by truffle oil??? SINOOOOOO!!!!! Hahahaha... Needless to say I love truffle oil. =)
    -WHAT THE!!!! You mixed the two risottos??? QUELLE HORREUR!!! (arte! hahaha...)
    -WOW! Two cakes! And large ones at that. Noice!!!
    -you got a third one pa? Ang swerte mo naman!
    -30 years old talaga, hahaha... push mo yan 'te! hahaha
    -bakit wala ka sa mood last year to hear their messages?
    -(wakes up after several hours of being unconscious)
    -Happy anniversary to Sir Jonahs and Ma'am Aning!

    Have a great Wednesday Jazzers! Mwah!

    1. Nyahahahaha!!! Sorry Mr. Snuff at gusto ko kasi lahat idocument so that I would not forget!!! He he he he he he he he!!!! Hayaan mo yung SPIRAL treat mo sa akin I won't post that. Tee hee!!!

      1) Ha ha ha ha ha! Alam mo naman, I don't really dress up. Here at the office, we're very casual as in jeans lagi. E I have LOADS of long dresses. That's what I love wearing tuloy when it's the weekend. Sayang e di ko nagagamit.

      2) Go try it when you're in Tagaytay. Puro kasi Antonios kayo na mamahalin e!!!

      3) Yes we love Verbena! Ganda nga! So cozy!

      4) No it was still airconditioned in the foyer. It's the best part for me in the restaurant because there's a view and it gives us privacy.

      5) Epidural effect tawag dun!

      6) BWA HA HA HA HA! Oo nga no incest??? Yakk! Yup! Done with it!

      7) Yes they're BF GF then Besties then BF GF again! HAY!

      8) I think it's just because of Jonas ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kasi normally bread yung complimentary nila.

      9) YIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII kaya love kita e. You speak the truth!

      10) Di ba?? It's very good! You could have something similar to it in DISCOVERY prime in Ortigas.

      11) Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!! That's for the other kids. They're not fond of risottos or salads e so they ordered the carbonara kiddie meal. Si Mati naman and Andrei are fine with our seafood and chicken.

      12) BWA HA HA AH AH! i love it too! Some people lang say it smells like feet. HA HA AH HA AH HA HA AH HA!!!!

      13) di ba?? que horror talaga!!!!

      14) I know!!! I feel so loved... ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      15) Sabi ko sa kanila last year, private na lang. To just send me their messages via FB. Wala feel ko lang nun.

      16) CHE KAYANG KAYA MO YAN!!!!

      Will tell them!!!!

      You too dear Mr. Snuff!



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