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Thursday, May 28, 2015


As part of my 40th birthday celebrations, my husband planned for a staycation for the YAPPY BUNCH as his birthday gift to me. I'm glad that the Chinese Adonis knows me very well and got me something that I would really, really like. Because yes, jewelry or expensive items could be the appropriate mark for the big 4-0 but I would rather have the whole family share in my happiness with these bonding experiences. For me, that makes turning a year older more special and significant.

So let's go online and book for another family getaway!

For this particular birthday weekend, my husband wanted to try out something that is new and different from where we would usually go to. We thought since Robert de Niro, Leonardo di Caprio, and Martin Scorsese have been showing their faces at us at many youtube ads, we subliminally got the message that we should try out the hottest and flashiest place in town...

So are we in?



We were up early that Saturday morning to go to HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS. We thought even if check-in is after lunch, we could just deposit our bags and enjoy the facilities.

Traffic was moving slow going to our hotel. Good thing that the little lords kept themselves entertained at the back.

I was particularly touched when I saw Andrei lying on his Kuya's Nap. The little bunsoy was getting a bit sleepy but still wanted to read his Minecraft book. His very loving Kuya said he could rest on him.

Awwwww! They fight most of the time but they are so sweet to each other when it's really needed. That is why when I see these rare moments I feel all good inside.

And from afar we see it....

The gambler's heaven and/or hell... The stuff where dreams (or nightmares) are made of. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well whatever! We're just here for the POOL!!!!!!!!


It's so rare to see roads so clean and empty leading up to a hotel.

But with the small driveway, I could just imagine how congested this could get in peak hours.

"Peak hours" such as 'MY ARRIVAL'.


Ever since I started documenting our HOTEL HOPPING FOR NEW YEAR, I have taken special attention to hotel dogs.  This black Labrador was particularly curious but friendly.

As the little lords got older, I pack less bags for them as well.

But really, I don't mind packing the whole house as long as time would stop a bit so they would still be my little boys longer.

Checking in.

I was impressed with the customer service at HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS! We arrived at 10:00am and were not really expecting anything. We just asked permission to use the pool while waiting for our room to get ready.

Lo and behold, this lovely front desk lady said we could already go to our room even if it was way before the standard check in time. How cool is that?

HYATT hotel had a very quaint lobby. I guess it gave way to the casino that's located in the middle of it. 

Priorities of course!

Going to the hotel elevators!

I can't help but admire these futuristic yet warm lights above us. It's like having illuminated clouds hovering over the guests.

Now where should we go?

Our room!

Wohoo! Our home for the weekend!

The kiddies got doubly excited and immediately called out the bed near the windows.

Not too shabby Andrei right?

I know that modern hotels would usually do this to welcome guests but this is Yub's first time! The boys and I were so excited to see a MR. YAP onscreen!

Our bedside table with phone and whatevers.

Our painting.

Our coffee table!

Our glasses and coffee pot.

Make that MY coffee pot!

Our safe and blow dryer!

Our restroom!

Our shower and "thinking" area.

MY toiletries! HA!

It's weird though. I pack my own shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel. But come check out time, I turn all Ross (from FRIENDS) and take everything home!

MY reflection!


In no time, the HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS guy rang up for our luggages. He was extra helpful in giving us directions and tips to fully enjoy our stay.

(Epic movie voice) "Our room in PANORAMA vision!"

After a few minutes, I finished unloading and folding our clothes in the cabinets. It's this OC habit I have.

The yellow hamper is now out and enjoying the view.

I'm sure once you see the yellow hamper, you would agree to my OC referral. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And my birthday family staycation at HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS starts NOW!

I don't know if it's just because construction hasn't finished yet but going to HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS pool area could be a bit of a challenge. 

You could go the long route and head over to the NOBU HOTEL side for the pool area. OR, kind HYATT attendants will teach you a "secret passageway" via our room hallway going to it. 

The garden leading to the HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS pool area!

If you plan to swim, don't forget to bring your key card. It gives you access inside the gated pool area. 

And woah! What a pool area it is!

If you're a guest in HYATT, you could also go to the pool areas of the other hotels in CITY OF DREAMS such as Nobu and Crown Towers.

I'm not sure though if the same could be said for Nobu and Crown Towers guests for the HYATT pool. He he he he he he!

Lounge area for Crown Tower and Nobu Hotel guests.

The restaurant near the pool area for CITY OF DREAMS is WAVE. It would seem good to eat there except that it could get so windy that your food might be blown off. That's probably why they turned down the umbrellas. 

When the sun is not glaring, it's quite lovely to walk around and take in the beauty of the CITY OF DREAMS plants and foliage.

I love that there are golden buildings towering over us. 

And there's another golden building that stands proudly amidst the clear skies.

I feel like we're in a golden lego world!

I guess construction IS going on around CITY OF DREAMS. I'm sure though that with the high expectation of tourists and locals this summer, these will be finished in no time.

I somehow hear the GAME OF THRONES theme song in the background. He he he he he he!

There are many attractive spots for photo ops in HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS.

Most definitely we will take advantage of THAT info tomorrow. 

This long walk way somehow reminds me of the orange bamboo temple in Kyoto, Japan.

If you don't see the connection, remember that I did say "somehow".


It was quite sunny at this side of the pool area in HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS but we were able to find a wee shaded spot by the shower area.

The lifeguard and attendant who was overlooking the guests that day was very nice and accommodating. He would gamely take pictures of us and get whatever we needed for a fun swim. 

He even helped us drag the lounge chair and table on the shaded area.

The little lords were so happy that they got the pool all to themselves.

JAWS was very ecstatic too! More space to swim!

Jaws realized later on though that the last time he ate meat was yesterday. Suddenly, Andrei looked very meaty to him. He he he he he...

Jaws : "I'll fake being cuddly and nice before making my move..."

Jaws : "Sorry buddy. You're cute and all but I got to EAT!"

Tee Hee!


I was supposed to post a full bodied shot but I realized that the wind made me look pregnant.

There. MUCH better.

Mati and Andrei surrounded by gold!

While they were swimming, we became our usual lazy selves and just sat disgustingly in their lounge chairs!

The HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS swimming pool is open from 6:00am to 8:00pm for all hotel guests. Should you decide to bring in some friends or family to swim with you, you need to pop out P1,500 for each.

Hmmmm... I wonder how many will follow that rule.

Still, if a pool is this big and boasting of a lovely view, one might be tempted to do so!

The pool of HYATT was actually quite cold especially with the strong breeze. That's why Andrei would sometimes prefer dunking himself in the hot jacuzzi. 

I warned him though that he could not stay there for a long time because if you are submerged in warm water for more than an hour, your muscles will become over relaxed and it might be hazardous to your health.

When we stayed in HYATT last February, we were surprised to learn that their cr and dressing rooms could be found inside their recreational area. It was fully airconditioned and quite a walk from the pool so you could just imagine how cold it was for the kiddies when they wanted to get out of the pool and pee.

It is also where their gym is located.


Too bad that I have a bad back so I cannot really do some serious exercising now.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Mati and Andrei preferred to take a bath in our room instead.

Our view!

I wonder if we could see our house from here?

Andrei loved our room especially because it was in front of a plane runway. He was able to see planes land and take off! 

He loved planes and trains you know! It took a lot of calling before he could get away from his "live movie theater".

Finally, we were able to peel Andrei from his chair to go to the CITY OF DREAMS mall.

 Hmmmm.... Do you notice something familiar? I can't quite get it.

I can't quite pin it.

My boys are DEFINITELY in. He he he he he!

We checked out the mall above the casino to have our late lunch and explore around.

Here's the map for the ground floor.

If you don't feel like eating at the hotel, you may opt for the CITY OF DREAMS mall for their many restaurants guaranteed to satisfy whatever food your craving.

For lunch, we went for some Korean food at O KITCHEN

Blogpost coming soon!

Andrei at that time was seriously hungry for some leche flan so after lunch we found a Filipino restaurant near O KITCHEN.

Such a happy little Andrei!

My bunsoy is such a picky eater that in the rare times that he craves for something, we do our best to give it to him. ANYTHING to make him fat.

He he he he he!

After dessert, we went around and was amazed with these moving ceiling ornaments!

It was like... MAGIC!

Hypnotizing even!

We passed by CITY OF DREAMS theatre, CHAOS which was not yet open the time of our visit.

The top view of the casino!

At this time, a polite guard told us that taking pictures of the casino is not allowed. 

We're totally fine with that as long as he takes a picture of the whole family at the other side. He he he he he!

We decided to check out the casino itself.

Of course, we're not going in. We'll just got a look from the outside.

The little lords though saw something that they really liked.

He he he he he!

After a whole day of swimming, eating, and exploring, it's time for my little lords to take a short nap.

Of course, they just have to have some cookies and fresh milk before getting a quick shut-eye!

Mati later on moved to a more comfortable spot.

Nice move son! Of course, you don't really have to sleep to enjoy what sweet dreams are made of. You just have to go to your favorite place or thing to do and just let bliss take over your whole being.

And THAT'S why I'm celebrating my big 4-0 with THE YAPPY BUNCH at HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS!!!!

It's a "dream come true" for me to be able to celebrate these times with my crazy family!

So. There.


Hyatt City of Dreams Manila
Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, 
Entertainment City
Parañaque, Manila
+63 2 691 1234
Fax: +63 2 691 1235



  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMay 28, 2015 at 5:06 AM

    -GRAVEH!!! Ibang klase talaga ang birthday celebration mo! Nung nag-kwarenta ako, spaghetti (na may hotdog), cake, at ice cream lang handa ko... tapos ang natanggap kong regalo isang puting kentucky undershirt na maliit para sa akin, hahahahaha... pero ang pinaka-mahalaga kong natanggap nun ay pinayagan akong mag-half-day ng amo ko!!! First time in 20 years ako pinayagang mag-leave!!! Naiyak ako sa kabutihan niya... hahahaha
    -gintong-ginto ang City of Dreams!!! Bagay na bagay ka diyan, Donya Carmela! hahaha...
    -aaaawwww... ang sweet naman ng magkapatid. You did well there.
    -hahahaha... pool lang pala ang habol!
    -siguro pinagkaguluhan ka nila nung dumating ka diyan! akala kasi nila terrorist ka! hahahaha... (#JazKidding!)
    -OMG!!! I LOVE DOGS!!! I want a chocolate labrador!!! Iniisip ko nga pag-uwi ko galing subic mag-aalaga na ako ng aso
    -wow! ang bait naman nila, they let you in before the actual check-in time! or baka marami silang vacant rooms? lagot! hahaha
    -buti na lang nasingitan ng "1" ang room number niyo, hehehe
    -natuwa din siguro ang mga bata kasi "Mr. Yap" din sila
    -is it just me, or does the porter look like Eric? Tanggalin mo lang yung malaking nunal sa pisngi niya
    -ang pinakahihintay ng lahat... THE YELLOW HAMPER!!!
    -ganda naman ng pool area!
    -kita ko yung connection sa bamboo temple
    -HAHAHAHAHA... Mukha ka ngang buntis diyan sa pic na yan
    -P1500 per person na hindi guest ng hotel???? Ano sila HIBANG???
    -"That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it." <<<=== push mo yan, teh! hehehe
    -I'm sure Andrei really loved seeing all those planes! Maging pilot kaya siya pag laki?
    -NYAHAHAHAHA... THAT PIC! Ginaya talaga nila yung ad, hahaha
    -feeling Jean Grey ka diyan sa moving lights na yan a, hahaha...

    Have a great Thursday Jazzle! Mwah!

    1. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! CHE! I don't believe you! Anong job naman yon? PRES AND CEO of SM??????? Pagbigyan mo na at sa sobrang fun memories kasi ako nung birthday ko that I want the kids to experience it. Naging weeklong or 2 week long birthdays tuloy. THEN... naaply na din sa akin. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! (Tumatanda na kasi)

      1) CHE! I knew that posting my full name before would haunt me!

      2) He he he he! That's just pure Mati loving for his brother. My panganay may be makulit at times pero really, Andrei is so lucky to have him. Sobrang bait and understanding sa little bro niya.

      3) KOREK! Actually masaya na kids ko kahit saan basta may pool. Pero this time, we just wanted to be a bit different.

      4) Me too! I super love dogs! But after my dog of 14 years died, ayoko na. Di ko na kayang maglove ng isa pang hayop uli.

      5) BWA HA HA HA! Would you believe that yes, nabawasan na yan.

      6) Yes and that was only 1030am ah! I was impressed. Nakakatuwa that they let us in early. Maybe nga there were a lot of vacant rooms pero okay lang. It was hot and it would be nice to go to our airconditioned room.

      7) I saw what you did there!!!

      8) Yes. They got so excited. Ako naman jaded na. (buhay sikat)

      9) Ha ha ha ha! In fairness, the porter was good looking. And tama ka, napansin ko yung nunal niya. Dapat ipatanggal niya kasi.

      10) He he he he he! Nakalabas na din si yellow hamper!

      11) Super! But it was quite windy tapos ang init! But, the water was so cold. Maganda talaga sa morning mag swim.

      12) Naks! Kindred spirits!

      13) Di ba? Dapat nga di ko na pinost pero pinost ko pa din. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      14) I know! It's crazy. I wonder who will pay for that though.


      16) He might be an engineer. Talagang he loves staring at planes and trains. Sobra!

      17) Tee hee! Sobra sila sa emote?

      18) You betcha!!! Feeling ko may powers ako bigla!

      You too dear Niel MMMWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  2. You don't look 40 at all, achie Jaz! More like 24!!! ;) At totoo yan ah, walang halong bola! :D Anyway, so nice to read that even if casino-resort ang City of Dreams, the kiddos still seemed to have tons of fun. :D Ganda ng pool, and love the towering gold buildings! Lakas maka-donya! :D

    Anyway, belated happy birthday, achie Jaz! Cheers to more happy and healthy years ahead! <3

    1. Awwwww.... Thank you soooo much Sumi!!! I will quote you on that ah! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yes the kiddies had a lot of fun pa din because their pool was really something and there are many activities that they could do that's so nearby. Hindi pa nga bukas ang DREAMPLAY nito. I agree! The towering gold buildings make you feel like you're in Dubai or some exotic magical country.

      Naks!!! Thanks again dear Sumi! I miss you my always seatmate and chikamate! MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  3. Ms Jaz ano po camera model gamit nyo? di lang kayo magaling na story teller magaling din mag pics!

    1. Hiya Roby!!! I just use my husband's Iphone 5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Nakikigamit lang!! It's more easier to use e. Pero with flash, hindi siya maganda. Thanks I'm glad you liked it!!! Have a good day!

  4. Hi Eric,

    Great blog! Your pictures are awesome! I was hoping that you can answer my questions. My family will watch the WWE Manila Event on September 9 and we also wanted to take a tour of the City of Dreams - Manila and eat in a resto there. We are traveling from Pampanga. Is the mall and other establishments open to public or is it exclusive to hotel guests? Would we be able to take a tour around the area without having to check in to one of their hotels? Appreciate your time! Thanks & God bless!

    1. Hi there!! How are you?

      Wow thanks!!! I'm glad you liked it. We really had fun during my birthday staycation there. And you know what, WE'RE GOING TO WATCH WWE MANILA too!!! Yes! We're wrestling freaks. Ha ha ha ha! Wohoo! Roman Reigns! Hope we bump into each other there!!!

      With regards to the mall, yup it's open to everyone not just hotel guests. You could take a tour but some areas (like the gambling pits) are not allowed for kids. But still there are lots of places to go to. There are restaurants too in the mall that you could check out like Red Ginger, Apu, Erwin's Gastrobar, Noodl8, Cafe Societ, etc etc.

      Do have fun! Hope our answer helped. God bless too! Have a great time!



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