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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


On a Friday night, we met up with one of our new favorite foodie couple Albert and Suet for some Thai food. 

"New favorite foodie couple" you wonder? Well you would put them up your list as well especially if they made you a SUSHI CAKE for your BIRTHDAY! Ha ha ha ha! Sorry, I'm such a pathetic "food-weathered friend" I know! H aha ha!

Anyway, we remembered that we had such a gastronomic night in the now closed Thai Bistro in Robinson's Magnolia (SEE HERE) that when Chef Cecille Chang reopened the doors of her wonderful Thai food creations via SILK ROAD, we knew that was the next place for us to be.

Of course, besides indulging in our usual SILK ROAD THAI BISTRO favorites, we were also there to ogle at the ultra hot Chef Cecille! He he he he!


Like I said, it was a Friday night and I know that come 10:00pm, SILK ROAD will have cocktails then dancing music by their dj.

YEAAAH get the party started!!! 

UNTIL AFTER we have eaten of course! He he he he!

Take note that you get some of SILK ROAD special cocktails for a buy 1 get 1 deal!!

Initially I was concerned because we had little master Mati with us. But then I remembered Chef Cecille's assurance the first time we ate in SILK ROAD (SEE HERE!!!) that it will still be a great place to hang out in (read: not rowdy) even after 10:00pm that I was confident dear Mati could still fit right in. 


Suet and Albert!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with master Mati!

By the way, the reason why my first born joined us in SILK ROAD was because after reading my blog entry on my first visit with KTG (SEE HERE!!!!) he said that the next time we ate there, he will go with us.

He's such a foodie! My son!!! Sniff! Sniff!

First priority for our order was SILK ROAD's Thai Ravioli (P330.00) since it was our favorite in Thai Bistro!

Yes it was still delicious as we remembered it to be with the soft beef chunks and fresh herbs... We really love this SILK ROAD specialty!

I saw in other blogs how they enjoyed this seafood dish so we also got SILK ROAD's Moules Thai (P320.00). 

I remembered how my Mati loved seafood so much especially in coconut milk so it's no wonder that he ate most the mussels in this SILK ROAD appetizer! 

That creamy broth was such a winner too! I loved spooning it over my rice!!! It was so perfect with the mild taste of the mussels!

My husband was in the mood for some more seafood that he also ordered the SILK ROAD Crispy Tilapia (P450.00)!

After they got all of these SILK ROAD Tilapia fillets, I was left with the bones. I didn't mind because I actually love nitpicking the fat and the crispy, salty morsels of fried fish!


Albert ordered the SILK ROAD Satay Duo (P285.00) which was a combination of Chicken and Pork barbecues served on a unique "grill box". 

Even without the usual peanut sauce, this SILK ROAD sate was very flavorful and marinated with all the right nummy spices!

We also got the SILK ROAD Kha, or fillet in sweet ginger sauce (P295.00), and liked the crispy on the outside yet juicy on the inside fish! 

Of course when in a Thai restaurant, I would never fail to order my favorite bagoong rice, and SILK ROAD's Khao Kluk Kapi (P315.00) was such a delight!

When I arrived though nobody mixed the toppings with the bagoong rice so I guess I was left to do the delicious honor! He he he he!

My plate! My wonderful SILK ROAD plate!!! 

I think I had 2 or 3 servings of what you see here!

Almost done with our long table filled with SILK ROAD food!

Of course, Thai food is not complete without some Thai milk tea (P130.00)! It truly toned down the strong flavors of the dishes we ordered and gave everything a delicious creamy finish! 

Oops, let me correct myself, the ultra hottie Chef Cecille dropping by to check on us and to chat was THE delicious finish to our wonderful meal!!!!

As our way of saying thank you to the epic Sushi Cake for my birthday (SEE HERE), we treated dear Suet and Albert to our delightful dinner at SILK ROAD!!!

So when is the next SUSHI CAKE... este... meet up? 

He he he he!


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4th Avenue corner 31st St., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
+63 923 421-8294 / 02-824-1678

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