Monday, September 15, 2014


Before our trip to the US, I downplayed our excitement by joking that THE YAPPY BUNCH will be having a very long trip to Subic, a popular tourist spot in the Philippines. When finally my ex-Facebook friends ("ex" because they have blocked me since then) figured out that we were really in Las Vegas, quite a number suggested that we try out HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH.  The restaurant was actually a very popular seafood joint that served its entrees piping hot in plastic bags that you enjoy on the table (no plates!) and using your bare hands. Yes, it is very similar to California favorite BOILING CRAB or KICKIN KASIAN but of course, HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH had its own unique flavors that qualified for a family pig-out session.

We definitely had an over the top and delicious lunch with the family at HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH. Unfortunately though, I lost a lost of FB friends after I posted about it in Facebook since they still thought that it was in Subic.

Ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

I'm not going to say SUCKER though.



This was actually a very late lunch for us (like 3:00pm??) because we picked up Kuya Nap and Ate Shiela from work. I'm all for eating on time but in Las Vegas, there was no schedule to follow. 

We just eat ANYTIME!!!

It's a good thing though because my favorite cousin Kuya Nap said normally there is a long line at HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH. At least at 3:00pm, we were able to get a table, pronto.

OOH YEAH! Gimme some H n' J!!!!

HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH had interiors which I find reminiscent of a bar where everybody knows your name. There were brick walls, brown leather seats, and some neon lights to illuminate the dark look of the place. 

I almost looked for a goofy Woody Harrelson here!

HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH still had that casual vibe for diners to just kick back and enjoy buttered seafood with cold beer!

Seeing there's a lot of television sets stations everywhere, I could just imagine how wild HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH could get during NBA or NFL finals!

Yihiii! This is one of Kuya Nap and Ate Shiela's most favorite restaurants here in Las Vegas so they were also excited to eat like us!

HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH gave out plastic bibs and gloves at no extra cost! I remember that for the latter, KICKIN KASIAN charged a minimal fee for it.

There were also rolls of paper towels per table of HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH

Time to order!!! Our HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH server was Filipino and she was really quite pretty in person!





HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH menu 5... AND locations!

Yub and little Andrei!

Master Mati was a bit bummed out that HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH did not offer grilled or fried oysters. He was still deciding if he was ready to eat the raw ones.

After ordering, we washed our hands knowing that it will be oily and dirty later!

Check out Andrei wiping his wet hands on his plastic bib. Ha ha ha ha!

First on the table was a tub of HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH Etouffee ($6.99). Kuya Nap absolutely loved this!

Etouffee was similar to a tomato, onion, and eggplant stew (like ratatouille) but was much spicy with its mixed peppers. 

I don't know if an Etouffee was meant to be eaten like a soup but Kuya Nap told me to mix it with the steamed hot rice and it definitely worked for me! SARAP! OMIGERRD!

Wohoo! A pound of HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH buttered shrimps ($11.99)

Get ready to get all greasy and dirty when you peel off the shell from these plump babies!

Mati's favorite, a pound of HOT N' JUICY clams ($9.99)!

Not exactly ebony and ivory but these two lived together in perfect harmony....

IN MAH TUMMY! Bwaa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Even if he has eaten here many times, Kuya Nap was still so excited with our lunch in HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH

Well I definitely understood why after one bite of the succulent and savory shrimp: It was fall off the chair delicious that I wanted to stick my head into the plastic and cough in it so that nobody would share with me!

We also got of course their special crawfish ($10.99 per pound) which I welcomed with opened arms (or fingers).

Since Tito Albert taught me how to properly peel it in KICKIN KASIAN, I now have no trouble at eating CRAWFISH that I bet I could finish a bag in 10 minutes! HA!

Mati's love for oysters won as Kuya Nap ordered a dozen of this juicy aphrodisiac! 

Not that Mati needed it of course.

Beside the steamed white rice, we plan to eat all of that scrumptious seafood with bites of sweet corn (.75c a piece)!

Then wash it down with very cold iced tea ($2.50)!


OH YEAH! ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and peyborit cousins at HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH!!!!

Like I said, no plates allowed! You eat ON the table here!

Of course, Mati was still not used to it and used the styrofoam tub containing the rice as his "plate".

Andre however, had fun with it! Even if Yub and I would usually eat with our hands, our little lords find it gross. 


This time, the same happened for the Chinese Adonis who decided to use the plastic gloves.

Mr. Snobbi-er!

The other side happily eating.

My very messy "side". He he he he!

Almost done!

Last lady standing!

FINALLY done! 

Dear me, I was so full at this point I was going to pop -- both from the north and south side... HA HA HA HA HA!

My disgustingly messy massacre of the HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH grub.


Thank you dear Kuya Nap and Ate Shiela for the DEEEELICIOUS HOT N' JUICY CRAWFISH late lunch treat!!! So happy we finally got to eat here!!!!

Now hopefully they'll open a branch in Subic so that some of my friends will "unblock" me. He he he he!


So. There!


  1. Aaaah, parang Shrimp Bucket lang pala sa may UP Town Center...hahaha! Just kidding. Looks pretty yummy. Been planning to do a clambake at home with my bros when they come over this December.

    1. UP Town Center will also work for my "deception"... He he he he! Kidding!!! Have fun!!!!!!


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