Thursday, September 11, 2014


After watching our XMEN MOVIE , I told Kuya Nap and Ate Shiela that it will be our turn to treat them for an early dinner. It was only about 7:30pm but we were feeling a bit hungry even though we just ate some PANDA EXPRESS before the show. We also finished a bucket of pop corn (save for Kuya Nap :P) so I don't really know where this craving was coming from. 

Then I realized what it is.

It was the power of OLIVE GARDEN!

When it's time to eat at OLIVE GARDEN, it IS time to eat at OLIVE GARDEN. Your stomach will yearn for it and succumb to its power.


Maybe because in OLIVE GARDEN, whenever you're here, you're HUNGRY... este... family! :)

He he he he!


I remember the last time Mati and I were in the US, we loved our lunch at OLIVE GARDEN.

The Chinese Adonis and Andrei haven't been to OLIVE GARDEN so I was pretty excited for them. 

As much as I love them though if they get in the way of my pizza and pasta, all bets are off! 

He he he! Kidding. 

Stepping inside OLIVE GARDEN is like a visit to your family's home.... it's casual... it's relaxed... it's intimate...

... and you want to eat all of the food. He he he he!

We decided to stay at the foyer where there was nobody else in the room.

Yep! Because we plan to make a lot of noise eating and chatting.

OLIVE GARDEN menu... appetizers...

Hmmm... My eye caught this one...

OLIVE GARDEN menu... more appetizers...

OLIVE GARDEN menu... soups and salads....

As much as their veggies seem good from the menu, I think I'll pass on it. You'll see why later on.

OLIVE GARDEN menu... pizzas!

Mama Mia! Make your own pasta!

OLIVE GARDEN menu... pasta!

OLIVE GARDEN menu.... light grub!

And the rest of the OLIVE GARDEN menu!

OLIVE GARDEN's simple table setting...

Or is that a really hard egg roll? Hmmmm....

My favorite cousins Kuya Nap and his lovely wife, Ate Shiela!

He used to chase me for naptime when I was a kid. And no it's not because he wanted me to grow tall or something. It's so that he could already go out with friends!!! 

He's crazy as me! And we all love him!

My master Mati!

The Chinese Adonis and Andrei who looked like Dumbo in this pic!

OLIVE GARDEN serves eat all you can breadsticks... and wow! These are just a dream come true for a carb addict like me!

These OLIVE GARDEN babies were served very warm and slathered with flavorful butter. When I took a huge bite from it, the bread was delightfully chewy but had that slight crunch from the crust. 


I think I'll stuff my face with 2 more of this!

Another favorite in OLIVE GARDEN is their complimentary garden salad that is also refillable till you have leaves sprouting from your ears!

The veggies were coated with a light tangy vinaigrette but was so severely covered with parmesan cheese, it was crazy!

I gave it a good mix to have everything in one scoop!

My OLIVE GARDEN starter plate! I think I asked for more cheese!

Kuya Nap gives out such a laugh at his joke. I forgot what. I'm not sure if Ate Shiela heard it before or is thinking "Should I fake a laugh?". He he he he!

Kidding! My cousin is always the life of a party. It's always fun with him around.

We ordered the OLIVE GARDEN Create Your Own Sample (3 choices at $12.79).

We got the OLIVE GARDEN chicken fingers, fried raviolis, and calamari.

Mati loved the calamari and helped himself to a lot of the OLIVE GARDEN appetizer. It's okay because the platter was already enough for all of us!

Besides, I was still munching on my salad!

Little Andrei asked for extra cheese and dipped his fried calamari there.

OLIVE GARDEN Create Your Own Pizza (4 toppings at $13.99)

We could add 4 toppings on our OLIVE GARDEN pizza and guess what we chose?

2 servings of pepperoni and 2 servings of sausage!

Yeah! Because we could never have enough pepperoni and sausage! He he he he!

OLIVE GARDEN Seafood Alfredo ($17.99) was creamy and oozing with savory flavors.

Not to mention you'll get a lot of perfectly cooked seafood for every forkful! 

The boys shared an order of OLIVE GARDEN Macaroni and Cheese ($5.49). Servings were more quite big so it was more than enough for the little lords.


Why am I still with the appetizers?? Move on Jaz! He he he he!

Gooey OLIVE GARDEN pizza!


Andrei cannot have enough cheese!

I finally helped myself to some OLIVE GARDEN pasta and added some chili flakes on it.

Top mirror shot!

Now where have I seen this before? Hmmm... Think... Think...


We had a lot of food to go since we were all so full already.


Hmmm.... My "good night" snack for later.


Along with the bill, OLIVE GARDEN gave us complimentary chocolate mints that I heard were nummy yummy. I didn't get a taste of it since Andrei zoinked my share. He he he he!

Always a great time at OLIVE GARDEN! Not only do we get our money's worth we also feel so at home to pig out!

Now hopefully, that was a beautiful sight to the other diners. He he he he!



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