Thursday, September 25, 2014


I was looking through my old photos and saw that on Christmas day after buying last minute gifts and ingredients for our noche buena, we were able to squeeze in a visit at KONBINI STORE TOKYO MARKET in Connecticut Greenhills. I know I should be ignoring this since it was an old entry and all but I remember that the reason why we ate there was because I had a craving so bad for some Japanese noodles. To think that this was about 3 years ago and popular Ramen hubs such as Ramen Nagi, Ippudo, Ikkoryu Fukuoka, Tampopo, Wrong Ramen, Mitsuyado Sei Men, etc, etc,  have not yet reached our shores. I would have loved to go to the popular Ukokkei Ramen Ron and Yushoken but they were just too far from our "mad rush" before Christmas.  So in the end, we would all have to settle for what they were brewing in KONBINI STORE.

You know what? From that first sip of KONBINI RAMEN I was already very happy with its uncomplicated flavors. Remember it was during a time when lining up for an hour just to get a hot bowl of Ramen was not yet in existence. Sometimes, in our crazy hankering to get a taste of what's popular or sought after by other foodies, we tend to forget that there are other "little-stores-that-could".

And believe me, that store in Connecticut Greenhills could whip up a delicious piping hot bowl of Ramen!!! 


Wow! This was also during a time when THAT dress still fit!

And look what greeted us by the entrance! The KONBINI STORE menu for Ramen!

Wow! It was meant to be!

My cutie patootie model!

KONBINI STORE also sells different Japanese goods.

I could just imagine how Anime fans could go crazy over the KONBINI STORE selections!

It was a full house for diners in KONBINI STORE so the kindly attendant sat us first by their counters. 

Even if the KONBINI STORE counter was a fun change from our usual table and chairs set up, I was very concerned that the boys will fall on their backs with the high stools so I asked to transfer at the next available table.

Actually this goes out to my little guy Andrei who is very curious and loved going around. 

Here he is fascinated with the Christmas decorations and lights wrapped around a bamboo.

Me and my main boy Mati (Andrei is my main baby... he he he!)!!!

If you see him now, he is so big and cuddly like an adorable teddy bear!

KONBINI STORE condiments.

I think I have said many times how my husband detested Ramen and would only accompany me on my favorite Japanese noodle houses because I would drag him kicking and screaming. 

So it's really no wonder that in KONBINI STORE he ordered the 6 piece Ebi Tempura (P380.00) to share between him and Andrei. The 2 loved tempura and enjoyed the fat pieces with crunchy breading.

My baby Andrei is really a Daddy's boy. He insisted on sitting beside the Chinese Adonis that time. 

Mati wanted to try something different from his usual Shoyu Ramen so he ordered the KONBINI STORE ramen with miso broth (P210.00).

My little man did not eat veggies yet during that time and asked for the toppings to be served on the side.

As much as I loved the KONBINI STORE food, I was a tad disappointed that they did not have tamago and instead gave us an ordinary hard boiled egg for our noodles.

Of course, they didn't really specify tamago egg in the menu!

Like me, Mati loved spicy food so he added a bit of chili powder in his ramen!

My order! KONBINI STORE's Tonkotsu Ramen at P240.00!!

The soup of the KONBINI STORE ramen was milky and had less fat than what we have now in the other popular ramen houses. Overall it was still a very enjoyable bowl of hot soup with noodles! The price was a plus factor too!!!!

My KONBINI STORE noodles may be plain compared to the other Ramen heavyweights out there but I remember having a very appetizing and delicious meal at that time. I guess this would be a fine option just in case I get tired from the ultra rich broth of my usual favorites. 

Me and my happy boys!!!!!

As we were taking pictures, Andrei requested me to take a shot of his Krispy Kreme tattoo from our breakfast earlier. 

I remember that I love biting his chin back then. Nakakagigil!!!!

I still actually love doing it up to now but Andrei hated it!

I'm almost donesincan

Somebody acted sleepy because he did not want to finish his food anymore. 

Oh Andrei! Why do you still do that up to now??


Looking at these pictures I regret to have forgotten about KONBINI STORE when we had a simple but wonderful meal there. Of course, I know that I would still be going for the mainstream Ramen that has made the dish very fashionable in the Philippines right now. Heck to be honest, I wouldn't mind lining up, but only for 20 minutes, to have a taste of that uber flavored broth. But of course, there is always that comforting thought that when at times I just want to have something simple, plain, but still warmly soothing, my family and I could always count on KONBINI STORE TOKYO MARKET.

I think it's high time for us to make a return!


57 Connecticut St
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 722-4263

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