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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


On one particular Fridate, the Chinese Adonis did his usual routine of picking me up from work and doing that habitual question which he has asked more than "Will you marry me..."

Because for us, it's always "Where do you want to eat?"

Usually every Friday the regular contenders were Causeway Seafood and Restaurant, Yabu, and now since I'm very addicted to noodles, we would always go for Ramen Nagi.  But for that Friday, I was stumped. I don't know. Blame it on old age or me discovering that I just gained another 6lbs because I suddenly lost all the will to decide where to go for dinner.

Now looking closely at the Chinese Adonis, he suddenly got all excited. You would THINK that he'll get worried seeing his wife not having the appetite to eat. But NOOOOH. He was so ecstatic that finally we're not going to have another dinner at Ramen Nagi that immediately he blurted out what he has been craving for in a loooong time.


Now don't get me wrong, I am a bit curious of KRAZY GARLIK but we haven't eaten there yet because, well, they don't have Ramen (tee hee)! So this time my sudden lack of interest in choosing where to eat was my husband's gain. And I'm glad Yub got his way tonight because KRAZY GARLIK was mighty good.

PLUS, it cured me from my mood swings that Friday because garlic does that to "special beings" right? Tee hee!


KRAZY GARLIK is located at the second floor of the new wing of Promenade in Greenhills. 

I find the interiors of KRAZY GARLIK have that fairy tale feel to it especially with the cartoon murals on the walls. 

It certainly brightened up the place don't you think?

Instead of just ordinary light bulbs, guess what KRAZY GARLIK used for their ceiling? 

Maybe THIS was the reason behind that.

I won't have trouble dreaming of garlic though since my husband's breath would certainly reek of it tonight. 

We wanted to sit by the wall and this was the last booth available in KRAZY GARLIK. I was surprised that my husband did not sit in front of the telly even when a basketball game was on.

I don't blame him because he gets to sit in front of THIS anyway: the face of roses and sunshine....  Bwa ha ha ha!

Kidding. I'm just hungry.

The very handsome Chinese Adonis and his glass of cold water.

Which he gulped down in a second. 

As for me, my BISTRO CARD gave me a free serving of iced tea. So yey!

I ordered KRAZY GARLIK's Spinach and Cream Cheese Triangles (P245.00) so that I'd have something to munch on while waiting for our main grub.

This KRAZY GARLIK appetizer came with a marinara dipping sauce which combated the creaminess of their filling.

This was good! If this had garlic in it, I certainly did not taste it. I liked the flavors of the spinach with the mild cream cheese. The fried wrapping gave the whole bite a certain crunch too!

Yub ordered KRAZY GARLIK's 40 clove Chicken to share (P450.00). 

One order was certainly good for 3 people! We have to take home the last piece because we were too full already.

I asked for an extra serving of gravy because I love my dishes to be extra saucy always. 

If Yub was born in Pampanga City, I could have sworn that Aling Lucing (the inventor of sisig) was his real mother. He LOVES SISIG so much! Everytime we're in a Filipino restaurant and he sees it on the menu, he would order it. Sometimes he would even get sneaky and just order it in secret. Then when it's on the table he'd be like... "Huh? Wha??"

Anyway, so it's no brainer that we had sisig that night in KRAZY GARLIK. It's a good thing that they make delicious sisig otherwise I would have gained all that garlic and pork breath for nothing. He he he he!

For carbs my husband ordered plain rice....

... while I had my usual garlic rice. 

I don't like it when they sprinkle fried garlic on top of the rice because sometimes those small garlic nuggets get lodged in the crevices of my false teeth... este REAL teeth. Now as much as I love garlic, I don't like having the taste of it all day (even after brushing!).


My plate! My fat and garlic filled plate!

My husband got down and busy with his food. He wouldn't even look up from it.

Maybe because THIS was staring at him. 

Ha ha ha ha! 

DONE! With some leftovers for take out!


I read somewhere that garlic is a natural aphrodisiac. Now let's see the intensity of our sexy time if I swallow 3 more garlic cloves then forget to brush and use mouth wash later on.


2nd Level, New Wing, Promenade, 
Greenhills Shopping Center, 
San Juan City
02 6503733

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