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Thursday, September 11, 2014


I was not really planning on including this in our silly little foodie blog but the Chinese Adonis said it was still something we did during our trip so it was best to record it in our "online diary".  Besides, there could be other people out there who love watching movies so much that they are also curious as to how theaters are in the western side.

And that would be only YOU and ME.

Naks! I guess if you DO read this entry, it means we are somehow kindred spirits. UUUUY! Just kindred spirits. Don't get your hopes up or anything. (#hottieproblems) 


And that's what you call menopause.... Or second childhood... Or mental instability. 

Tee hee!


Fast forward photo
One of the movies we were all raring to watch since the franchise started was X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.  By some stroke of whatever luck (good or bad) it started showing days before our departure right when we just got back from California.  It may seem silly to forego a sight seeing trip in and about Las Vegas (again) but the Chinese Adonis and I thought the kids might have fun watching a movie in the US.

Yes, we are a family who loves to watch movies. The whole experience of going to the theater and cuddling around while eating buttered popcorn is so fun for us.

So you could just imagine how thrilled we were at the thought of watching our much awaited movie with the kids in a different setting!

Good thing my cousins also loved the X-MEN series and agreed to watch with us. See? It was meant to be!

After our MCDONALD'S BREAKFAST, we went to Galaxy Theatre near Henderson to watch XMEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. 

My cousins said it would be fun to watch the movie here since they have LA-Z boys for each person. There was only about 20 seats available per showing so we were hoping to get a slot.


Unfortunately since it was only the 4th day of showing of XMEN, the only seats available were at the front row. 

Oh drats! We have to go to another movie theater then.

Hmmm... I have a feeling that SOMETHING is copying us. Ha ha ha ha!

Grabbed from wikipedia

We ended up driving to SUNSET STATION, one of the top favorites of Las Vegas locals. We used to go here a lot when my cousin was still living in Henderson. We loved that it was not so crowded here and the food at the buffet was awesome.

Oh and here's one more reason why we love going here in Sunset Station... He he he he!

Do you see a Clark Gable there anywhere?

I don't either.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding Kuya Nap!

Wow Kuya Nap! It's like you won just.... today? He he he! You look younger in the picture though. 

Now... Time to line up for tickets!

Wait... what line? Is XMEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST even showing here?

Yup! That's how it was in this cinema. To think that the blockbuster movie was only on it's 3rd day of showing. 

At that time I was even concerned that XMEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST might have bombed at ticket selling. 

Here are the other movies also showing at the same time as XMEN.

Ticket prices were:
Matinee (Mon-Friday before 6:00pm) $8.50
Matinee (Saturday, Sundays, and Holidays before 4:00pm) $8.50
Adults (Monday - Thursday) $11.00
Adults (Friday - Sunday) $11.95
Seniors (60 and up) and Kiddies (3-11) $8.00

Yahoo! We got our tickets! But since we were too early for the next screening, we took the kiddies first to SUNSET ARCADE.

The prizes there are similar to what we have in Tom's World.

The games too!

Oh how funny it would be if that ball accidentally hits Yub while he's posing like that. Kidding!

Andrei saw his favorite basketball game.

Go Andrei!

While the boys were playing near us, Yub and I snuck inside this photobooth and took our own pictures.

Love the lighting here!

This one was too dark.

Ooops! Somebody saw us!!!!

This was was too bright. 

He he he he!

We still got an hour before the movie started so I thought of  treating the boys to some PANDA EXPRESS, their favorite while we were in Las Vegas.

Yummm! Orange Chicken at its finest!

The lookalikes! He he he he!

While I was fixing their bag, somebody swiped the camera and took pictures. I just saw this when we got home and reviewed our shots.

I love it when the little lords shriek with laughter when they play with each other.

Andrei by the way lost his two front teeth in US.

Check out Mati picking his nose at the back. 

And finally!!!!

Yep! Our traditional movie poster picture!

In Regal Cinema of Sunset Station, you only surrender your ticket at the entrance. 

When you get inside, the doors are open for all of the movies showing that day.

Some would be sneaky and watch different films all in one day just by switching to the next theater.

We-ll.... that wasn't us for that day! He he he he! 

We just got a big bucket of buttered popcorn to share!

Inside the Regal Cinema of Sunset station!

It was only the 4th day of showing of XMEN but look at all the available seats. We almost got the movie theater to ourselves!!!!

If I didn't got word a week after that XMEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST raked in millions, I would've really thought the movie was a flop!

I didn't worry about that for now though.

Yohooo! We're all excited to finally see this phenomenal XMEN movie!!!

Yub was so happy. Check out HIS leg room!

Regal Cinema also provided free use of booster chairs for the little lord.

Andrei was very comfortable with it!

Waiting for the movie to start.

I only bought one bucket of buttered popcorn because we were still full from PANDA EXPRESS.

There was even a point where nobody wanted the popcorn anymore so me and the Chinese Adonis forced ourselves to finish it.

Imagine our laugh when nearing the end of the movie, Kuya Nap asked for some popcorn and reached in to an empty bucket! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

The other theater goers wondered what was so funny.

Poor Kuya Nap, no more popcorn! Ha ha ha ha!

Overall we all enjoyed our XMEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST date because even if it was only the 4th day of showing there was no hustle since they had enough cinemas featuring the movie. My boys were so surprised that we got the theater to ourselves when we were supposed to be watching a major film. It was also a relief too that nobody was using their cellphones (my pet peeve) during the movie.  

Hopefully, the next time we're in the US, we'll watch another movie again. It'll be our tradition! He he he he!

Same goes with that ONE bucket of popcorn! HA HA HA HA HA!

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