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Monday, September 1, 2014


While we were in the US for summer, my husband was on the verge of tears as he craved to eat an all meat sandwich with layers upon layers of beef. He always saw those thick "man-wiches" on television but was getting frustrated that he can't find what he was looking for after 2 weeks.

Finally while we were en route to Las Vegas, we saw that there was an ARBY'S restaurant during our stopover. I had this before and recommended it to my husband if he would like to try it. He was actually unfamiliar with ARBY'S but I told him that they served the type of sandwiches that he'll love. So even if he really wanted to eat at Panda Express to have his favorite orange chicken, he agreed for a quick bite at ARBY'S.

When it was over and done, let's just say my ears got painful hearing him rave over and over again how delicious his beef sandwich was.  It was ALMOST one of those times when I wanted to say "I told you so" but I'll just play the model wife  this once and keep quiet. He he he he he!

Besides, it was not really a "heroic" deed for me since I also wanted to have a big beefy bite at ARBY'S! 


ARBY'S was founded on 1964 and is actually the second largest quick service sandwich chain in the US!

Right now they still haven't reached the shores of Asia (curses!!!!). But here's hoping they reconsider and open up a branch in our wonderful country VERY soon!

Time to order!

We want some ARBY'S beef!!!

Grabbed from 

ARBY'S MENU one... 

Grabbed from 


Grabbed from 

ARBY'S menu 3... 

It was going to be Memorial day soon hence the flag!

We were at ARBY'S at around 3:00pm so we got the place almost to ourselves. He he he he he!

ARBY'S Onion Rings ($1.99)

ARBY'S Curly Fries (small $1.69) were similar to what they have in Mcdonalds.

We ordered ARBY'S Chicken Tenders kiddie meal for Andre ($3.99). 

The ARBY'S Kiddie meal came with a choice of curly fries or apple sauce plus a drink!

Although the ARBY'S chicken WAS tender, Andrei found it a bit spicy and just munched on the curly fries that came with it. 

He liked the ARBY'S mozzarella sticks more (small $2.89).

This was served ultra hot and gooey! The boys and the sexy adults (that's us) loved it!

Case in point....

My Chinese Adonis, the meat lover that he is, predictably ordered the ARBY'S Classic Beef and Cheddar Cheese ($6.49 for the combo).

Does it look like a sorry piece of sandwich? 

Not really.... 

When my husband cut it in half there were several layers of thinly cut beef and gooey cheddar cheese.

Not a vegetable in sight! Just the way my husband likes it!

Hmmm... I'm not really doubting the masculinity of my Chinese Adonis because BELIEVE ME he could be macho in MANY ways (winkity wink), but I cannot take that he sliced and diced his ARBY'S sandwich!

WHAT THE...???

Good thing his pinky wasn't sticking out. Ha ha ha ha!

As for me, I ordered the ARBY'S Reuben Sandwich combo ($7.09)

My ARBY'S sandwich had so many slivers of tasty corned meat which were doused with creamy cheese and crunchy sauerkraut!

I could only manage half of the sandwich. I took home the other half for laterzz! He he he he!

To make the ARBY'S Reuben more enjoyable, I added several squirts of horseradish cream which was free at their condiments section.

Finally finished at ARBY'S!! Awww look at my little happy diner!

And finally we're back!


Mati was busy playing with his new Lego toy.

While Andrei was still finishing up his ARBY'S Chicken Tenders!

Oh Andrei! I thought you were already done!  He he he he!

Let's EAT!

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