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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I normally do not make plans during Sundays with friends because we always spend our weekend lunch with family. But then Jojie, our NFFAF friend (that's New Found Fogi and Fretty for you), was celebrating his birthday and invited to treat the whole group for brunch. Everyone was available only on a Sunday so that meant I had to send my regrets to my loving family and promised we will just join them next Sunday.

My Mom (with celebratory howls and party music in the background) : Oh that's too bad... But if you're not available next Sunday it's okay too.....

What the...???

Just kidding! He he he he!

So after mass we headed straight to RUSTIC MORNINGS BY ISABELO which seemed like a thousand miles from where we lived. Good thing I remember that the food is something worth travelling far for from my last brunch there with my high school friend so I was not fretting too much.

And again it was another great time with my BP Group made extra special by the delicious food and of course the celebration for birthday boy Jojie! As usual we did not have enough time taking pictures and sharing stories that we were already thinking of another day to meet up.

Check out another crazy meet up with my friends our families this time at RUSTIC MORNINGS BY ISABELO!



RUSTIC MORNINGS is a gem hidden from the busy streets of Marikina City.  

When you get inside you will be greeted by trees upon trees that give the place a tranquil and serene vibe to it.

Hello there lady who's making "muni-muni!"

RUSTIC MORNINGS has many tables in the al fresco area for those who want to drink all of this beauty in.

As their name suggested, the surroundings of the restaurant had that rustic and simple design that you would think they got some of their furniture from various garage sales.  It's fine because the look worked for me! It definitely added more charm to the place!

This is where the RUSTIC MORNINGS servers place their orders and get the bill.

Wow! I didn't know that!

All 5 families were at RUSTIC MORNINGS on the dot at 11:00am in order to secure a table for brunch. Unfortunately, a lot of other families thought of the same thing.

Such a shame (for us) that they didn't take reservations.

RUSTIC MORNINGS gave us a round table so we immediately gave that to the kids so they could eat asap. 

We had a very pleasant server named Leilanie who took care of us at RUSTIC MORNINGS. She was very patient with all the chaos that our 5 families bombarded her with. He he he he!

We decided to order in advance for the kids so they could eat promptly at RUSTIC MORNINGS.

While waiting for our food, we did what we would usually do...


Here are the BP Group Mommies!

And here are the BP Group Daddies!

I'm so happy that even our kiddies are friends!

Here are Mati and usual playmate Johans!

BFF's Dani and Tiana!

Little Jelo and Andrei!


After 30 minutes, the food was not served yet... So what are we to do to calm our hunger?


Our very own John Lloyd and Drew Barrymore, Jonas and Ann!

Our NFFAF friends pretty Gem and birthday boy Jojie!

Chinese Adonis PHOTOBOMBER!

The always photogenic Chel and Abel!

The ultra hot momma who looks like Patricia Javier, Mareng Gail of GLOG!

AND of course, me and the Chinese Adonis who seem to have a "singaw" on his lip!

The ladies....

... and the boys!

EGAD! It's been already an HOUR AND A HALF since we ordered! What gives RUSTIC MORNINGS? Good thing my boys had donuts but what about the others? Everybody's hungry! Even our appetizer hasn't arrived yet.

Good thing that our server was very nice and apologetic but come on... How long will we last? If we weren't passing the time with gossip, pictures, and what have yous, we would have been monsters already. With an hour and half wait? We have a right to do so. But we were still very patient and waited. 

The first to arrive was my RUSTIC MORNINGS Caesar's Salad (P180.00). Oh well... To think that I requested this about 20 minutes after the initial orders.

Good thing that the RUSTIC MORNINGS salad had the right flavors of what I love in my greens so all is forgiven. 

I think I even declared to everybody while chomping  that "It's a good thing I ordered the salad" in a "I told you so" tone even if nobody really contradicted me. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yes Mareng Gail and the others also had salad because we were all so hungry!

Hello photobomber Tobey! He he he he!


Afterwards, our orders FINALLY came one after the other. I just forgot who had this and that because we all got busy feeding the kids and ourselves! He he he he!

RUSTIC MORNINGS Tocilog (P155.00). Servings were enough for sharing but we were all so famished that we were able to lick our plates clean. PLUS their dishes were very nummy wummy too!

I had some of this delicious breakfast favorite too and I remember getting almost everyone's tomato and onion salsa. It was so perfect with the sweet tocino and flavorful rice! 

RUSTIC MORNINGS 3 Mushroom Omelette (P250.00) came with grilled ciabatta bread plus butter and jam!

Somebody had the RUSTIC MORNINGS Crispy Tawilis (P145.00) and it tasted as great as it looked!

Abel had the RUSTIC MORNINGS Country Omelette (P220.00) with cubed ham and grilled vegetables.

A lot of the guys ordered the RUSTIC MORNINGS Tapsilog (P280.00) because they wanted meat!

Yes, this got the 3 thumb's up from our pogi boys!

Yes. I said "pogi" (handsome) because LOVE YOUR OWN!

Blech! He he he he!

RUSTIC MORNINGS Bacon, Eggs, and Hashbrowns (P360.00)!

Adorable siblings Fritz and Jeorgina had the RUSTIC MORNINGS 2 piece buttermilk pancakes (P180.00)  plus some of the bacon and eggs. They seem to be very happy with their food and quietly munched on their breakfast grub. 

I know the food looks good but may I also say THIS picture is cuteness overload??

Dear Gem ordered the RUSTIC MORNINGS All Cheese Pizza (P350.00) for the kids just in case they weren't happy with their orders.

This was VERY cheesy!

Well, Mati loved his tocilog but still ate a piece or 2 of this very gooey pizza so I guess that meant this was mucho yum-o with them. 

RUSTIC MORNINGS Pork Longganisa (P180.00)!

RUSTIC MORNINGS Corned Beef (P215.00) was very meaty and juicy.

I think I had some of this too! Ha ha ha ha!

RUSTIC MORNINGS Waffle in plain and churros flavor (P215.00). I wasn't able to try this.

Yey! Thanks Tito Jojie for also checking on the kiddies!!!

Thank you too Tito Jojie for letting Andrei order a chocolate milkshake (P196.00).

He loved sipping the very creamy chocolate drink with his RUSTIC MORNINGS tocilog.

YEY! Finally EVERYONE was served food and eating!

This got me so happy that I posed for the camera in full "kodak emotion". Does it look good on me or do I come off as somebody you would like to block on FB.... more? 

All is forgiven with the delicious food at RUSTIC MORNINGS!

Mareng Chel ordered a RUSTIC MORNINGS Frozen Brazo de Mercedes (P150.00) for the birthday boy.


The kids all sang a noisy Happy Birthday song to him!

Happy 20th birthday!


I'm so bummed that this was blurry but it's a lovely shot of this beautiful family!

Ha ha ha ha! Jojie I think you need to pucker more!

Thank you so much for the friendship Team Navarro!! ERICJAZ FOODIES are so blessed to know you. We love your family!!!

The boys are done eating.... 

The girls are finished with their RUSTIC MORNINGS meal as well.

Of course, we're not done chatting. Ha ha ha ha!

Good thing the kiddies were also playing that they didn't mind the mommies chatting up a storm! Ha ha ha ha!


We were supposed to go someplace else for coffee and dessert but we were having such a fun time already exchanging tales about our hotness (sorry it's my blog anyway) that we just stayed in RUSTIC MORNINGS!

RUSTIC MORNINGS Frozen Brazo de Mercedes... 

Somebody's capuccino!

RUSTIC MORNINGS Lava Cake ala mode... 

I requested my ice cream to be served on the side of my RUSTIC MORNINGS lava cake. 

This was good but I had better. 

But! Nothing that a good cup of coffee would cure! He he he he!

Later on little Andrei gave me a sweet hug asking if we could go already. He wanted to see the car show we passed by earlier.


Thank you so much mareng Gem for the delicious treat!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords at RUSTIC MORNINGS!

When it was time to go home, I thought that these ladies were also like family to us. So I guess we have people on reserve to meet with on Sundays just in case MY family kicks us out. H ah aha ha!

Not that they ever would though because we're so lovable.

And no I'm not still hungry!

So. There.

#11 Isabelo Mendoza St. 
San Roque , 1801 Marikina City
(02) 510 6914

After RUSTIC MORNINGS, little Andrei and Mati got their wish and saw the car show. Yey! Everybody happy on a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Wow! Food cost is OK but as with other restaurants they make a killing with the drinks.


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