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Monday, September 29, 2014


It may not look like it (since I could come off as a gremlin) but I love helping out in anyway that I can. And at the risk of sounding like a boisterous cutie pie (there you go), I make sure that when I "be of assistance", I would do more than what is expected of me and say a lot of "If you wants". If it sounds like I'm tooting my own horn, I apologize. But I'm really going for asking other people to do the same with their neighbors... He he he he! Wouldn't that be a lovely world to live in if we just do what we can for each other and not ask for anything in return?

Unless of course, the person asking a favor is Benedict Cumberbatch, with that all bets are off because I may be asking for a kiss or two in return! Har de har har!

Oooh... Yeah... the game is ON....

Anywho, I really had our Saturday planned out for quite some time as we have the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST (blog coming soon) in the morning and a night out with the Chinese Adonis' friends later on. But then, Kathi of Mucking Around Manila wanted to invite mareng Gail and her husband for brunch at CRISP that I got so hyper! I was so happy that my good friend was invited to her first official blog event and that she'll get to experience the fun I've always had with my KTG blogger friends! With that, the Chinese Adonis and I fixed our itinerary for the day (aka "not having siesta anymore") in support of Team Campo.

And wow! Once we saw all that CRISP ON 28TH food, I have forgotten why we were really there. I know we were supposed to support and help out Mareng Gail with her new blog called GLOG but one bite out of that fresh salad made me forget all about our friendship!

I think I was so tempted to get it all for myself even before she could take a picture of it! Ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

Seriously though, the Chinese Adonis and I were so happy that our intention to be supportive led to a very enjoyable gastronomic lunch! We now have a new venue to recommend to our friends and family!  So I guess, no good deed goes unrewarded! 

And what a delicious prize that was!


CRISP ON 28TH is located at the Alveo building where ACTIVEFUN is.  At least while the kids are playing, you have a very easy breezy cafe to hang out in. You could park in their building parking so it's no hassle.

CRISP ON 28TH had that rustic cafe look with a few hints of the Metro touch here and there.

I love the striped straw chairs of CRISP ON 28TH as it gave out that casual Parisian vibe where you could while away the time drinking coffee.

The CRISP ON 28TH table located by the window is perfect for eating and pervert... este... people watching.

I find that this quaint cafe, which seats around 50 diners, a perfect venue for power lunches, couples' date, and family getogethers. 

CRISP ON 28TH is the 5th restaurant of Chef Erwan Heussaff (others being Hatch 22, Hungry Hound, Pink Panda, and one more that I have forgotten... Sorry. Epidural effect.).  

According to the very pretty Marketing Manager Ms. Monique Monasterio, CRISP ON 28TH opened July of this year and was very popular with working people on the go. The restaurant had free wifi and takes in reservations even during weekends.   

And true to her foresight, being the "on the go" people that we are, we arrived right on the dot at CRISP ON 28TH.

A few minutes later, Kathi of MUCKING AROUND MANILA arrived with Jericho.

Yup! Punctuality RULES!

CRISP ON 28TH offered quite a refreshing selection of cool drinks, specialty cocktails, and brews!

Do take note that CRISP ON 28TH has more reasons to make beer drinkers happy: buy 1 take 1 on all local beers from 5:00pm to 8:00pm!

And what is that??? 

A jarful of iced gems? I thought its existence now was only due to urban legend. It is true and it is in CRISP ON 28TH!!

I remember when I was a kid I would eat the biscuit first then the candied "gem" later. Tee hee!

The Ice Gems comes free with every order of CRISP ON 28TH coffee. Good thing we all decided to have some drinks before ordering. 

But of course, it was not enough for us, so Jericho of TASTY PIXELS zoinked some Ice Gems on a small plate!

Somebody's cafe latte... 

Somebody's Hazelnut Cappucino....

And CRISP ON 28TH Iced Teas for all!

I know that this is only a plain bottle with cold water but why does it still look oh so chic?

Kathi checked out the chef's recommendations while Mareng Gail looked on and totally oblivious of the food to come. 

CRISP ON 28TH menu 1.... 

CRISP ON 28TH menu 2.... 

CRISP ON 28TH menu 3...

and CRISP ON 28TH menu 4.... 

CRISP ON 28TH also had a special menu featuring the week's specials. 

To have variety for the fast paced attention span of their usual "on the go" diners", they also have 2 new dishes that are ONLY offered for a specific week. 

First on the table was a full order of CRISP ON 28TH Courtyard Salad (P280.00) with additional Grilled Hangar Steak (P275.00).

Oh dear me. I hate saying this mainstream and "commercialized" expression but...


It was indeedy love at first bite for me with this superkalifragalisticespialidocious salad that had french beans, walnuts, beets, and flavored croutons.  Give it a generous dollop of the creamy country dressing that had a lot of bleu cheese flavors to it and you got yourself MY new date for nights without the hub!

He hates veggies!!!

BUT, he may zoink a piece or two of the hangar steak which truly complemented the flavorful greens. 


Another salad that got a lot of oohs and aahs from our ravenous table was the CRISP ON 28TH Chipotle Chicken Quinoa salad (P395.00 for sharing). 

This was a very close second to the Court Yard salad especially if you wanted something lighter with refreshing flavors.

If you're weirded out by the quinoa (it's organic mind you) please don't be. The texture is very similar to miniature monggo beans but with no bitter taste to it. In fact, the quinoa of this CRISP ON 28TH veggie contender absorbed the chipotle flavorings of the chicken that it will truly satisfy you on so many levels. 

I know I was... Oooh....

You know when you like a restaurant so much that you're already daydreaming about your next visit?

For little ol' pathetic me (with the big forehead), I was already imagining my CRISP ON 28TH Court Yard Salad with their Adobo Flakes Plate (P300.00).  This Filipino comfort food is a combination of shredded chicken and pork adobo, fried to a crisp (resto name!!!) over brown dirty rice!

What I loved about this hearty dish was that a small teaspoon of the rice gave out such savory adobo flavors that made me want to reach out for one more taste... and another one.

I'll definitely get THIS on my next visit here with Benedict... este... the Chinese Adonis.


If you're going to get a sandwich, try out CRISP ON 28TH's Longganisa Bahn Mi (P280.00)!

Don't be discouraged with what you may perceive as a fatty sandwich. This CRISP ON 28TH Filipino take on this vietnamese favorite is actually filled with shaved vegetables (pickled papaya, carrots, and cucumber) plus a hearty serving of side salad.

True to Chef Erwan's encouragement for healthy eating, I noticed how CRISP ON 28TH stuffed its plates with a lot of light greens to complement the hearty entrees. According to Monique, the reason why the restaurant  was named CRISP in the first place was because they wanted to stress on how their food are fresh and all natural.  

 I normally love pasta but the CRISP ON 28TH Crab and Tomato Parpadelle (P460.00) is not on the top of my list. I'm not really a fan of the fishy taste of the blue shelled crab that's why I as not too keen on this. 

I'm sure other seafood lovers might like this. The pasta WAS al dente and the vegetables were crunchy fresh. 

For those who are stuck in breakfast mode the whole day (sometimes I am), do order CRISP ON 28TH's Benny's And Greens (P380.00)! 

Freshly baked muffins topped with sous vide eggs plus chunks of bacon, and creamy hollandaise sauce CANNOT get any better.

Of course, don't forget the greens in the form of sauteed spinach!

The Chinese Adonis ordered a plate of CRISP ON 28TH big breakfast (P480.00) probably expecting something similar to what they have in Mcdonalds (so embarassing...)

The Chinese Adonis was surprised though because he expected more servings for the price. But after a few bites he raved about the very tasty spicy pork sausage and bacon.

He actually said that he will be having THIS again the next time we're here but will request to have all vegetables on the side.

Yup! Now THAT'S a man with a plan!

Jun on the other hand ordered the CRISP ON 28TH Bacon and Eggs (P290.00). This bestseller comes with a scrumptious serving of smoked bacon that had the 2 thumbs' up approval by the boys.

What made this CRISP ON 28TH breakfast so special was that you are served not just 2 sunny side up eggs BUT 2 sunny side SOUFFLE eggs! Yep it's crazy!

I appreciate their extra effort in whipping up a very light and fluffy breakfast staple. Yes it IS something to try out when you're in CRISP ON 28TH!

Another must try in CRISP ON 28TH is their Parmesan French Toast (P325.00) because it could be MY version of a lipsmacking breakfast.

I love eating eggs on my toast but this is cooked and serve on a whole new level: CRISP ON 28TH frieD up some french toast with gooey parmesan cheese then topped it off with another sous vide eggs. 

Have a bite of THAT with the sauteed mushrooms and herby greens, I betcha by golly wow you'll be raring to get up for breakfast even at an ungodly hour!

Later on CRISP ON 28TH Executive Chef Siggy Torente joined us and shared with us her daily routine and favorites from the menu. 

Same goes with the very lovely Chef Cecille of SILK ROAD THAI BISTRO! She came in full force of her fabulous self and feasted on the CRISP ON 28TH Courtyard Salad.

There was A LOT of food on our long table. I was a bit concerned if we will be able to finish it.

And you know what? Since the CRISP ON 28TH food were all SO delicious, WE DID! 

The great part was since most of their dishes had vegetables, we did not feel like we were going to throw up from being too full: Our tummies were actually very happy and did not groan one bit.

Of course, do NOT forget to leave room for CRISP ON 28TH desserts!

Do take note that they are all 50% off after 10:00pm. I doubt though if they will still have stocks left because these were seriously good!

I loved these miniature donuts (Banana Cream Cheese, Chocolate Cereal, Creme Brullee, Strawberry Cream Cheese) which were all so light, airy, and scrumptious to the bite. 

I was not able to get a taste of the CRISP ON 28TH Tres Leches Rum Cake (P150.00) since I was too busy stuffing myself with the mini-donuts.

The same goes for their Fudge Cake (P155.00). To think I'm much more of a chocolate lover!!! Anyway, Mareng Gail said the cake was very fudgy and nummy in her tummy. 

And so with that, I had another serving of CRISP ON 28TH Hazelnut Macchiatto (P95.00).

Yuh uh! Life is GOOD.

Thank you so much CRISP ON 28TH especially Ms. Monasterio and Chef Torente for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!! This was truly a perfect way to start the weekend!

ERICJAZ FOODIES and friends CRISP ON 28TH!! Thank you so much dear Kathi for inviting us along with newbies Mareng Gail and Jun! 

Would you believe that even after all that delicious food, I was still craving for more? I want MORE of that salad... More of that Adobo flakes... More of that Eggs Benedict... I just want MORE of everything!

We will surely be back here with a vengeance! And I'll bring my posse with too!!!

By the way, when you invite your loved ones to eat here, please make sure to be clear on the date. There have been many times when people misinterpret it thinking that CRISP ON THE 28TH means you'll be meeting them at CRISP on the 28th (of some month).

Just a small warning. I was a victim of it too...



G/F Alveo Corporate Center, 
28th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenue), 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
 +63 917 584-6883



  1. Tama yan, Jaz! You should really give and not ask for anything in return. Unconditional love. By the way, pwede bang umutang? hihihi...

    Are you referring to Erwan's bar called Niner Ichi Nana?

    Hi Kat!!!

    Grabe si Somebody ha! Daming nainom na kape. =)

    Juzko! Nag-salad ka pa, puro karne naman ang laman, hahahaha...

    Sige, iyo na si Benedict, akin na lang si Chinese Adonis mo! bwahahaha... (j/k)

    I loved what I ate at Crisp on 28th! and their desserts are very good! Now I want to go back there after reading your post... available ba si Yub? Bwahahaha...

    1. Hiya Noel! My officemates were wondering why I was laughing out loud by myself! Riot your comment!!!! H aha ha ha! I loveeet! Hahabaan ko din ang sagot ko sa yo!!

      1) Ha ha ha ha! Pwedeng pwede kitang pautangin of course... ng PAGMAMAHAL! I'm sure naman kasi ten folds ang balik nun coming from you. NAKS!

      2) AYUN! Thank you! Sa laki ng noo ko, I'm still very forgetful!!!!

      3) I'll tell her you said hi!

      4) Di ba??? Di marunong magshare ang SOMEBODY na yan. I hope lang hindi siya SOMEBODY that I used to love! HA HA HA HA! Kurneh.

      5) Huh? May meat ba? I didn't notice. I voluntarily ignored at kinain ko lang basta. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

      6) Ha ha ha! PWEDE! Pero pwedeng rotation naman tayo. Like they say, SHARING is CARING.

      7) It was really cool to finally meet you in the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST! O di ba, kinorner talaga kita? I see what Jane loves about you and that you have this very sincere and friendly aura of being happy! SAMA naman ako diyan! Ako photographer nyo. BWA HA HA HA! Tapos iblublurred ko. Joke

      SEE YOU SOON again Noel! Food trip minsan! Pag nagblog ka, stalker ako promise!

  2. Oh my. Reyna naman pala ng kagandahan yang mareng Gail mo na yan! Sukdulan ng prettiness itulak mo sa fashion blogging at bagay na bagay! Parang ikaw super bagay din of course. Miss you sorry I can't make it tonight. :-*

    PS: Blooming ever si sexy Chef may inspiration ba??? ;))

    1. Howmaygulay! Comments from Sugar and Spice plus Noel Q in a day??? I must be in blogger heaven! Ha ha ha ha!

      Ah yeah she's VERY pretty that's why she's my friend. I love beautiful people inside and out! Naks! Pero unfortunately, she's a MOMMY BLOGGER.... As long as hindi food blogger, I'm cool with it at baka mabaon ako sa galing niya. Her blog is GLOG by the way. Check it out Mommy Jane and she SOOOO wants to meet you!

      Yes! Ever blooming! Parang wala pa. Ha ha ha ha! But dating and dating. She's looking for you nung Sunday. Hope we could all have a getogether soon!!!!

      Sayang! Take care and get better very soon!!!!!

  3. GrAbe kinilig naman ako dun over sa over!!!!!!!!! Another greAt blog entry mare! Madame pa ako kakainin bago ko maabot itong EricJazFoodies !!!

    1. Wow mare! Ang sarap mo naman. SUKDULAN daw prettiness mo. Ako hanggang cute lang! :)

  4. Grabe quota nako ;) jane got me with sukdulan..,can she be my kumare too?! Tell her im a fan

    1. Sure kumareng Gail! <3 See you soon with my sukdulan sa sexiness friend Jaz!! :-*


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