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Monday, September 8, 2014


The Chinese Adonis and I decided that whenever we're in another country, we would always check out the MCDONALD'S there.  You may think that we sold our souls to the "commercialized gods" but really if you think about it when you visit  a country's local MCDONALD'S you would discover different foods infused with their culture!

I remember in MCDONALD'S Thailand, there was chicken curry in the menu. In MCDONALD'S Hong Kong there was spicy chicken wings. In MCDONALD'S Rome I remember having this garden salad with a dressing I cannot pronounce. Of course, I need not go far from our Motherland as MCDONALD'S Philippines have spaghetti and fried chicken.

This foodie fact was actually a realization by Samuel L. Jackson (or was it John Travolta?) in the movie Pulp Fiction. There is actually a scene where they discuss how the Big Mac has different "personas" abroad.

Anywho, when we got back to Las Vegas I asked my cousin when we could drop by MCDONALD'S to check out what they are serving this time. Their menu is regularly changing and I remember the last time I was here, they had these MCSHAKE IT Salads that was similar to what they have in PEPPER LUNCH. My little lords, who are regular patrons of MCDONALD'S (not to mention kiddie crew members) were more than happy at our dining decision this morning because dear Mati remembered how big their play area was.

So off we went to have an early deal at MCDONALD'S Henderson in Las Vegas. I wonder what they have in their menu that is unique to this specific place of the golden arches.


It was actually MEMORIAL day in the US and my cousin Ate Sheila gave us all matching T-shirts to wear in honor of it.

Hey! We all looked cute okay???

Ordering up at MCDONALD'S!

Oh yes it's a 3 man (and a half) effort. So you could just imagine how confusing it was for the MCDONALD'S server. Ha ha ha! He was still very nice though.

The MCDONALD'S branch in Henderson, Las Vegas was all about space. If I wanted to, I could do cartwheels and dance the tango here!

Diners could choose and get their own drinks at the MCDONALD'S dispenser.

I remember Burger King having the same set up in the Philippines before but they discontinued the "drink all you can" counter when some diners got so abusive in getting their beverages.

The MCDONALD'S trash can is also different from what we have in the Philippines.

Besides the food, we also went to MCDONALD'S Henderson so that the kids could go at it in their play area. 

MCDONALD'S play area!

Mati can't wait to start eating so he could run to the MCDONALD'S play area. He remembered the fun he had the last time he was here.

This was larger compared to what we have in fast food chains here but I do remember it to be bigger the last time I was in this MCDONALD'S branch.

The play area was so big that it took up the whole room and occupied this place where we sat ourselves.  So sad that they cut it in half now.

 I hope they will not do what JOLLIBEE did in the Philippines where little by little they eased out their indoor playgrounds in place of the coffee shops. 


We told the little lords that they could only start playing when they are already finished with their breakfast. I never saw them eat so fast! Ha ha ha ha!

Mati and Andrei!

My cousin Kuya Nap and his wife Ate Shiela!

Aba Kuya Nap! You still got DA MOVES!

And here's what we ate...

Somebody had the popular MCDONALD'S Sausage Mcmuffin with egg. I just forgot who.

I remember before from our Hoover Dam trip we bought some MCDONALD'S Big Breakfast packs for take out. The servings were actually more than what we have here especially with the fat biscuits and triple pancakes.

So I got THAT and as soon as it landed on the table, Mati zoinked the scrambled eggs and biscuit. Grrrr!

I love MCDONALD'S pancakes! I find it to be fluffier and creamy than what the Bee serves. 

Little Andrei agrees with me and asked for more pancakes!

My juicy MCDONALD'S country sausage!

Each MCDONALD'S Big Breakfast platter also comes with hash browns! YUM!

And coffee! Now THAT'S a tall glass!

My husband ordered the MCDONALD'S Sausage Mcgriddles which I don't think is available in the Philippines yet.

The MCDONALD'S Sausage Mcgriddles was similar to a Sausage Mcmuffin but instead of having muffin for patties, they used 2 pancakes.

My husband was so crazy about it and can't stop raving. He loved the combo of pancakes and sausage all in one bite. He was so tempted to get one more.

Truth be told, the reason why there is a MCDONALD'S Henderson blog post is because of this. The Chinese Adonis kept on saying "Yub, i-blog mo to... ang sarap!!!!"

Okaaaayyyy... Ha h aha ha ha!

My husband changed his mind about the MCDONALD'S griddles later on and just helped himself to a cone of their vanilla soft served ice cream!

I also ordered MCDONALD'S Breakfast burritos since they do not have it in the Philippines. I guess the reason why it's not yet in our local shores is because it may be too "tame" for us. The breakfast burrito is actually just scrambled eggs with cubed sausages wrapped in a tortilla. It was just okay for me. I just made it more exciting by squeezing on some hot sauce over it.

The boys had tall gulps of MCDONALD'S Orange juice that will keep them hydrated till next month. Ha ha ha ha!



YEAHHHH! Time to play!

The standard rules in MCDONALD'S paly area.

Not a problem with little Andrei!

The little lords lost no time in going inside the play area and having fun with the kiddies there. 


Could you see Andrei??

There he is!

I guess we were not the only ones guarding over Andrei. Kuya Nap noticed this little lady staring at him. As in staring daw while Andrei was playing.

Sorry! He's taken! 

By me!


So. There.

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