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Thursday, February 20, 2014


For some reason, the food gods are making it my fate to have Japanese food for many times in a row that I am already sneezing out the word "HAI... chew". I don't really mind because next to my usual flavor of the month, Japanese cuisine is always the next in line for my appetite...

I cannot live without Sushi...
I cannot live without Ramen...
I cannot live without Teppanyaki....
I cannot live without Bioman...


I just cannot live without JAPANESE FOOD let's just leave it at that...


So even if my husband and I already ate at the very popular IKKORYU FUKUOKA (see HERE!!!!) many times, we were still looking forward to dinner with our foodie family. Well for one I always believe that my tummy could never have enough ramen and second, who am I really to question my fate with the food gods?

And all I could say too is that those food gods REALLY know how to do their job!!!!



Good thing we went to IKKORYU FUKUOKA on a weekday because if it were on a date where everyone is available they would be here and lining up! Well that's what happened to us the LAST time!

Inside it was still a full house!

And people were just busy slurping on their IKKORYU FUKUOKA Ramen!

Now that would make Mr. Masanori Ogata, VERY VERY happy!

And just in case you want to know your IKKORYU FUKUOKA history, here's something from the menu.

As for me, I did not study when I was in High School so I wouldn't do so today. HA HA HA HA! Unless of course, it's the actual menu!

It's time to ORDER UP!

Very nice Malou of IKKORYU FUKUOKA was so gracious and accommodating. She attended to our every whim and made sure we were doing good in our table! Thanks Malou!

IKKORYU FUKUOKA's look was very simple but the colors were a fusion of bright and zen.

There was even fine calligraphy  on each wooden board surrounding the restaurant which was done by an artist flown in from Japan. 

IKKORYU FUKUOKA condiments are readily available per each table. 

Why hello there IKKORYU FUKUOKA smiling guy with fish!

According to Mr. Kenji Komuro, Director of Public Relations, IKKORYU FUKUOKA will be celebrating its first year anniversary on March 1, 2014 in the Philippines. In Japan however, it has been serving its famous Tonkotsu broth for 44 years already!

All that talk made me hungry. And now let's eat!

IKKORYU FUKUOKA Chicken Wings (P180.00).

My husband savored these sweet chicken wings and sucked the bones dry! I'm sure if there wasn't more food ahead he would order another plate of this!

When in IKKORYU FUKUOKA, don't forget to try their very scrumptious Gyoza (P150.00)! The meat was very tasty and was not dry at all.

You could dip it in the soy/vinegar sauce but I enjoyed the IKKORYU FUKUOKA gyoza as it is!

I know that you will go to IKKORYU FUKUOKA for the Ramen but if you are like my husband who is not fond of Japanese noodles (BOO!!!) you SHOULD order the Karaage (P180.00).

Take note, I said SHOULD and not COULD. Pay attention to the difference! He he he he!

For me this is THE BEST Karaage or Fried Chicken there is! It's very tasty! You could never go wrong with its uber crispy skin and juicy meat. PLUS you get 4 huge chunks! If THAT doesn't fill you up, I don't know what will.

As much as my husband loves me (BLECH) he loves this IKKORYU FUKUOKA Chicken so much that he would only leave me one bite, yes one bite of the chicken then the veggies. It's okay, I do enjoy the fresh cabbage slaw with sesame dressing.

Do try your Karaage the way I have it with a generous dollop of the Japanese mayo and a spritz of lemon. You'll give me a huge "Arigoto" for sure! 

Along with your Karaage, order a plate of IKKORYU FUKUOKA's Original Yakimeshi (P160.00) -- very flavorful with the right soy sauce and umami taste! NUMMY!

Now you cutie earthlings, here comes the Ramen!

My husband was shy not to go along so even if he was not really an avid fan of Ramen, he ordered the IKKORYU FUKUOKA Ajitama Tonkotsu (P380.00). 

He enjoyed the Chasyu Pork which was soft and oh tender.

Yub said it was so soft that he could take it apart using not two but just one chopstick!!!!

Show off!

In IKKORYU FUKUOKA you are given a choice if you want your noodles hard, normal or soft. 

According to Mr. Komuro, their Japanese Chef Ide has mastered the art of preparing their Ramen the right way by dipping it in boiling water at just the right amount of time : Hard (5 seconds), Normal (15 seconds), and Soft (20 seconds).

I prefer my noodles Hard since I want it to be extra chewy while I slurp it with the rich broth!

Aww my Chinese Adonis trying out his Japanese Ramen!

Open wide!!!!

For that extra kick, add some chili paste to your IKKORYU FUKUOKA Ramen!

If you want everything VERY hot you may want to try out this one: Chuckie ordered the very spicy IKKORYU FUKUOKA Yuzutama Tonkotsu (P380.00)!

This Ramen is flavored with the strong heat of Yuzukosyo peppers which would start off as nothing but would hit you hard later on. He was sweating and sniffing as he finished his bowl but was extra happy with the whole thing!

Our friend Stonibert ordered the very rich IKKORYU FUKUOKA Black Garlic Tonkotsu (P380.00)! This was my usual order here because the soup just blows-my-mind-away tasty. Every slurp is so rich and savory. However, it may get too oily for comfort but if you're not really watching out for your lard intake (like me), this would be a perfect and nummy choice!!!

As for me, I tried out the IKKORYU FUKUOKA Spicy Tobanjan Tonkotsu (P380.00) which was spiced with Tobanjan paste.

My. Mouth. Is. Drooling.


I don't know if I was immune already but at first sip I did not find the broth spicy to my liking. It just had that slight heat but not the fiery excitement it seemed to offer.

Again, this IKKORYU FUKUOKA Ramen may get too oily for comfort but I guess it's because of the pork bones simmered endlessly for that rich Tonkotsu broth.

For me though, soup cannot be just rich! I want it to be on another level! With that, I add an extra thickening factor with the yolk from the Ajitama Eggs (P50.00). 

Yummm... I never have Ramen noodles without them eggs!

See? Now I'm such a happy little lady with my Ramen!

Augh! I hate it when my forehead produces a "shadow"!!!!!

My IKKORYU FUKUOKA Ramen was perfect for slurping!

Halfway there!

To make your IKKORYU FUKUOKA broth extra tasty, add some freshly ground sesame seeds like what pretty Yen did courtesy of her hub Chuckie!

Yen said the Sesame Seeds made the thick broth more nutty and flavorful. It was worth a try for our next Ramen venture there! 


Tee hee! We definitely took our time in IKKORYU FUKUOKA until its closing!

Definitely a great Ramen dinner with some of my favorite bloggers!

l-r MS. ANGELINA JOLIE, Chuckie Dreyfus (ALL CHUCKED UP), Yen Dreyfus (THE TUMMY TRAVELER), Joan Lim and husband Stonibert (THE FOOD ALPHABET AND MORE), Mr. Komuro, and MR. BRAD PITT!!!!!

Hmmmm... we definitely loved orange/red that night!

Picture taking time!

Pretty ladies...

Good lookin' guys!!!

Thank you so much Mr. Komura and the great Chef Ide for having ERICJAZ FOODIES to get a taste of your  awesome Ramen!

Super Kaduper Thanks to Mr. Stonibert Lim for inviting us!!!! Naks! So handsome o!!!!


Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen
Shangri-la Plaza Mall
5/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, East Wing, Shaw Blvd cor EDSA
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 477-8333

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen
SM Aura Premier
2/F SM Aura Premier , McKinley Parkway
McKinley Hill, Taguig

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen
Power Plant Mall
Power Plant Mall, Foodcourt, Amorsolo Dr
Poblacion, Makati

Check this out!!!

After our soupy dinner at IKKORYU FUKUOKA, we headed to Starbucks to cap an already wonderful night.

Till next food trip guys!

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