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Thursday, August 28, 2014


If you've seen Maricel Soriano's movie "Magdusa Ka", there is that climactic part when she sobs the famous line "Ayoko ng masikip.... Ayoko ng mabaho... Blah blah blah...".  Now you may judge me as being overly dramatic but that is how I feel with a jampacked room and... ahem... body odor.  I mean, come on. Before you put a label on me, I ask you, who wants to be hustled and bustled then marked by a person reeking of shawarma from last week for whatever reason?

Now if it ain't getting a 5 second kiss from Benedict Cumberbatch, you won't see me lining up!

ANYWHO, that was why it took a long while for the Chinese Adonis and I to visit TIM HO WAN. We've been hearing a lot of raves everywhere that "OWEMGEE IT'S SO GOOD" and that "OH WOW... WE WERE LIKE TOTALLY "BUNNED" OUT!" but we also read about the horrendous lines that diners have to endure before they get a seat in the famed restaurant.

I know what you're thinking: (in a high pitch voice) "I thought you like food and all that blah blah blah is worth it?" Well my answer to that is this: travelling far and spending hundreds over food that will make a mark in my taste memory is one thing. But getting air squeezed out of my lungs and waiting for hours over a "food fad" is another.

So with that my husband and I waited... waited... waited. Even after friends had professed their undying love to the TIM HO WAN buns, we waited. Even if FB contacts bragged that they were already able to enjoy the amazing dimsums twice, we waited. FINALLY on a stormy night, most people stayed at home. But for me and the hub, it became our chance to go to TIM HO WAN.

And guess what happened when Yub got there?

He waited.

(Evil laugh) Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!


TIM HO WAN is located in the Ground Floor of SM Mega Fashion Hall.  I don't really go to SM Megamall that much anymore but I did not have a hard time looking for this since it was just right across the first floor entrance of the department store.

According to OUR AWESOME PLANET, TIM HO WAN in Manila is the first international franchise of the famous Hong Kong restaurant after the Singapore branch got ownership.

If that information is too much for you to handle, it just means you're hungry. He he he he!

Yub got to SM Megamall first and was initially scared of the lines at TIM HO WAN.

But then he thought we both "programmed" ourselves already to eat in TIM HO WAN so he was willing to wait.

He was delightfully surprised that turn over was fast in TIM HO WAN that you would usually be eating within 30 minutes. You see, even if the lines were long, it was because usually the whole party is seated for the queue. While Yub was waiting, he counted that he was supposed to be 24th person to get to the front. But then it was only about 4 groups who were seated before him that he was able to get inside after only 10 minutes!


Tee hee! Just kidding. 

In TIM HO WAN, you could be seated inside where you could see all the dining action.

Or you could be seated outside where you could gloat at the people still waiting in line.

Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Just kidding.

And so here he is.... We finally got a table at TIM HO WAN!

And here I am running! I just got out of work and good thing traffic was kind that stormy night.

Let's order!

TIM HO WAN's simple menu!


We were supposed to check the food that we liked from this TIM HO WAN order sheet. But I was getting too lazy again that I asked the very nice server to do it for me. Tee hee!

So first on our table was an order each of that famed TIM HO WAN pork buns (P145.00)

I was not able to confirm it but they said only 2 orders per diner is allowed. I'm not sure if this is true though.

There goes my plan of taking home a MILLION of this.

He he he he!

So finally my Chinese Adonis is going to take a bite from the much hyped about TIM HO WAN pork buns.

Would you believe that what you see above is actually a dainty bite coming from him?!

When I was able to get a bite from that much talked about TIM HO WAN pork bun, I was not disappointed. Yes it deserved all that raves, approvals, and devotion.

The pork asado filling was so delectable and had all the right flavors for an appetizing bite every time. The glistening red sauce had just the good amount of sweetness to it and made the tender pork chunks more savory than it already is.

Oh wow... Am I in trouble now.

The breading of that blasted TIM HO WAN pork bun was very light and similar to a fluffy cheese roll. I was so amazed that the bun was not oily at all and just had that right spring to it. So nummy yummy!!!!

Now I get what the hype is all about.

But will I wait an hour just for this?


A good 20 minutes maybe. He he he he!

Beside the evil TIM HO WAN pork buns we also got the perfectly steamed Shrimp Dumplings (P160.00).

I needed some vegetables in my system so I also ordered the TIM HO WAN Spinach Dumpling with Shrimp (P120.00).

My husband and I were mildly disappointed that TIM HO WAN did not have the usual chili garlic oil and calamansi that we so dip our dimsum in. 

We tried to make do with the chili sauce... but it was really something new to us.

It's okay. The TIM HO WAN dimsum were already very tasty that we were able to still enjoy the meal even with the limited condiments on the table. 

TIM HO WAN Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp (P190.00) was very light but delicious!

TIM HO WAN Pork Siomai (P150.00) was fat and juicy.

TIM HO WAN Spare Ribs (P120.00) had meaty chunks of steamed pork and jampacked with flavors. 

I want rice!!!!!


Our table filled with food.

Nummy in our tummies!

Everything we ordered in TIM HO WAN was so good!

My plate! My beautiful TIM HO WAN plate!

Last to arrive was the TIM HO WAN Wasabi Salad Prawn Dumpling (P140.00).

I even ordered an extra helping of Japanese mayo. He he he he!

Almost done. 

Me panting: Whew! Dimsum sweat!

While we were eating, they would cross out the TIM HO WAN food already delivered to our table.

Our TIM HO WAN bill!

Overall my husband and I loved our dinner at TIM HO WAN. It may be more pricey than the other Chinese restaurants we were used to but those blasted pork buns and the quality of the dimsums make up for it. We would certainly go back here the next time we're at SM Megamall. I cannot wait to get a huge bite out of that pork bun and fried wasabi dimsum again...

Homer drools... GRWKRKWKRWSKWS......

He he he he!

So. There.

Ground Floor, 
SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Mega Mall, 
EDSA Mandaluyong City


  1. Woohoo nag -date ang mag -jowa how cute!! <3 Honestly though, I feel na hype lang talaga jan. grabe up to now May pila at musical chairs pa riiin?.. O to the A na ha. yummy naman the bun Pero hello not for that amount of waiting time. ;P

    1. Malamang L to the Q kami nito kaya nakipagbati via dinner. Kidding!!! I loved Tim Ho Wan the food was good but like you said, no way will I wait for an hour. Pang 20 mins lang.... hahahaha! Mwah!!

  2. The only commendable item for me was the BBQ pork buns. The rest we can get for almost the same quality in other establishments namely Crystal Jade. But don't get me wrong their dumplings are OK din naman. But not enough for me to fall in line.

    1. Hiya Bap2! Actually ikaw yung nirerefer ko na FB friend who bragged that he has been there twice....

      Twice nga ba? Ha ha ha ha! Kidding! For us naman the food was good BUT like you said, we could get it at other restaurants and even for a cheaper price pa. But I am now craving for their pork buns and that fried wanton with wasabi mayo. But I won't wait an hour for that. 19 minutes lang if ever. He he he he he!

  3. Hi. I really liked your blog! :) I have been reading a lot of your reviews for the past hour. Haha Looking forward to your next food adventure! Thank you for sharing these! :)

    1. Wow!!! You'll never know how much you made ne happy for today! My husband is even wondering why Im smiling like a crazy person! Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!! I really love my "online diary" and treat it with utmost respect/care. Finding out that actual people (not imaginary) read and appreciate it just sends me to cloud 9. Im so glad you liked it :) Thank you again :) !!!!


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