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Wednesday, October 9, 2019


After we checked out of our hotel in our SUBIC trip, THE YAPPY BUNCH initially planned to go on straight home because we missed my Mommy so much. Since we were full from a very heavy breakfast, we thought we could just eat when we get to NLEX.

Lo and behold, foodie fate has something else planned for us. For pasalubong, the others planned on passing by this Korean grocery before going home. I thought that since I was going to buy Udon for our dinner with Mommy that night, I would check out what they had as well. I also hoped to get these slippers that my Mom wished for in our last Korea trip that we weren't able to buy. Here's hoping I'll be successful here.

Yun lang we shopped longer than usual that it's better to just eat something now and just have a straight-to-home drive later. Hala! Ha ha ha!

Pareng Jojie saw this Japanese restaurant beside the Korean grocery and suggested we try it. We checked the price, as well as menu items, and it was all swak na swak for us.

And that's how we got to encounter WASHOKU JAPANESE DINER in SUBIC! Read on to see how we liked it!


WASHOKU only had a few tables but since the restaurant was empty, we got the whole place to ourselves. 


Yun lang we got separate tables for our group.

Here's Team Navarro!

Here's the little boys table!!

Yes, Andrei left us again. GRRRR!

Team Quitoriano!

US and Team Virrey!

Mati was happy to be seated next to his best buddy Johans!

Uuuuy ang blooming ko here!

The servers were all so friendly and accommodating. They didn't mind that we all split the bill per family. He he he he!

WASHOKU menu!!


WASHOKU California Maki!

Nobody could get something as "safe" as California Maki wrong!

WASHOKU Tekka Maki (P250.00)!

I think this was somebody's Chicken Teppanyaki set.

The aroma was a-MAZing....

Somebody's Tempura Soba!

WASHOKU Set H (P169.00)!

We got chicken pieces, rice, and some Yakisoba.

It was just okay.

The noodles were MEH. I would skip this the next time we're here. 

Yub's Tempura Bentio (P380.00)!

This was better than the chicken. He he he he!

Somebody's WASHOKU Sizzling Beef with Rice!

Now this was SOOOO good! Next time we're here I'll get this.

WASHOKU Seafood Ramen (P300.00)!

This was Master Mati's order. It's good and he was able to finish it all but it took a bit of time to be served. The servers were very apologetic naman. Maybe they're not so used to a barrage of orders coming in at the same time. He he he he he!

Our WASHOKU bill!

We're happy with the service and how the place was so accommodating with our big group.  As for the food, there may be some misses but we were still happy with what we had for lunch.





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