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Wednesday, October 2, 2019


I remembered the last time we went to Subic with my officemates, they made it a point to have our "arrival meal" in MEAT PLUS CAFE because it was super popular in the area. We tried it and I remembered loving the steaks which were at a very practical price.

Fast forward to our SUBIC STAYCATION with THE YAPPY BUNCH and our BP (Bawal Panget) Group. While we were plotting our itinerary, I suggested that we all go to MEAT PLUS CAFE for our early lunch since we all loved steaks from our last visit and I know that we were all kuripots (he he he he he).  Everyone agreed and that became our first order of the day.

How did we find it? Read on, hamon!


We're in MEAT PLUS CAFE!!!

Parang asa US! Ay naku ay!!!!!

Good thing we're early because we're able to get this long table agad. At little later, droves of people came in that it became jampacked!

In MEAT PLUS CAFE, it's semi-self service: you go to the counter to place your orders and then they deliver it to your table!

HMMMMMMM... What should we get???

I admit that we're on a budget here because we don't want to spend too much for a weekend. So we just got the most practical dishes for us (without depriving our tastebuds of course).


Pwidi na ay!!!!!!

EARLY BIRDS (as always!).

Me and mah superkaduper handsome boys!

Me and the super pangit husband.

Yohoo!!!! FOOD IS HERE!!!!

MEAT PLUS Caesar's Salad (P180.00)!

The ingredients were pretty basic but it was all fresh and crisp. What made the dish more appetizing was the use of their Caesar's Salad dressing which tasted so home made. Yum!!!

Uuuuuy... Salad daw ako for lunch!

For our mains, the Master Mati and Androse each got a MEAT PLUS Tenderloin Steak (P340.00 each) which was served with buttered veggies, rice, and gravy in a boat. 

When I asked one of the servers which is more sulit between this order and that, she recommended this because it's one of their best sellers.


The Yub got the MEAT PLUS Salpicao with Garlic Rice (P305.00)!

This was actually VEEERRRRRY good and so yum with the garlic rice!

Later on, Team Virrey arrived!

Team Campo and Team Navarro followed but they sat somewhere else na.

Aning and my godson Jelo!

Dani and pareng Jonahs!

Best buddies, Mati and Johans!

As predicted, Andrei can't finish his order and he gave half of it to me. He liked his Daddy's Salpicao more because it was more tender.

And here we thought the Tenderloin was good na. He he he he he!

Team Virrey got the same orders with the addition of Ribs!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Team Virrey in MEAT PLUS CAFE!


MEAT PLUS CAFE was good but I enjoyed my lunch more the last time I was there. Maybe I expected too much from my personal hype, I don't know but I've had better steaks with the same price range. To think ha, I ordered the same thing! He he he he!

Still, it's a mucho recommended stopover when you're in Subic because somehow, it became an institution really. He he he he he! Hopefully next time I'll have a better meal.



Sampson Rd, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, 2222 Zambales
 (047) 252 6090



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